Judiel Nieva, Agoo, Philippines, 1989 –1993



Out Lady weeps tears of bloodStatus:  Established as Not Supernatural (Constat de Non Supernaturalitate)


Episcopal Remarks:  Condemned by Theological Commission of Bishop Salvador Lazo, Philippines 1993. Although quotes from the commission are presently unavailable the bad “fruits” of the apparitions widely reported in the news media and internet such as financial corruption of the family and the latent transexualism of the seer, evidently supported its findings.


Corroboration by Other Seers:


Biographical Information: The visionary Judiel Nieva reportedly first started receiving private apparitions of Our Lady in 1987 when he was only 10 years old and in sixth grade. These initial visions took place in the privacy of his own home. Later Our Blessed Mother instructed the visionary (and some of his friends) to go up to the small spring of water in the hills above Ago, the site of San Antonio. It was at this “sitio” of San Antonio that the first of the public apparitions behan on March 31 1989 when Our Lady appeared to the seer atop a guava tree on a rise high above the spring.  Judiel Nieva was born into a family of eight (he was seventh). His parents Pedro and Julia operated two stalls in the local market. The children were all expected to help. Once Judiel claims to have seen Jesus crucified hanging on the cross as the seer stepped out of his parent’s stall. It is reported that everyone in Agoo knew Judiel because he was reputed to have special powers, even as a child of ten. He was sought out as a healer. Even then Judiel prayed a lot. He was said to be psychic and could tell if a person was a non-believer, even from a distance. Yet the local parish priest of Agoo thought Judiel was making up these things. The name “Judiel” reportedly means “Bearer of God’s Mercy.”… Our Lady appeared nearly every Saturday as well as on Her Feast days. The visionary wrote down on paper the messages from Our Lady as She gave them to him. The notes are reported to be hastily but carefully written out, seemingly beyond the capacity of this sixth grader. The grammer was almost perfect. On one occasion the seer even made a drawing of Our Lady as she appeared to him. He signed the sketch with his inverted signature.  Judiel reports that as each apparition day approaches he begins a period of meditation and fasting. During this time he does not speak to anyone nor does he appear in public. Between apparitions, he sees many pilgrims. More recently some unidentified persons have been abusive to the seer. He reportedly received death threats. Accordingly he has remained more private and is protected by male friends “bodyguards” when he is in public. Many signs and wonders occurred during Our Blessed Mothers’ appearances. Usually Our Lady’s presence was first felt through an extraordinary fragrance of roses. Even the ground at the apparition site seemed fragrant. People would kiss the ground when this occurred. Generally the most spectacular phenomena occurred on the First Saturdays and on Her Feast Days. The miracle of the “Dancing Sun” was witnessed by many thousands of people; on more than one occasion.  First the sun turned from its radiant glare (which the naked eye could not normally endure) to a softer glow covered by a disc. Then different colours would radiate from the sun, spinning these rays of predominantly blue, red, green, and yellow colours onto the crowds as coloured discs. These colours would remain on the objects touched (in disc form) for several seconds. Images of angels, the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph would appear from the pulsating sun. Other people reported seeing a mysterious blue light when Our Lady appeared. Our Lady appeared at times shedding tears, sometimes tears of blood flowed profusely from her eyes…Fr Cortez had interviewed the seer before these miraculous signs occurred and stated that Judiel’s answers were sincere and not contrary to Church doctrine.From that time on Fr. Cortez became Judiel’s spiritual director. For their part the cloistered nuns have taken on the task to document the ongoings at Agoo and also to transcribe the messages received in 1992 from the hand written notes of Judiel. The nuns witnessed the apparitions of 1992 and 1993 only…Our Blessed Mother announced herself as the Immaculate Queen of Heaven and Earth. She usually appeared carrying a rosary and sometimes a Scapular. The Child Jesus was often present as were various saints. Angels always accompanied Our Lady. Our Lady is descrobed as a heavenly beauty to behold. She wore a large white dress with a long mantle which touched the cloud upon which She stood. Only her toes could be seen. At the hem of Her dress was a shining star, with a  brighter star on Her forehead. Above Her head was a beautiful crown and above the crown was a halo of 12 stars. Her eyes were bluish-brown and Her Immaculate Heart was exposed. A Flash of light generally preceded the appearance of Our Lady. Our Lady’s messages are simple and repetitive with a sign of urgency…The primary messages are for prayer, especially the holy rosarty, for penance, conversion and for consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She implores us to heed Her messages –and if we do, God’s wrath will be appeased and peace will come instaed of sufferings and tribulations…OurBlessed Mother urges us to teach our children to pray the holy rosary and to pray for all those who are suffering around the world. We are to pray “more and more,” do penance and sacrifice and we are to be humble and live in humility…Our Lady gave secrets to the seer, which have not been revealed. She also gave promises to the seer which were performed. The seer was shown heaven, hell and purgatory. Judiel was also given prayers by Our Lady. Warnings of suffering and of the coming chastizement if we do not amend our lives and return to God, were also given by Our Lady….Whilst the apparitions were ongoing large crowds were present during each apparition. Tens of thousands of people converged on this small community causing traffic jams extending for scores of miles. Many of those present reported seeing signs and wonders such as the spinning sun, the aroma of roses, the blue light and images in the sky  1



1. Peter Heintz A Guide to Apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary (Gabriel Press, Sacramento, California 1995) p. 614-617


The Messages


The first apparition, March 31, 1989

Judiel reported that the first public apparition of March 31, 1989 was preceded by a bright light , then he heard voices and sounds of trumpets while angels descended from heaven towards him singing “Allelulia” and “Salve Regina” The angels formed an inverted “V” with three angels on either side and St. Michael at the apex of the “V” with a white dove above his head. The Holy Family appeared on a cloud, St. Joseph with a shepherd’s staff and Our Lady was sitting on a rock holding baby Jesus on her lap. The Angels identified themselves, each representing a day of the week. St Michael –Sunday, holding a weighing scale and a sword, St. Gabriel –Monday, holding a plum and a book, St Raphael –Tuesday, holding a fish and sword, St. Uriel –Wednesday, holding a weighing scale, St. Setiel –Thursday, holding an incensor, St., Judiel  -Friday, holding a music book and a bouquet of flowers, St. Baracheil  -Saturday, holding a small child. Then Our Blessed Mother stood up and spoke. Her Immaculate Heart was visible on her chest, and radiated light towards the spring, while the infant Jesus waded in the water. Our Lady promised to visit Judiel every first Saturday and on Her Feast days. She asked the people to return.


Our Lady, April 7, 1989

“pray the fifteen mysteries of the holy rosary every to obtain peace for the world and the conversion of sinners”


Our Lady, September 8, 1991

“Repent, My children, repent. Pray hard. Pray! Pray the holy rosary. Pray for the conversion of sinners”


Our Lady, October 7, 1991

“I am waiting My children. Repent before the punishment comes” Then our Lady cried tears of blood


Our Lady, February 6, 1992

“Your measure of happiness in heaven will depend upon the degree of grace you attained on earth”


Our Lady March 31, 1992

Our Lady gave the seer the “Seven keys to Heaven” and pleased with Judiel to pray the 15 decades of the holy rosary daily even while travelling so that he will be proetected from all dangers of body and soul.

1.      Attend daily Mass

2.      Visit the Blessed Sacrament often

3.      Wear the Brown Scapular (cloth)

4.      Pray the 15 Mysteries of the holy rosary with the litany and the Hail Holy Queen

5.      Do the Way of the Cross

6.      Go to Confession regularly

7.      Make Communion of Reparation on First Fridays and First Saturdays


Our Lady, April 4, 1992

“1995 will be the year of sorrows. My children babies and little children will die of an unknown disease. This is not a punishment but an act of mercy to spare them from the coming chastisement, which is too horrible”


Our Lady, May 13, 1992

“Pray especially for poor sinners. Your time is running out. Repent while the wrath of God has not yet come. Pray, pray, pray”


Our Lady, May 16, 1992

“I will appear to you every Saturday. Pray more, do penance and sacrifice”


Our Lady, May 16, 1992

“I will appear to you every Saturday” She kept her promise


Our Lady, May 23, 1992

“If you don’t help Me, the wrath if God shall fall upon mankind. I can hardly hold the hand of My Son. If you do not repent, it will happen very soon. It may happen within two years”


Our Lady, May 30, 1992

“Tell the people especially those with families that the family that prays together stays together and there will be peace in their families and in the whole world. Pray, pray, pray”


Our Lady, June 11, 1992

“If the world does not change, I will send the warning. The earth will shake the sun will spin with a big explosion and the moon will appear in the morning and the sun at night. The miraculous phenomenon will be visible all over the earth and all will happen within half an hour. Big storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and changing weather conditions are already on their way”


Our Lady, June 19, 1992

A secret was given to Judiel, which was not to be revealed.


Our Lady and Fr Patrick Peyton, June 27, 1992

Apparition, 1 year after the death of this priest


Our Lady, July 4, 1992

“Pray the holy rosary; Satan will be defeated because he hates hearing the name of My Son and My name” The 15 mysteries of the holy rosary depicts the life, passion and death of My Son…teach your children how to pray the holy rosary; the holy rosary is a complete form of prayer”


Our Lady, July 25, 1992

“Pray, pray, pray with all your heart. I will help you. I will pray but everything does not depend on Me. It depends also on your faith, faith ofn those who pray.  Faith is impossible without prayers.”


Apparition, August 1, 1992

An angel appeared and gave the seer holy communion


Our Lady August 1, 1992

An angel appeared during an apparition of Our Blessed Mother and gave Holy Communion to Judeil from a Host and Chalice suspended in midair


Our Lady, August 22, 1992

“Pray hard My children and do penance. At the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph.”


Our Lady, August 29, 1992

“As much as possible do fasting and sacrifice especially on Wednesdays and Fridays”


Our Lady, August 29, 1992

Our Lady requested a procession and vigil be held at the apparition site


Our Lady, September 5, 1992

“Confess your sins My children…return to My Son completely”


Our Lady September 5, 1992

“On September 8th I will give a great sign”


Our Lady, September 5, 1992

“On September 8, I will give a great sign” Many people witnessed the “miracle of the sun”



Our Lady, September 8, 1992

“Pray the creed fervently”


Our Lady, September 19, 1992

“I am asking you again to pray and I will repeat it every time. Pray, pray the holy rosary every day”


Our Lady, September 19, 1992

“I am asking you again to pray and I will repeat it every time. Please pray, pray, pray the holy rosary everyday. The devotions to My rosary is a great sign of predestination”


Our Lady, October 24, 1992

“My child, I love you all. I am begging you to pray the rosary and to wear the brown Scapular with lively faith”


Our Lady, October 31, 1992

“Carry your cross not out of compulsion for through the Cross, God is being glorified in every person.”


Our Lady, November 14, 1992

“I am your Mother. Love each other; forgive each other; pray, pray, pray. I love you so much”


Our Lady, November 14, 1992

“Forgive each other and make peace. It is not enough to ask for peace but make peace. Do not turn peace to violence. Ask for faith that you may be patient. If you do not change your ways you will provoke the Third World War”


Our Lady, December 8, 1992

“The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will coincide with the Second Coming of Jesus in Glory to make all things new”


Eucharistic Miracle, December 13, 1992

Witnessed by Fr. Cortez and the nuns at the convent


Our Lady, December 26, 1992

“Gather together and pray in unison. Storm heaven with your prayers. It willgive you the strength to intercede for each other and every one of you. And this will be the triumph of My Immaculate Heart”


Our Lady, December 8, 1992

“I am calling you to reconciliation with God. I want to be with you to convert and reconcile with everyone”


Apparition, December 13, 1992

On December 10th Fr. Cortez had requested to meet with Judiel and this meeting was arranged at the Convent for the 13th. Not only did the seer receive mystical Communion, witnessed by Fr. Cortez and the nuns but the statue of Our Lady (which was carved according to the description as Our Lady appears to Judiel and which statue Judiel has brought with him to the convent) also shed tears to the amazement of the nuns and Fr. Cortez. The event occurred in the cloistered Mary Consolatrix Convent in Naguilian and was witnessed by Fr Cortez and the nuns.  A  Host was placed on Judiel’s tongue by Fr. Cortez, when it turned into what looked “like flesh and blood” to those nearby who witnessed this event.  After Judiel received Communion he went to his pew when he felt liquid drip from his mouth. Also the Host had swelled. The person next to Judiel alerted Fr Cortez who asked Judiel to spit out the host. The Communion Host had been transformed into pulsating flesh and blood. For Cortez realized this was a “Eucharistic Miracle” For Cortez wantrd to have the host preserved but Our Lady told Judiel he must swallow it. As a concession however, the nuns were allowed to impress the bloody Host onto their white hankerchiefs. Each nun did receive an imprint on their handkerchiefs. The last nun to do nso saw Judiel put the Host back into his mouth. It slowly turned back into a white host whereupon this nun witnessed Judiel swallow it.  Fr Cortez and the nuns then asked Judiel to open his mouth. There was no trace of blood, or flesh or host.


Our Lady, January 2, 1993

“I promise to act, build their lives step by step, to those who consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart”


Our Lady, January 9, 1993

“The world must change. A great catastrophe will happen to the world. Tell the people to pray and be converted. Pray and fast and repent for your sins and do penance.”


Our Lady, January 23, 1993

“I invite you to pray within your heart. I would like you to be closer to God through prayer and faith and completely surrender to God.  Only in that way will I be able to help you and protect you from every attack of evil. Love one another. Forgive each other”


Our Lady, January 23, 1993

“On February 6, I will give a great and special signs to the people coming from here to Agoo” On February 6th Our Lady cried tears of blood. Also on this day the statue of Our Lady cried tears of blood. Also on this day the statue of Our Lady wept tears of blood which was witnessed by Bishop Lazo. The “Miracle of the Sun” was also witnessed that day by a great number of pilgrims.


Our Lady, January 30, 1993

“You must lift up your hearts and think more of your eternal destiny rather than the pleasures in this world which are temporary. Please pray the rosary everyday”


Miracle, February 6, 1993

The statue shed tears of blood after the regular First Saturday apparition at Apparition Hill. Later that night the statue was brought to the bishop’s palace in San Fernando. Bishop Lazo is reported as saying that on that very night the statue shed tears of blood while in the palace, which the bishop witnessed with his own eyes. He said that the room was filled with a fragrance of flowers and “we knelt and prayed.” The bishop is further reported as saying he placed his own fingers on the blood on the face of the statue and tasted the blood. It was salty. A photograph depicts the smeared bloody face of the statue after the bishop placed his fingers on it. Unconfirmed reports are that the National Bureau of Investigation tested the blood and found it to be human blood of type “O” It is reported that Our Lady appeared to Judiel shedding tears of blood on October 7, 1991, on May 23, 1992 and again on June 19, 1993. 


Our Lady, February 6, 1993

“The only word I wish to say is conversion for the whole world. I ask only for conversion of heart. Be ready for everything and be converted”


Our Lady, February 6, 1993

“Nations formerly appealed to God in their hour of need, but such is not the case today. How can nations expect God’s help and blessing upon their undertakings if they ignore Him? And so my children without the grace and friendship of God among nations Satan will reign. There will be terrible wars among nations and peace will be obscrured. You must seek peace. I am Your loving mother, Queen of Peace and I will grant peace to each and everyone of you and to the whole world”


Our Lady, February 11, 1993

“My child, please tell the priests to do the seven keys to Heaven”


Our Lady, February 11, 1993

The first healing is reported by the cloistered nuns was that of a six year old boy who was born blind and had his sight restored miraculously instantly during the February 11, 1993 apparition. The nuns at the convent also have said that the most touching healings they observed were the many conversions taking place in the hearts of many of the devotees. It is reported that at one time a priest heard confessions continuously from early evening into the wee hours of the morning.


Our Lady, March 6, 1993

“My Children, I need your help. Please pray the rosary every day and repent of your sins…September 8, 1993 will be the last apparition” The public apparitions to Judiel have ended as of September 8, 1993


Our Lady, September 1, 1993

“You are My chosen one to suffer martyrdom of the heart for the sins of others”


Our Lady, September 8, 1993

“Come to Me to pray with Me with rock solid faith and pray from the depth of your hearts”


Our Lady, September 8, 1993

“My children, listen, you see how hard Satan is working to destroy unity in the whole world especially between the priesthood and the flock, and in families between man and children. Satan works to take away peace and unity, to stir up trouble all over the universe. We have to launch a counterattack. This will be only through the holy rosary. So pray the whole mysteries of the rosary daily because this is most evangelical prayer”


Our Lady, March 25, 1993

“The only word I wish to say is: conversion to God (again)…the only word I wish to say is: conversion of the people”


Our Lady August 7, 1993

“God Bless you always My children. Please sing this to Me. Dona nobis pacem Mater”


Our Lady, September 8, 1993

Our Lady told Judiel that this was Her last public appearance to him but “I will appear to you in private”


Our Lady, September 8, 1990

Prayer “O Holy Mother of God, we humbly approach Your imamculate Heart under Your title as Immaculate Queen of Heaven and earth to pray and intercede for the forgiveness of all our sins. Help us feel sorry for having offended Our Lord and ask pardon through the merits of His Sacred Wounds. We beg You also to pray for our material and spiritual needs”

Prayer “O Holy Virgin Mother, the evil forces of the prince of darkness are all around seeing to ruin our souls through their malice and wickedness. We entreat you , therefore, with Your spouse St Joseph to send all your holy saints and angels to protect us, to keep us away from all dangers and accidents, from our enemies, visible and invisible and from all temptations of sins. Help us to become worthy to love, serve, obey and glorify the Name of Jesus forever and ever. Amen.”

Pray “Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be”

Memorare to Jesus, Mary and Joseph: “Remember, Oh merciful Jesus, Immaculate Virgin Mary and glorius St Joseph, that no one has ever had recourse to Your protection or implored Your assistance without obtaining relief. Animated with this childlike confidence but weighed down by my sins, I prostrate myself before you. Oh reject not my petitions but graciously hear and grant them. Amen. “

Chaplet: On the big beads “Immaculate Queen of Heaven and Earth, Fountain of all Graces, Comforter of the Afflicted and Refuge of Sinners, You are the only hope and salvation in the hour of darkness when the wrath of God is unleashed to cleanse this sinful world. “ On the small beads “Leader: Through Your love and maternal protection of the whole world. Response: Pray for us sinners especially in the hour of our needs” Ejaculation “Alleluia, Alleluia, Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus Tecum benedicta tu in mulieribus, Alleluia (Say it three times at the end of the rosary) After the ejaculation say at least fifteen decades of the rosary everyday. After the fifteen decades of the rosary, say the litay of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Hail Holy Queen.

Thanksgiving prayer “O Lord Jesus, thank you again for this wonderful day and this holy night. Thank you for all the graces and blessings we have been receiving and for Your guiding light. I offer You, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. joseph all our worldly possessions, our homes, our families, our thoughts, words, actions and our very own free will and our whole body and soul that You may dispose of them according to Thy Will. Amen”

Profession of Faith of Mary “1. I believe in the Mother of Christ, in Her Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Divine Maternity, Glorius Assumption and Universal Mediation. 2. That since the fall of man, Mary is predestined to be the Mother of God, the Mother of the Church and of mankind. 3. That Mary is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and the Mediatrix of all God’s Gifts, Peace and Graces. 4. I believe that Mary was conceived without Original Sin and is honoured as Queen of Angels and Saints; all generations shall call Her Blessed. 5. That Mary will save mankind and the world through the Brown Scapular and the Holy Rosary.  I also believe that Mary was commissioned by Christ to be the only hope and salvation when the wrath of God is unleashed to cleanse this sinful world; the key, the gate and stairway to the Kingdom of God. 7. That Mary is predestined to crush the head of the serpent with Her heel, a victory over all sins and evil. 8. I believe that Mary is the Woman in the Scriptures, clothed with the sun, the moon under Her feet and on Her Head is a crown of twelve stars, and is to reign as the Immaculate Queen of Heaven and Earth for ever and ever. Amen.”

Consecration Prayer: “Oh Holy Mother of God, we humbly approach Your Immaculate Heart under Your title of as Immaculate Queen of Heaven and Earth to pray and intercede for the forgiveness of all our sins. Help us feel sorry for having offended Our Lord and ask pardon through the merits of His Sacred Wounds. We beg You also to pray for our material and spiritual needs.” Prayer: “Oh Holy Virgin Mother, the evil forces of the Prince of darkness are all around seeking to ruin our souls through their malice and wickedness. We entreat You therefore, with Your spouse, St. Joseph, to send all Your holy saints and angels to protect us, to keep us away from all dangers and accidents, from our enemies, visible and invisible and from all temptations of sins. Help us also to become worthy to love, serve, obey and glorify the name of Jesus, forever and ever. Amen. “


1. Messages taken from Peter Heintz A Guide to Apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary (Gabriel Press, Sacramento, California 1995) p. 617-628