Maureen Sweeney Kyle, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., 1985


Status: Currently Being Investigated


Episcopal Remarks:  After being refused by her own Bishop of Cleveland, a Nihil Obstat was temporarily obtained by the seer from a Maronite Catholic Rite Chor Bishop Webby of New York for the apparition’s title “Prottectress of the Faith” and the prayer accompanying it.  This was subsequently rescinded by Bishop Webby after pressure from the seer’s own Cleveland Bishop; The Bishop of Cleveland forbids local priests from visiting Holy Love Shrine and from hearing confession there (1997) ; “The Conference has been advised by the Diocese of Cleveland of its concerns regarding Holy Love Ministries. This group in its various guises is soliciting large sums of money, etc”(Bishop of Cleveland to National Conference of Catholic Bishops, September 8, 1999); Archbishop Gabriel Gamaka of Jos Nigeria writes the forward for the second publication of the book of Messages “The Remedy and The Triumph” (1999);  “I am asking you to directly discourage (his) participation in this misleading activity. The people of God are not being well served by (his) involvement in this ‘Ministry’; they are being deceived. I trust that you will bring this to the attention of Father Kenney as soon as possible. I also ask that you please provide me with a copy of your letter to him informing him of your request to refrain from his participation in this ‘ministry’ in any capacity. I want you to know that if he continues to be an active participant in this ‘ministry’, it is my intention to bring his name to the attention of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Conference of Major Superiors of Men’s Institutes of the United States, Inc.” (Bishop of Cleveland, Letter to the Spiritual Superiors of Fr Kenney Spiritual Director of Maureen Sweeney Kyle, December 2003); “We’re looking into this more deeply now, because there really is deep concern…People are coming from all over. They have these tour buses that are coming. It just seems very sad. They are coming with the understanding that it is Catholic and has the approval of the bishop, and it doesn’t. Why would you say you’re having apparitions and that the Blessed Virgin is telling you whatever she is telling you and then refuse to have that looked at by the Church? The bottom line is that the bishop would greatly discourage anyone from participating in that ministry with the belief that it is a Catholic ministry.” (Cleveland Diocese, undated interview with Michael H Brown of 2004) “They have been told to cease and desist…Maureen is disobedient” (Cleveland Diocese’s Chancellor, undated) (See Documentation Here)


Corroboration by Other Seers: N/A


Biographical Information:  Maureen Sweeney Kyle is a very shy, timid and frail housewife and grandmother who grew up and still resides in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Jesus and Blessed Mother have allegedy been appearing to Maureen on an almost daily basis these last 19 years and have given Maureen a series of missions to accomplish: First: Our Lady Protectress of the Faith 1986-1990; Second: Project Mercy 1990-1993; Third: Holy Love Ministries 1993-Present. Propagation of the teachings of Holy and Divine Love and the Chambers of the United Hearts. In 1985 Maureen was at adoration of the Blessed Sacrament when Blessed Mother appeared holding a large beaded rosary. The 50 Hail Mary beads changed into the shape of the 50 states. Subsequently, Blessed Mother calls Herself “PROTECTRESS OF THE FAITH”. In numerous messages Our Lady speaks about how the FAITH is being challenged on many fronts and how She wishes to guard it from the onslaught of false ideologies. Our Lady states that the Catholic Church is being torn apart from within, as well as from without, by Satan who is hard at work sowing seeds of disbelief, confusion and discord. He is attempting to take over the Holy Catholic Church through organizations and individuals who have believed his convincing arguments. 1 The message from Jesus and Blessed Mother is Holy Love, which is love of God or neighbor in every present momentin order to make atonement to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  The Blessed Mother showed Maureen a special Rosary called the Rosary of The Unborn.  The Hail Mary beads are clear, light blue tear drop-shaped with tiny plastic fetuses in each one.  The tears represent Our Lady's tears shed over the sin of abortion.  Blessed Mother promised Maureen that if she has this Rosary manufactured and distributed, each Hail Mary prayed from a loving heart on these specific beads will save one baby from death by abortion.  That means that each Rosary said to completion saves 54 babies from a terrible painful death. The Blessed Mother said that this Rosary will become the weapon of choice in Heaven and on Earth to defeat satan and the sin of abortion.  Also, each Rosary of The Unborn said to completion mitigates the punishment yet withstanding our nation for the sin of abortion.  Jesus said that his favorite prayer is that of The Mass.  His next favorite prayer is The Rosary of The Unborn.  He said that it acts like a soothing balm on his sacred wounds.  Our Lady told Maureen to not be shy about propagating this message.  Jesus even added that this small mission gave him great comfort while he was hanging on the cross.  He has even revealed to Maureen The Mysteries of The Secrets of The five Sacred Chambers of His Heart. 2 Maureen has also experienced visions of Saints Michael and Raphael, St. John Vianney, Cure D’Ars, Blessed Padre Pio, St. Therese, Juan Diego and many others…Our Lady has said repeatedly throughout the messages to Maureen that She is preparing souls for Her Son’s return by an outpouring of graces, and by the reiteration of His simple Gospel message in the messages of Holy and Divine Love. And thus Maureen’s apostolic efforts have now been concentrated on propagation of these Heavenly messages…Until recently, Maureen had remained anonymous. Due to the extreme urgency of the times, Our Lady has requested Maureen to step out in faith with holy boldness and speak publicly - a great trial for this shy and reluctant woman of frail health…Maureen continues in these apostolic works. 3



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The Messages

(Taken from Missionary Servants of Holy Love