Gladys Herminia Quiroga de Motta, San Nicolàs de los Arroyos, Argentina 1983 –Current (Our Lady of the Rosary)



Status: Currently being investigated


Episcopal Remarks: (i) “I firmly believe that this is an event of the Blessed Virgin… I cannot say more than what the Church says.. She neither rejects nor defines that it is true…and there is no element that may say it is not true, on the contrary, the existing elements are positive…Evidently this is a manifestation promoted by God through the Blessed Virgin.” (Monsignor Domingo Salvador Castagna, Bishop Of San Nicolas), (ii) “it has been the visit of the Metropolitan Archbishop,…in order to attest my support and adhesion to the norms and directions of the dear Bishop of San Nicolas, Mons. Domingo Salvador Castagna, about the apparitions and messages that the Most Blessed Virgin has been manifesting constantly for a long time through Mrs. Gladys de Motta, neighbor of this city…The reality of these extraordinary things of a spiritual order has  prevailed by themselves without precipitations that would be out of place.” (Monsignor Jorge López, Archbishop of Rosario, December 11 1987)


Corroboration by Other Seers:


Biographical Information: Gladys de Motta was born on July 1, 1937. She attended only four years of elementary school from age seven to seven. This seer, a 46 year-old  mother of two daughters, claims to have seen the Blessed Virgin Mary over 1800 times since the first apparirition on September  25th 1983. Gladys lives with herfamily on the outskirts of San Nicolas across the street from a wasteland known as the “Campino” on the bank of the Parana River. It all began when Gladys was  in her home praying the rosary on September 25, 1983 and the Blessed Virgin reportedly appeared to her. 1 From that moment on She began to give her  messages to be made known to everybody, everywhere in the world.  The Virgin requested that a Sanctuary be constructed and indicated the place  where  it had to be placed. People began to go to that place from all over  the country in ever increasing  number, specially on the  25th of each month. At the same time,  amazing events started to happen,  accompanying  the apparitions, which became almost daily.  They began to produce miraculous healings, conversions, changes of life in the believers, religious vocations and,  mainly, the feeling of a wonderful sensation of inner healing, of peace and joy in the hearts of  the pilgrims  that went to the place known with the name of "the Campito" or the Land of Mary, where a Sanctuary requested by the Blessed Virgin began to be constructed. 2



1. Peter Heintz A Guide to Apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary (Gabriel Press, Sacramento, California 1995) p. 453

2. Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas (



Preliminary Remarks





1. The Attitude Of The Church


Monsignor Domingo Salvador Castagna, Bishop Of San Nicolas (1984-1995): When Monsignor Domingo Salvador Castagna arrived at San Nicolas in October  1984, being  his first diocese as titular bishop, he was faced to a series of extraordinary events (apparitions and messages) and to an increasing movement of marian devotion. Immediately, and with caution, he put himself to the task of  discerning pastorally the facts and  leading the devotion of the believers. He is a  genuine  man marked by integrity and uprightness of character and by free, fortright and sincere expression as well as by strength and vigor. 


In the  message of May 31st  1986, there is a special reference of the Blessed Virgin to the Bishop of San Nicolas. Gladys wrote: "While praying for  the priests, I see the Blessed Virgin and She says to me: " My beloved  priests will begin to seed, they will make the great sowing of the Word of God, I will be near to them,  watering the sowing. My daughter, I have been waiting for this during a very long time. I will take care of your Bishop since he will have to do the greater effort of leading this part of the Lord's flock.   Happy are the children who put their hearts  in this mission.  Amen, amen "(Nº887)


"The conductor of this part of the flock", confronted to the question if he personally  thaught that the Blessed Virgin was appearing in such an extraordinary way in St. Nicholas, pronounced himself as follows: "I firmly believe that this is an event of the Blessed Virgin  (...). I cannot say more than what the Church says. The Church puts all this between parenthesis. She neither rejects  nor defines that it is true, but simply says: "look: it  can be true, therefore we take it respectfully " and there is no element that may say it is not true, on the contrary, the existing elements are positive (...) Then  I say the same... Evidently this is a manifestation promoted by God through the Blessed Virgin ".


Ever since February 25th 1986, the 25th of each month, there is a  procession that culminates with the celebration of the Holy Mass in " the Campito ". The first procession and celebration of the Holy Mass was in charge of Monsignor Roberto Mancuso, general vicar of the diocese. The second procession, on March 25th 1986, was presided for the first time  by Mons. Castagna. Since then he presided over this celebration until the 25th of August 1995, when he was  designated as Archbishop of Corrientes. In his first homily in "the Campito", on March 25th 1986,  the Bishop said: " Our Lady of the Rosary in this old and beautiful image, has conquered the hearts of great multitudes; through Her mediation  God is spilling innumerable graces that, instead of ceasing, seem to multiply providencially (...). The criteria, guaranteed by practices of centuries, that prime in the careful  and prolonged observation of all the events, encourage  us to recognize the 'passage of God'  in the presence of the Blessed Virgin and, consequently, without stopping to maintain a close  monitoring on the indicated phenomena, animate the devotion,  preside over  the believers in their constant and catholic prayer and  constitute this as a place of special cult, that the  popular devotion itself has consecrated "



2. Monsignor Jorge López, Archbishop Of Rosario


On November 27th 1987, Monsignor Jorge López, Archbishop of Rosario, went to San Nicolas (the diocese of San Nicholas is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of  Rosario). The 11th  of December 1987  he wrote: "... it has been the visit of the Metropolitan Archbishop, (...) in order to attest my support and adhesion to the norms and directions of the dear Bishop of San Nicolas, Mons. Domingo Salvador Castagna, about the apparitions and messages that the Most Blessed Virgin has been manifesting constantly for a long time through Mrs. Gladys de Motta, neighbor of this city (...). The reality of these extraordinary things of a spiritual order has  prevailed by themselves without precipitations that would be out of place."



3. The Attitude Of Pope John Paul II


All the studies made on the events of San Nicolas were duly sent to the Holy See. In the interview that Mons. Castagna maintained with H.H. John Paul II, in November  1989 he spoke about the marian events, their importance, characteristics and discernment. The Holy Father was very interested on the matter.  Mons. Castagna describes as follows his meetings with His Holiness and the attitude of John Paul II in relation to the apparitions of San Nicolas:  “In 1987 I was with the Pope  for the first time, since 1985. This was the first time that he spoke to me on this subject. There  were other bishops there, but when he identified  me, he said to me: ' la Virgen' (the Virgin), then I spoke to him  about the subject, and told him that I was sending him all the information (...). The investigation was very, very exhaustive. It was totally sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine  of the Faith (...). Later, in 1989, in the meeting ' ad limina' we spoke  for fifteen minutes  on the subject (...), practically the object of our private hearing was the subject of the Virgin “



4. Father Carlos A.Perez Rector Of The Sanctuary


The rector of the Sanctuary talks about  the question of the official recognition of the apparitions by the Church authorities and explains:  "After  Vatican Concilium II there have been concrete norms about apparitions  and the Holy See, following these norms, gives much inherence, much autonomy to the bishops of each region, of each diocese where  these events occur.  (...) the answer of the Holy See has been absolutely favorable in the sense that we  continue working within the criteria already established (...). That is to say, the Holy See is absolutely informed of everything referring to  the marian apparitions, and there has been no intervention (in these cases there would have been intervention if some important conflict  or some situation difficult to discern had appeared).  Fortunately, thanks to God and the Blessed Virgin, everything went smoothly and with much prudence and much pastoral wisdom on the part of the Bishop, so, the intervention was not necessary"


Father Pérez defines the Pope's attitude  in relation to the events of San Nicolas, as "totally positive." He remembers in addition that, in any case, being a private revelation, a "declaration of authenticity (...) would not transform it in a dogma. People would equally be without the obligation to believe. (...)  The important thing is all the support that the Bishop has given to the pastoral events, and to the consequences of the revelation itself. If a fact comes from God, the normal thing is that this is seen in the fruits that the event produces. When the fruits are prayer, conversion, the  approach to God, to sacramental life, and this is evident here, then the Bishop channels the faith of the people called to respond to God (...) Then, the declaration on the authenticity of the apparitions go to a secondary place.  Indirectly one is saying that if the fruits are good then the tree  is good too".


Father Perez emphasizes, in addition, that the pastoral action of the Bishop in the discernment of  the facts is recognized like an exemplary work: "Father Trucco, who is  president of the Commission of Sanctuaries of Latin America, on two ocassions, one in Ecuador and later in Rome, has presented the case of San Nicolas as an example of pastoral conduction.  Also, a cardinal of the Church (that he didn't identify) said that sometimes in these cases there are mistakes by excess or defect and that in this case, he observes these facts as something very calm and well conducted".


5. Monsignor Mario Luis B. Maulión


On July 9th 1995 the new Bishop, Monsignor Mario Luis Bautista Maulión took possession of the Diocese of San Nicolas, and from that moment on he presided over the celebrations that every 25th of each month are celebrated in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas. On September 25th 1997, he said in his homily in "the Campito": "St. Nicholas is today the heart of the Faith of our country and also of brother countries. In the darkened horizon in which we live, the Blessed Virgin, from San Nicolas,  is the Light of Hope for this world."



6. Most Reverend Bishops Who Have Visited The Sanctuary Of “Our Lady Of The Rosary” Of San Nicolas And Who Celebrated The Holy Mass There


25/02/1987 Monsignor Bernardo Enrique Witte Bishop of Concepción (Tucumán)

25/03/1987 Monsignor Alfredo Guillermo Disandro  Bishop of Villa Maria

09/05/1987 Monsignor Jesus Arturo Roldán  being to this date Auxiliary Bishop of Córdoba

16/05/1987 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

25/06/1987 Monsignor Rubén Héctor Di Monte  Bishop of Avellaneda

27/06/1987 Monsignor Elmer Osmar Miani being to this date Auxiliary Bishop of Córdoba

08/09/1987 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

21/09/1987 Monsignor Carlos Galán being to this date Auxiliary Bishop of Morón

09/10/1987 Monsignor Justo Oscar Laguna Bishop of Morón

14/11/1987 Monsignor Desiderio Elso Collino Bishop of Lomas de  Zamora

19/11/1987 Monsignor Rubén Héctor Di Monte Bishop of Avellaneda

23/12/1987 Monsignor Rubén Hector Di Monte Bishop of Avellaneda

26/12/1987 Monsignor Emilio Bianchi Di Cárcano Bishop of Azul

11/02/1988 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

20/03/1988 Monsignor Justo Oscar Laguna Bishop of Morón

25/04/1988 Monsignor Alfredo Guillermo Disandro Bishop of Villa Maria

07/05/1988 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

13/06/1988 Monsignor Alfredo Guillermo Disandro Bishop of Villa Maria

25/06/1988 Monsignor Abelardo Francisco Silva being to this date Bishop of Presidencia Roque  Sáenz Peña (Chaco)

13/08/1988 Monsignor Alfredo Mario Espósito Castro Bishop Emeritus of Zárate-Campana

23/08/1988 Monsignor Jose Agustín Marozzi Bishop Emeritus of  Resistencia (Chaco)

25/08/1988 Monsignor Rubén Héctor Di Monte Bishop of Avellaneda

09/10/1988 Monsignor Vartan Waldir Boghossian Bishop Eparchy San Gregorio De Narek in Buenos Aires

25/11/1988 Monsignor Mario Luis Bautista Maulión being to this date Auxiliary Bishop of Rosario

25/11/1988 Monsignor Oscar Felix Villena being to this date Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of  Rosario

06/05/1989 Monsignor Luis Héctor Villalba Bishop of San Martín

06/05/1989 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

23/05/1989 Monsignor José Agustín Marozzi Bishop Emeritus of Resistencia (Chaco)

07/06/1989 Monsignor Omar Felix Colome Bishop of Cruz del Eje

24/06/1989 Monsignor Rubén Héctor Di Monte Bishop of Avellaneda

06/07/1989 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

20/01/1990 Monsignor Octavio Nicholas DerisiTitular archbishop of Chato

24/02/1990 Monsignor Carlos Galán being to this date Auxiliary Bishop of Morón

05/05/1990 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

11/05/1990 Monsignor Arnaldo Canale (died 30-7-90) Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires

25/09/1990 Monsignor  Andrés Rubio Bishop of Mercedes - Uruguay

25/09/1990 Monsignor Rubén Héctor Di Monte Bishop of Avellaneda

25/09/1990 Monsignor Abelardo Francisco Silva being to this date Bishop of Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña (Chaco)

22/11/1990 Monsignor Justo Oscar Laguna Bishop of Morón

23/11/1990 Monsignor Norberto Eugene Martina Military Ordinary Bishop

07/04/1991 Monsignor Jose Maria Arancibia Archbishop Coadjutor de Mendoza

08/06/1991 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary bishop Emérito of Buenos Aires

10/06/1991 Monsignor Manuel Menéndez Emérito bishop of San Martín

23/06/1991 Monsignor Norberto Eugenio Martina Military Ordinary Bishop

25/08/1991 Monsignor Emilio Ogñenovich Bishop of Mercedes-Luján

25/08/1991 Monsignor Heberto Celso Angelo (died 18-1-1993), Auxiliary Bishop of Mercedes

16/11/1991 Monsignor Jorge Manuel Lopez being to this date Archbishop of Rosario

16/11/1991 Monsignor Mario Luis BautistaMaulión  being to this date Auxiliary Bishop of Rosario

15/03/1992 Monsignor Agustín Adolfo Herrera Bishop Emeritus of San Francisco

07/05/1992 Monsignor  Albino Mensa Archbishop of Vercelli-Italy

01/08/1992 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

16/09/1992 Monsignor Emilio Bianchi Di Carcano Bishop of Azul

15/10/1992 Monsignor Omar Félix Colome Bishop of Cruz del Eje

25/10/1992 Monsignor Norberto Eugenio Martina Military Ordinary Bishop

30/10/1992 Monsignor Paulino Reale Bishop of Venado Tuerto - (Santa Fe)

07/11/1992 Monsignor Oscar Felix Villena being to this date Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Rosario

03/12/1992 Monsignor Rubén Héctor Di Monte Bishop of Avellaneda

20/03/1993 Monsignor Ramón Artemio Staffolani Bishop of Río Cuarto

21/03/1993 Monsignor Jorge Gottau(died 2-4-94), Bishop of Añatuya

27/03/1993 Monsignor Justo Oscar Laguna Bishop of Morón

07/06/1993 Monsignor Alcides Jorge Pedro Casaretto Bishop of San Isidro

22/08/1993 Monsignor Paulino Reale Bishop of Venado Tuerto - (Santa Fe)

04/09/1993 Monsignor Norberto Eugenio Martina Military Ordinary Bishop

22/09/1993 Monsignor Abelardo Francisco Silva being to this date Bishop of Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña (Chaco)

25/09/1993 Monsignor Jorge Manuel López being to this date Archbishop of Rosario

13/11/1993 Monsignor Baldomero Carlos Martín Bishop of San Francisco

24/11/1993 Monsignor Justo Oscar Laguna Bishop of Morón

02/12/1993 Monsignor Carlos Talavera Bishop of Coatzacoalcos - Mexico

23/01/1994 Monsignor Jose Charbel Merhi Bishop of the Maronite Rite

24/02/1994 Monsignor Jorge Arturo Meinvielle Bishop of San Justo

09/03/1994 Monsignor Pedro Luis Ronchino Bishop of Comodoro Rivadavia

15/04/1994 Monsignor Omar Felix Colome Bishop of Cruz del Eje

31/04/1994 Monsignor Alexander Buccolini Bishop of Río Gallegos

28/05/1994 Monsignor Alcides Mendoza Castro Archbishop of Cuzco - Peru

02/06/1994 Monsignor  Domingo  Salvador Castagna Archbishop of Corrientes

22/06/1994 Monsignor Jorge Manuel Lopez being to this date Archbishop of Rosario

26/06/1994 Monsignor Desiderio Elso Collino Bishop of Lomas de Zamora

18/07/1994 His Eminence, Cardinal Juan Carlos Aramburu  Archbishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

31/07/1994 Monsignor Eduardo Vicente Mirás Archbishop of Rosario

06/08/1994 Monsignor Juan Jose Iriarte Archbishop Emeritus of Resistencia

13/08/1994 Monsignor Mario Luis Bautista Maulión  being to this date Auxiliary Bishop of Rosario 08/09/1994 Monsignor Justo Oscar Laguna Bishop of Morón

10/09/1994 Monsignor Norberto Eugenio Martina

Military Ordinary Bishop

22/09/1994 Monsignor Jorge Manuel López

being to this date Archbishop Emeritus of  Rosario

25/09/1994 Monsignor Domingo Salvador Castagna Archbishop of Corrientes

12/10/1994 Monsignor Alejo Benedicto Gilligan Bishop Emeritus of 9 de Julio

16/10/1994 Monsignor Norberto Eugenio Martina Military Ordinary Bishop

25/10/1994 Monsignor Eduardo Vicente Mirás Archbishop of Rosario

10/11/1994 Monsignor Alexander Buccolini Bishop of Río Gallegos

25/11/1994 Monsignor Antonio Fortunato Rossi Archbishop Emeritus of Corrientes

11/12/1994 Monsignor Domingo Salvador Castagna Archbishop of Corrientes

25/03/1995 Monsignor Alfredo Guillermo Disandro Bishop of Villa Maria

13/04/1995 Monsignor Adolfo Roque Esteban Arana Bishop Emeritus de Río Cuarto

25/04/1995 Monsignor Lucas Luis Donelly Bishop Prelate of  Dean Funes

13/05/1995 Monsignor Guillermo Leaden Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Buenos Aires

08/07/1995 Monsignor Alcides Jorge Pedro Casaretto Bishop of San Isidro

09/07/1995 Monsignor Jose Lorenzo Sartori Bishop of San Roque (Chaco)

10/07/1995 Monsignor Domingo Salvador Castagna Archbishop of Corrientes

10/07/1995 Monsignor Ramon Artemio Staffolani Bishop of Río Cuarto

10/07/1995 Monsignor Emilio Bianchi Di Carcano Bishop of Azul

10/07/1995 Monsignor Abelardo Francisco Silva Bishop of San Miguel


7. Ecclesiastic Dignitaries  Who Have  Visited The Sanctuary Of Our Lady Of The Rosary Of San Nicolas And Celebrated Mass There  at various times


Monsignor Fabriciano Sigampa. Bishop of La Rioja.

Monsignor Jose Víctor Tommasi. Bishop of 9 de Julio.

Monsignor Juan Rodolfo Laise. Bishop of San Luis.

Monsignor Jose Manuel Lorenzo (died  12-11-1994). Bishop of San Miguel.

Monsignor Sabatino Héctor Cardelli. Auxiliary Bishop of Rosario


8. Ecclesiastic Dignitaries That Have  Visited The Sanctuary Of Our Lady Of The Rosary Of San Nicolas


Papal Nuncio, His Reverend Eminence Monsignor Ubaldo Calabresi.

Monsignor Estanislao E. Karlic, Archbishop of  Parana.



9. The Sanctuary Requested By The Blessed  Virgin


On November 16th, 1983 Our Lady told  Gladys: "I want to be close to you (near the river);    the water is a blessing ". After the  Gladys' question  if  She wishes a chapel or a sanctuary, She says:  " The  Scriptures tell that ". "Fulfill  my word ". Indeed, the 9th of November She had given a message accompanied by a biblical quotation which  was  Exodus 25, 8: "they will build a Sanctuary to Me and I will live  among  them ". Our Lady requests a new Sanctuary, that remain as another  sign of  Her  presence. In the first anniversary of the apparitions  (25th  of September  1984) Our Lady  recommends that the construction  that She so eagerly asks  be started as soon as possible  and this order is repeated incessantly throughout Her  messages. "You must request with firmness, give importance to  my request, my house must be constructed. Children of mine, give your Mother what She  requests from you. Invite my children to pray in  the place chosen and sanctified by me. And my children  will come " (23-11-84 nº 383)" "I want to be able to receive you on a not too distant day,  in the House which I have chosen " (18-12-84 nº 414)  On  November 24th,   1983, Our Lady  indicated the place where She wanted Her  House to be built ("El Campito "). And She did it as follows: "(...) (Gladys)  sees It (the Sanctuary) in front of the block where her  house is, where there is a field,  and She says:  "This is where I want to be, this is my place" At   night of the same day that in vision Gladys  sees the place chosen by Maria,  she goes to this place with a group of people and  when she is indicating the precise site where she saw the sanctuary in a vision,  a ray of light falls exactly in that place, which seems to sink into the ground.  A nine years old girl who was with the group also saw the ray of light.. On  January 4th,   1984, a  little more than three months after the first apparition, a ray of light illuminates, for the second time, the exact point that will get to be, with time, the threshold of the Sanctuary, marked today, by a stone.  On May 22nd Our Lady gives Gladys more  details:  "Your Mother requests Her House from you. I do not want magnificence, but  I do  want an spacious House”. On  December 21st 1985, the Virgin had insisted that the  construction of the Sanctuary should begin before the winter of 1987. Gladys wrote: "I saw the  project of the temple yesterday. Today, when the Virgin  appeared, I asked Her  if it pleased to Her. She smiled and  said to me:  "Yes, daughter,  that project pleases me, since the Sanctuary will be ample, as I requested it. I hope  thus be it  made, because many will be those that will give cult there to the Lord. D’ont let the Winter start without initiating the works. Amen". In September  the construction had not yet begun.  It was only possible to start it  in October and the construction  had to face the terrible winter of the  economic crisis. Is it possible that this was the Winter mentioned by our Lady?  The  economic difficulties were the cause that only  in the Easter of 1989, the first stage of the temple could be finished. On  March  19th  1989, Sunday before Easter,e Easter) the image of Our Lady of the Rosary  venerated in the Cathedral, was moved to the part already finished of the new sanctuary.



10. The  Foundation  Stone


On   September 25th 1986,  the third anniversary of the first apparition, the bishop placed the foundation stone of the future temple. Monsignor Castagna ascribed the  responsibility  of the construction of the material and spiritual temple to  the whole  people  of God. The financing of the works became  very difficult because of  the terrible economic crisis undergone by   Argentina, with a galloping inflation and by the increasing restrictions that prevailed. The  apparitions  came to radiate peace, in the middle of the difficult situation.



11. The Works


The professionals contracted by the authorities of the Episcopate and the Commission Pro-Temple, have shaped the material construction  in several stages that represent the spiritual construction of the people of God. A dynamic system therefore, has been designed, that contemplates the different situations that will take place in the Sanctuary, articulating spaces that enrich an aesthetic vision, centralized in the main space of this work, that emphasizes the sacrifice, death and resurrection of our Lord  Jesus Christ, in the hierarchized altar, of the celebration of the Holy Mass. At the present  moment it is in the  stage of construction of the dome. Working platforms and scaffolds have risen that are essential for the construction and the security of those who will execute the dome.  The dome has two covers, an interior one  formed by sections (gores), constituted by sixty-four beams; each one of those gores will have eighteen  panels  (caissons), that vary in size, alternating two decorative designs which   represent important signs of this place, the A and the M of the Ave  Maria and the Cross,  and  one second exterior cover made of  copper, ending in a lantern that culminates with an orb that holds the Cross. All  this  rises from  the level at +31.40  mts. which is the point from where the dome rises. In each one of these symbols our prayers and efforts are represented so that this is obtained. HAIL, MOST BLESSED VIRGIN MARY!!! Thank you for this new opportunity to show the mystery of our faith. Contributions can be made to:  Comisión Pro-Templo Santuario, through: Banco Bisel S.A.  To be credited under Nº 9745/04 in Current  Account in Pesos or in the Saving Account in Dollars. Banco de Galicia: To be credited in Current Account in Pesos Nº 177/5 or Saving Account in Dollars Nº 4000116-3 Suc.117-8. Banco de la Nación Argentina: To be credited in Current Account in pesos Nº 48211344/51. Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires To be credited in Saving Account in Pesos Nº 15605/01. The small contribution of many people is the secret of this Work whose only benefactor is God's people.



12. The Image


The image of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas had occupied an outstanding place in the cathedral, inaugurated in 1884. It had been donated by a lady who had brought it from Rome, after being blessed by Pope Leon XIII.  The image is  made of wood and is slightly taller than a woman of normal height. After different locations of  the Image in the cathedral and, as a result of its deterioration, it  was deposited in the bell tower, waiting for  a repair that never had arrived.   Father Perez, rector of the cathedral and  Gladys' confessor, wanted to find out if the image that was deteriorated in the bell tower, corresponded  with the description of Gladys.   He  called  the visionary and took her to  the bell tower. Gladys immediately recognised the image of the apparitions, but without the hand and the rosary.  At that same moment the Blessed Mother appeared to her in front of the image and said to Gladys:  "They have forgotten Me, but I have resurged;  place Me  there because you are seeing  me such as I am ( behind Her she sees a vitraux of the Holy Trinity and the Angels).  "Do not worry;  you will have Me soon.... " "I want to be on the shore of  the Parana;   stay firm; you saw my light there; that your forces do not diminish. Glory to the Highest Father ". The image  would leave, then, the cathedral, its place of origin, in order to be nearer to a greater public, for the benefit of the Diocese and  of  all Argentina.  Father Perez  had the image repaired and put a  new Rosary in Her hand and in those of Her Son. There began  in the Cathedral constant  gatherings of big crowds in front of the image of Our Lady of the Rosary. Thousands of orphans were with their Mother and they visited Her with great joy.



13. The Stigmatized


P. Michael Freze, SFO, in their book " They took the wounds of Christ " says that in the history of the Church there have been 321 stigmatized. Sixtytwo have  been canonized. Between those who have received the stigmas, that is to say, the wounds of Christ, are: San Francisco de Asís, Saint Catherine of  Siena,  Teresa Neumann and  Father Pio of Pietrelcina.  At the present time the  same happens with very few persons and one of them is  Gladys Quiroga de Motta of San Nicholas. On October  23rd 1984,  Father Perez sent  the following  prophetic report  to his bishop: "Gladys accepts the physical and moral sufferings, since she considers them necessary for the fulfillment of God's plan and the redemption. She is understanding all this gradually, and in  these last months her silence has been accentuated:  it is, fundamentally, an inner silence.    She is learning to keep silence  being in her house, or accompanied by her interlocutors. Her increasing inner dialogue with the Lord. turns her quieter , in spite of her desire to communicate what she is living.  (...) I think that she id   called  to live the great pains of the Passion (...)".


According to  father Perez explanations, the first physical signs that the visionary experienced were those that are known as  "inner stigmas", that is to say,  not visible externally. They are not bleeding wounds,  but "a simple inner inflammation of the skin, irritation and pain ". The external signs appear later.  On Friday 16th  November  1984, Gladys suffered the pains of  the Passion.   Stigmas appeared and would continue to appear on Thursdays and Fridays of  the Advent of 1984 and during  Lent, year after year.   Dr.   Pellicciotta describes the phenomenon of the stigmatization of Gladys  as follows:   "She begins with an eruption in the forehead of an inflammatory kind, an edematization (...) as if they were lines in all the forehead. She had a deep pain in the head (...), I gave her a tablet of corticoids (...); but it did not disappear (...). There began the first stigmatization. "On the following days  pigmentation appeared in the wrists(...)  where the medium nerve is placed. We have three nerves in the arm:  the cubital nerve, the medium nerve and the radial nerve. An  injury on any of them, logically, prevents us from different movements. When injuring the medium nerve, the thumb retracts (...)  The skin starts opening and, later, it bleeds  (...) her feet  and knees are kept totally sticked but the extraordinary fact is that her feet are in hypertension (if you stretch the feet in hypertension, the calf of the leg gets totally stiffened as well as the knees (and if you stretch out the feet in hypertension, your calf of the leg gets hardened) but Gladys' knees and feet are totally flaccid".


"The Bishop could verify all this (...)." On Good Friday  she is cruxified on the bed (...). She suffers terrible pains (...)." Later she also had  a wound with the form of a cross  in the chest (...).  On Holy Fridays there appear different types of  flagelations but in a partial form, not as  Christ's flagelation , but as if they were  pieces of flagelation, as if they were fragmented.  Then, her back aches and one sees, for example, that she  has like a lash (whipping)  (...)." Much pain, much anguish, much sadness (...)." What is surprising is that on  Saturday of Glory everything disappears and on Sunday she celebrates Easter". Dr. Carlos M. Pellicciotta and  Dr.  Eduardo Juan Telechea, cardiologist, sent by the Bishop, analyzed the phenomenon meticulously.    Dr. Telechea explains the following : " there have been other marks; but the most important  ones are the stigmas of the wrists (...). There is a peculiarity:  In one of the arms there is a single mark and in the other  one  there are two points as if it  had been nailed twice in one arm (...). This is in accordance with the Holy  Shroud. (...). Jesus  was nailed twice in  one arm because they did not find the right place (...)."   On Fridays it bleeds, (...) On Saturdays it begins to form a crust and  on Sundays and  Mondays  the skin is normal again.   A red mark remains that on Thursday  starts to get redder again and on Fridays of Lent the ulcer appears again".  On Fridays of Lent this takes place with more intensity. Some  years  this process begins  in the time after Christmas.  (...). Sometimes this process starts after Christmas;   Some years it begins in Lent. Everything depends on the years (...)."  There is no  scientific explanation for this phenomenon." Indeed, it is impossible to explain the causes of  this phenomenon within the limits of medical science. Nevertheless, the results of some scientific researches allow  us to associate it with an extraordinary manifestation.  The spots appear in the wrists and not in the palm of the hand. According to the description of doctors  Pellicciotta and Telechea, the thumbs of Gladys are contracted  when  the wrists are ulcered. The doctors also analyzed the  blood of the wounds and their observations determined the  nonexistence   of artificial dye or other products.  The stigmas of the wrists appeared  during the Advent and  Lent; but the blood starts to flow on  Good Fridays. Internal stigmas of the feet only appear on Good Fridays. They begin towards 3 PM (hour in which Jesus died). Each Good Friday the shoulder of Gladys is marked by an extended spot  which is very painful. According to Sister Marta " Gladys  suffers much more by the pain that  men  cause to the hearts of Jesus and Mary (and that she sees) than  by the pains of the stigmas which give her the grace of beeing  united to the sufferings of Jesus in the Cross ". Some years  the stigmatization  diminishes  in grade.   Father Perez explains the sense of these signs and says: "When there are extraordinary graces they do not need to take place indefinitely.  God produces them when He  wants and also they retire  when God wants. At the present moment (...), they  gradually tend to be more scattered  (...). That is to say that  this can last indefinitely  or  it may be possible that it does not last. That does not affect  at all the sense that these events have (...)  which are that the Lord, through a participation in  the sufferings  of the Passion makes us understand  the importance  that every  Christian participate freely, in  assuming  the part of the Passion of Christ that  corresponds to him.   Stigmas are a visible exteriorization of this inner content which is the deepest one". 



14. Fasting


“The  Blessed Virgin Herself proposed me to fast",  explained Gladys to the theologian René Laurentin. And  she obediently  began with a prolonged fasting  that worried her family during the first times and greatly astonished  the doctors. On January 11th 1989, Gladys received one of the few messages where fasting is mentioned :"My Daughter: “Yesterday in Lourdes, today here, always the Mother in search of Her  children.   Prayer, fasting,  penitence and specially conversion, that is what  I request from them. The souls will be saved if they go to the Lord, if they open to the Lord. Peace is lacking in many souls;  if the soul looks for Peace  you will find God. Amen, amen.  Preach this to all your brothers ".


"On January 11th 1989, Gladys received one of the few messages where fasting is mentioned : "My Daughter: Yesterday in Lourdes, today here, always the Mother in search of Her  children.   Prayer, fasting,  penitence and specially conversion, that is what  I request from them. The souls will be saved if they go to the Lord, if they open to the Lord. Peace is lacking in many souls;  if the soul looks for Peace  you will find God. Amen, amen.  Preach this to  all your brothers ". Dr Pellicciotta reported  that " Gladys had been  making  prolonged fastings  of forty days . Her husband was very worried.  I weighed her every day.   She only took liquids, I think that some fruit juices and  nothing else.  In forty days of fasting she should have had to lose much  weight”. (She only lost one and a half kilos) According to   Dr.  Telechea "in forty days of fasting, scientifically, a normal person would lose weight and would feel decayed, debilitated (...). She only lost one kilo and a half and kept  a normal vitality (...). the first years we did a good control  of Gladys during the forty days (...) we controlled her weight and blood  pressure every day.   We have controlled  her very closely. Besides these prolonged fastings, Gladys told her doctors that she normally fasts on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays every week. The Blessed Virgin told her to eat only bread without  yeast and liquids with sugar.  Gladys does not like that bread, so she only drinks water, tea, mate, coffee and orange juice.  She says that when she is fasting she sleeps well and is not hungry.  She cooks for her family  normally but she looses the sense of smell, which she recovers the day she finishes the fast.  That day she recovers the smell, feels hungry again and eats normally. 


On December 6h, 1983 The Blessed Virgin  clarifies the meaning of the fasting: “Blessed be the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit;  through the Most Holy Trinity you will find peace and Eternal Life.  Go on fasting; after the third day, you will eat:  fasting for you is not penitence but spiritual preparation that the Lord asks you”.  (PM 30) On December 10th 1983 the Blessed Mother tells Gladys: “My daughter:   Go on fasting today;   pray this day  so that the Lord enlightens men; this life is completely materialist but in Heaven it is not so:   the Allmighty leads your lives today and for ever. Please the Lord by doing what He asks from you.   Amen.”  (Nº PM 35) “Today’s fasting is dedicated to your Father.  I shall put words in your mouth.  The person that is going to talk with you will listen attentively”  (this refers to an interview she had with the new Bishop, Mons. Rossi)  29-12-83  Nº 4 “Go on fasting.  Read: Ecclesiastes 9, 7-8” “Go, eat your bread with enjoyment, and drink your wine with a merry heart;  for God has already approved what you do.  Let your garments be always white;  let not oil be lacking on your head”. (Eccl.9, 7-8)



The Messages


The Diocesan Bishop of Saint Nicholas, attended by an investigating commission, after a thorough examination, discerned the facts and  approved the orthodoxy of the messages.   He accompanied the  faith of the believing people, and established the rules necessary to lead the  People  of God. The  messages, in their majority, promise to overwhelm the people with blessings, peace and joy  and to approach  us to God, Our Lord.  More than 1800 messages given mainly  by the Virgin and Jesus to Gladys have been published, in an authorized edition  by Monsignor  Domingo Salvador Castagna, Bishop of St. Nicholas at that time.   Jesus also appears to the visionary. On November 17th 1983  He says to Gladys: "GLORIOUS DAYS  AWAIT YOU.  The harvest will be great, you will gather it” Although most of the messages are of a hopeful  and consoling tone , they do  not lack a prophetical and eschatological tint. As a sample let us  mention the one of January 8th 1984:  "AT THIS MOMENT THE HUMANITY IS SUSPENDED FROM A THIN THREAD.  IF THAT THREAD BREAKS MANY WILL BE THE ONES  THAT DO NOT HAVE SALVATION.  FOR THAT REASON I CALL TO  REFLECTION.  HURRY UP BECAUSE  THE TIME IS FINISHING. THERE WILL BE NO PLACE FOR THOSE WHO ARE LATE IN COMING. THE LORD WANTS THAT EVERYBODY ENJOY HIS KINGDOM. TO THOSE THAT  ARE FAR FROM HIM, I SAY: COME CLOSE, COME CLOSE;  JESUS CHRIST IS  WITHIN REACH OF  YOUR HAND.  PREACH IT.  AMEN”.  Or this other one from Our Lady:   "YOU WERE CALLED TO BE BEARER  OF PEACE  SO THAT THE URGENT CALL OF JESUS CHRIST  IS KNOWN  FOR  THE CONVERSION OF  MAN. I AM WORRIED ABOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD.  REMEMBER THAT ONLY THE LORD WILL SAVE YOU. PREACH THIS."  And Our Lady asks Gladys to read  Jonas Cap. 4  Vers. 8 and 9. The Biblical text of Jonas says: "And should not I pity Nineveth, that great city, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand persons  who do not know their right hand from their left, and also much cattle?"  Peculiarly that is the amount of the population of the city of Saint Nicholas, Argentina. The messages were analyzed by theologians, who assure that there is  nothing  in them that is in opposition to the faith and the Doctrine of the Church; on the contrary , they are - in spite of their simplicity - of a depth which overwhelms, being easily understood and  taken advantage of by the learned people as well as by  the simple one, who will find in them, the perennial freshness of the Word of God,  which  does not change. They are  loving  calls  of the Mother from Heaven, trying  to guide Her  children, repeating  the  recommendations, without a pre-established order, as usually  mothers of the earth do. It could be said that Our Lady says the things already known but they are new for those who do not practice them.  In one of Her messages She says:  “Some of you will think that The Lord does not say anything new.  I tell you:  everything is new because you practice nothing.  It seems that you knew nothing about God”.   Our Lady leads  her children to an encounter with the Word of God, so that they incarnate it  and from it they  illuminate the reality of their own lives and those of the world. The  messages lead to the Sacred Scriptures, as  many of them are accompanied by a  Biblical  quotation.



Our Lady invites to spread Her messages widely to everybody.

"Spread my words " (Nº PM 39)

"Your Mother does not want that these words be  lost... " (Nº 209)

"In all the cities, in all the corners, there must be the words of the Lord said to you " (Nº 607)

"That is why  My messages must go towards all the corners " (Nº 797)

"Yes, daughter;  all the world will know me from  here " (Nº 1029)

"The whole Earth  must understand My Message " (Nº 1259

"Let this message cross all over  the Earth ". (Nº 1388)

"My words  must be spread in such  way, that they reach  all your brothers " (Nº 1440)

"My messages must be spread as never before; today the world must know my words” (Nº 1500)" Diseminate my words to all the Earth " (Nº 1508)

"These words can become  debilitated if they are kept, if they are not extended; they must be announced in all the  Earth ". (Nº 1585) 



First  Cures


 During the autumn of 1984, Monsignor Castagna interrogated himself  about the events that were taking place and the numerous graces  that were deriving  from  them. He would have  liked to have a precious signal. It was then that the first extraordinary cure in the history of  San Nicholas  took place. A cure that is still under study.  This is  what happened:  Gonzalo Miguel Godoy, of 7 years of age,  presented the first symptoms of a disease that  downcast him, almost quadriplegic. He could not speak. An x-ray showed signals of a cerebral tumor: a frontal injury of the left side  pressured  that zone, causing the paralysis of the right side. Her mother put herself in the hands of the Blessed  Virgin and she requested Her forces to support the inevitable thing , since an operation would leave the child  crippled, in case that he could escape to death. The mother was pregnant of seven months, of her seventh child. She felt a deep distress and a terrible anguish but  meanwhile - to her surprise  - she experienced a great inner peace.  The parents requested the Unction of the Sick for the boy and that he could receive the First Eucharist. Monsignor Castagna authorized that  and he sent  his Chancellor, who was a friend of that family. He explained the boy that he  was going to receive the Body of Jesus, and he placed him under the protection of the Virgin of the Rosary of Saint Nicholas. The little boy received that " gift of God " with a great inner force and with  his eyes wide open, he contemplated the wafer before agreeing. Forty-five minutes later, clear signals of improvement were noticed; the paralysis experienced a remarkable backward movement, the cheeks of the boy recovered their color and he left his lethargy.  Three days later a lumbar puncture was made to him: the test did not reveal any pathology at all.. The dose of the medicine was diminished; the boy stayed wide-awake and began to play.  In the following days, Gonzalo began to read and could walk by his own means. A tomography was carried out: where there had been the tumor, the only thing to be seen  was  a scar. This case continues under study.  Gonzalo is today a young boy who carries a normal life, has a lot of friends, enjoys life and thanks  God for his healing Since then,  extraordinary  cures are  usually declared  in the Sanctuary.   Many pilgrims have spontaneously written  them up in the Book of Testimonies that, by the end of 1989, had already 187 pages written.   In some of these cases files were made, of which we will only mention the following ones:  Juan Ignacio Cordero  Olguin, who was only 9 months old, fell ill with meningitis and crossed paralysis, and, after being blind, deaf and unconscious, and in a  comma state during nine days, awoke the tenth day completely healed, after the prayers that her family elevated to the Virgin of the Rosary of Saint Nicholas. Medical consultations later confirmed the healing: so is stated  in the testimony signed by Celia C.  de Olguin in the Testimonies Book, signed on the 24th of November , 1987.  Anabella Renée Rao, of 12 years of age, student, was ill with  paralysis and arreflexia of the inferior extremities from 14-12-88.  The doctor had her hospitalized and  a lumbar puncture was made to her in order to analyze the cefalorraquíd liquid that revealed the existence of the reaction of Pandyt. The Diagnosis was syndrome of Guillain Barre.  The disease stopped  on the 17 of December. On the 26th of December, the girl could move again without aid. In January  1989 the improvement was accentuated and, helped by rehabilitation exercises, the 7th of February already could walk normally. From the moment that the diagnosis was known, the girl and her mother had entrusted their case to the Virgin of the Rosary of Saint Nicholas, with the absolute certainty that " She would protect them under Her mantle ".  Her mother  prayed the Angelus continuously " and requested forces to God to accept everything that the Virgin arranged ". The novena had begun the 17th of December, day on which the disease stopped suddenly. This integral recovery, in such a  brief time, totally constitutes an exceptional  clinical case and in opposition to the evolutionary prognoses, according to the doctors who took part in their processing.



Other  Cures


An eleven years old  girl from Rawson, Chubut, in September  1988 began with bronchial symptons that increased in intensity. In March 1991 the symptoms continued with cough, fever and, not being able to ingest solids, loss of weight, thus its derivation to the Garrahan Hospital in  Buenos Aires was decided. An x-ray of the thorax was made,  in which a widening in the superior mediastin was observed, with a presuntive diagnosis of embryonic tumors.  Her attending physician in Rawson, before the respiratory difficulty, considered the possibility of making a tracheotomy before the trip. All the familiar group began praying to  the Virgin of Saint Nicholas, as well as many friends and many people who knew  the  girl.   It was during the trip that all the symptoms disappeared. When they arrived at Garrahan Hospital, the symptoms had  completely disappeared.  On the following day they returned to Rawson. The girl is completely healthy at the present time.  An eighteen years old girl living in  Buenos Aires, whose parents were doctors,  had concrete tumors in   her neck, which was disfiguring that zone . A biopsy was made to her of the ganglia and it did not show any type of abnormality.  During  the following  three years,  from 1985 to 1988, the ganglia of the neck continued increasing, while reiterated episodes of fever occurred frequently.  In 1988 they did a tomography to her that showed a located tumorlike mass in the esternocleidomastoid muscle. In March of the same  year a biopsy was made to her that showed signs of linfoma of Hopkin T type of  light colour cells (the most  malignant). The family started to pray  and  traveled to Saint Nicholas with the patient. The operation was made in December 1988 and it was discovered that the tumorlike mass   had disappeared since the tomography until the surgery. This kind of cures  occurs accompanied by deep changes of life. At the same time that  the healings take place in the body the same is also shown in the soul. The doctors of the Office of Verifications emphasize that " it is very common to see the conversion of the whole familiar nucleus, as well as of the circle of friends”.



The Medal


On  December 2nd  1984 the Virgin requests Gladys that  a medal be coined:  "You must have a medal coined with my image of the advocation of Mary of the Rosary of Saint Nicholas and on the back side,  the Holy Trinity with seven stars " We know well this medal, that has had  the amplest diffusion:  On one  side, it has  the image of Our Lady of the Rosary of Saint Nicholas,  the advocation that expresses its bond with the city of Saint  Nicholas. On the other side, there is a triangle, the symbol of the Trinity, surrounded by seven stars, and the Blessed Virgin clarifies, on September  25th 1985 (second  anniversary of the first apparitions):  "My Daughter: I will tell you the meaning  of the seven stars: they are seven graces that my Son Jesus Christ will grant to those who wear it on their chest.  Praised  be the Lord."


The Scapular


On March 5th 1986, our Blessed Mother requested Gladys that a Scapular be made. "Dear daughter: Please see to it that a Scapular is made.  It must be white, since that is the symbol of purity.  My image will be light blue and pink.  This Scapular will have to be destined  to those phisically or mentally afflicted and  it will be worn by those who really feel the need in their hearts, bacause with the Scapular goes the compromise to pray to Mary of the Rosary.  This is an urgent request.  Amen.  Amen."  The following is  the text of the decree of the Bishop of St. Nicholas: "Considering that the use of the Escapular,  accompanied by a suitable catechesis, will benefit the believers, and as a symbol of the Protection of the Mother of the Lord., as a  defense against all evils and as an aid for the physical and spiritual health, it grants approval for the Scapular of Mary of the  Rosary, not considering that  a solemn imposition  is neccessary, and that  it will be enough that it is blessed by a Priest, with the habitual formula ". The Escapular is destined to those  who want  to receive it, and accept  the spiritual and physical benefits, that by the intercession of the Virgin of the Rosary of St. Nicholas, the Lord wants to grant to them;  this desire to wear it, will imply the commitment to pray to Mary,  listen to the Word of the Son,  receive the Sacraments of the Church, and  live according to the exigencies of the Christian life".



The Water Of The Sanctuary


Three dreams and one inner locution of Gladys, the visionary, induced to the search of the water of the Sanctuary, which was  finally found when, on June 4th  1991,  the definitive perforation was begun.  The first dream on the existence of the water was on August 3rd  1984. The following is its textual writing:"This morning I woke up from a dream. I saw much people who worked in "El  Campito" (the Land of Mary). They were making the foundations for the Sanctuary.   They were digging  a well in the middle of the foreground,  because I had told them that from there it was going to  sprout  water, in the place where it had been  the shrub  (the one where the ray of light had fallen down). "This morning, when the Virgin spoke to me, I asked Her what did that dream mean and  She  said to me: "Many dreams are realities, and this dream will become a reality ". And She smiled."  More than five years passed  when, on  November 30th 1989,  Gladys had the second dream  about the water, which she narrated as follows:  "Again I dreamed about the water of the Sanctuary. This time I saw it around the temple and it ran on channels. There would be a meter of distance between the channels and the Sanctuary.  The water was very clear.  I saw again the  Most Blessed Virgin alone,  as the Immaculate , and heard that She said to me:  "Great it is the blessing  on your town:  it’s the  blessing of God for His  children ".  Two days later,  while Gladys was talking about the subject of the water, she  strongly  felt  in her  interior, as a locution, the Biblical quotation of  prophet Ezequiel , chapter 47, ver.1 :"Then he (the Lord) brought me back to the door of the temple; and behold, water was issuing from below the threshold of the temple toward the east (for the temple faced the east); and the water was flowing down from below the south end of the threshold of the temple, south of the altar". (Ezequiel, XLVII, 1) The third dream  took place on  January 29th 1990,  and  Gladys related   it as follows:  " I dreamed that I saw a source with very crystalline water. The Blessed Virgin told me: Guijón, Guijón,  that in Hebrew means: " It  appears in torrents ".  "Source of Mary " is called today the one in  Jerusalem next to the Cedrum torrent.   The desire that there should be a source from where water uninterruptedly would stream  was thus  expressed  as a beneficial sign of the redeeming presence of the Lord who, through the Blessed Virgin, lavishly offers His mercy and redemption to us.   A commission was established  under the direction of  father Perez, composed of a geologist, a rabdomant priest and two architects.   Various  perforations were made looking for the precise place and, on June 4th 1991, a perforation in the crypt was begun, in the place where it had been the primitive thistle on which  the ray of light had  sank, and afterwards  would become the threshold of the Sanctuary.  They found water at a  depth of 47.50 meters and when extracting the first water, all the Sanctuary was impregnated with a strong scent of roses.  The water was gathered in reservoirs and it began to be distributed to the pilgrims as of  September 25th  1991 (the 8th anniversary of the first apparition).  It is considered that the finding of the water of the Blessed Virgin is a very special gift from  our Mother and a very great number of pilgrims have  experienced  the healing of ailments  of very different kinds.  Believers and non believers drink it,  bless their homes and the people with it and  use it to rub   the parts of the body that need healing. 



The Rosary


Between the prayers  that the messages suggest,  the Holy Rosary is the one  mentioned  with the greatest insistence. The following are  some messages  that the Most Holy Virgin has  given  Gladys referring to the Holy Rosary: 


"Gladys: With the Holy Rosary you can  withstand any danger, since  Christ and His  Mother  are present in it.  It is a deep prayer, an  immediate communication with the Lord. and with Maria.  It is the gift that I am giving you in order that  you accept it and keep it by means  of its prayer. Amen, amen " (7-10-86, Nº 986).


"Gladys:   the weapon that constitutes the  greatest influence against evil,  is the prayer of the Holy Rosary.   With this  prayer, one goes deep in the spiritual life, the spirit grows in love for God and thus  it moves away from  sin.  It dissipates the darkness of the spirit and causes that the soul  remains  faithful to God.  Please the Lord, my children,  by praying, since  by doing so, the temptations of the enemy  are rejected.  Elevate your voices praying, asking pardon to  the Lord., and your  Mother will intercede by the sinners  before the Highest One. I assure  you,  my daughter,   that my Heart would be less distressed, knowing that my children want to be pardoned by  the Lord.   Amen. Amen " (6-10-85, Nº 689).


"I see an enormous crown of white Rosaries. I see  the Most Blessed Virgin and She  says to me: You see this crown, because this is what I desire you to do, a true  crown of rosaries.   Prayer, my daughter, prayer;  how many mouths still remain closed, without  saying at least a prayer that draws them nearer  to  the Lord.  The Holy Rosary  is the  weapon to which the enemy fears the most;   it is also the refuge of those who look for lightening their  grief and it is the door to enter  to My Heart.  Glory to the Lord  for the Light that He gives to the  world." (10-4-1986, Nº 850)


"The blessing of a Rosary has much value; so much as the prayer itself.  I want to tell you  that praying with a blessed Rosary, the prayer becomes a  plea of love to  the Lord; and  the Lord, on His part, pours his blessings on that son that prays.  For that reason it is so  important, to have the Rosary in the hands while you pray.   Praised be always the Lord" (29-8-87, Nº 1248).


"I ask your brothers to  pray  a lot;  the prayer cleans them, desintoxicates them and  stimulates them towards the love of God.   Daughter,  the number of the faithful who pray  must still be higher, as well as of those who  open themselves  to the Lord, and  find in the Holy Rosary  the  basic complement for a dialogue with the Lord.   Each mystery of the Holy Rosary  gives rise to a  reflection, a meditation and also a request to God.   I say to  my children:  Make this request of Mine a  reality.   Glory to the Highest One " (31-1-86, Nº 793).


"Daughter,   I want from your brothers a special devotion: the prayerof the Holy Rosary.  I want perpetual novenas;  that is to say, never interrupted.  Praying one moves away  from the malignant one; praying you arrive to God;  praying the souls are saved.  Glory to the Lord"   (19-7-86, Nº 923).


"My daughter:   The Holy Rosary has begun to take force,  my children have begun to love this prayer. Some of them  by shame, some by disobedience and others simply by ignorance, do not pray it.   I say to them:  Pray, since this is the time for praying ;  pray to save your soul;  pray to be purified. 

Aleluia " (25-10-86, Nº 1002).


" This  is a  day for  deep, meditated prayer.  With the prayer of the Holy Rosary  you will renew the spirit; through this  prayer you will feel my company  and mainly  Jesus Christ’s,  the Redeemer and  Saviour of the world.  Blessed and praised be Him.  Preach it  ". (19-3-87, Nº  1130).


 “My daughter:  At this moment, there is an extreme need of praying.  The Holy Rosary  will be heard by the Lord today, as if it were my voice. The prayer, is a request of  mine and I addressed to all the world.  Praying must come from a  willing  heart;  it  must also  be frequent and  done with love. It must never be left aside,  since the Mother wants that by  means of it Her  children arrive to God.  Tt is the weapon that  your Mother uses to overcome the enemy.  Glory to  God " (6-6-87, Nº 1192) (day on which the Pope prayed the Holy Rosary  on TV).


 "My dear daughter,   how needful  the world if of God and how needful   My Heart is of  the reparation of  the world towards God!  Prayers, the praying of the Holy Rosary, can change the heart of  men; God waits for  praying believers; God waits for men to repent, and be anxious of being renewed.    I say to them: I am near  to you, I walk near  to you;  follow  Me as I want to guide you towards the Promise. Amen, amen.   Let your brothers know this Message of Love”  (21-10-87, Nº 1282).


"I say to my beloved children:   Pray the Holy Rosary, go over the beads  with true Christian fervour. Pray, and you will feel guarded against evil    Pray, and  trust your Mother. Christ Jesus, the Divine Love, the Purest Love, wants you humble and  confident,  converted  and consecrated to His Sacred Heart.   Glory to the Highest One. Preach this " (19-6-88, Nº 1446)



The Land Of Mary


Our Lady expresses Gladys Her desire that  a Sanctuary be built in Her honour, indicating her the place where She wants it to be  located and the way  She wants it to be.  Being one night on the land indicated by the Blessed  Virgin, accompanied by a group of people, Gladys  sees an intense light that,  falling down from the sky,  penetrates the ground, thus  indicating the place;  the light was also seen by a nine years old girl  that was with group.The land was located next to the river, and was at that moment  full of a kind of shrub  called  "Maria's thistle".   As a result of the freezing temperatures of the harsh winter of 1984  these thistles dried all but one: the one  on which the  ray of light  had fallen was fresh and vigorous.  Just a short time later a panel with the image of Our Lady of the Rosary was located in " the Campito " that, as a small hermitage, became  the congregating element of those who were going to pray on the Land of Mary.   The site chosen and sanctified by Our Lady began to be visited by  all those who arrived praying and requesting graces, as Our Lady expressed   Her desire that   everybody be invited to pray in that  consecrated place, to which She  would attract Her children.  The Bishop made an official demand requiring the donation  of the mentioned land, and the Dean of  San Nicolas  did not oppose any obstacle,  stating that they would support decidedly,  by inspiration of Heaven, the  construction of the Sanctuary, although not financially.   The 25th of August 1985 a Municipal ordinance was issued donating the land for the construction of the Sanctuary of Mary of the Rosary .  It is to notice, that in that place, during 25  years, there had been a great slum called  “Villa  Lung”, where there was a chapel in honour of the Virgin of Itatí.


The Messages


NOTE:The following pages have been taken  from the book "Messages of Our Lady at San Nicolas," Copyright 1991, Faith Publishing Company, P.O. Box 237 Milford, Ohio 45150.  The copyright page states: "The original of this book, MENSAJES, (Messages), was published in Spanish in San Nicolas, Argentina."   Paul J. Walstad, Sr. has written permission to have these English Messages published on the Internet without any license fee to Faith Publishing Company or any charge for so doing; however, this permission of Faith Publishing Company was given with the agreement with Mr. Walstad that a notation would be contained within any WEB site utilizing this English translation, giving credit and thanks to Faith Publishing Company for their generosity in providing this English translation of the original Spanish messages. Any questions regarding the foregoing should be directed to:

Paul J. Walstad, Sr.

1111 Aspen Avenue

Provo, UT 84604-3618 USA


fax: 801-377-8877.



On November 14, 1990, the Bishop of San Nicolas, Monsignor Domingo Castagna, issued an edict compromising an "Imprimatur" for the publication of the Spanish edition of the Messages of Our Lady to Gladys de Motta.  The Bishop's statement read as follows:  Monsignor DOMINGO SALVADOR CASTAGNA, for the grace of god and of the Apostolic Holy See, Bishop of "San Nicolas de los Arroyos",  HAVING: A folder that contains the messages of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, presented by Father Carlos A. Perez, Rector of the Diocesan Sanctuary, Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, located in this city, province of Buenos Aires;  AND CONSIDERING: That its contents have, in correct form, the formulations of the Catholic Faith that must be transmitted to the believers for the knowledge of the doctrine, and THAT IS THE responsibility of the Ordinary of the place to "take care of the catechization of the Christian population, for their faith, through the Doctrine's teaching, and that the practice of Christian life become alive, explicit and operative" (C. 773), and for the same reasons, give the necessary approval (C. 827.1):  FOR THE PRESENT,  1.  Grant the "Imprimatur" for the folder that contains the Messages of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, to be published in Spanish;  2.  Remembering that in the publication should be stated: "with the necessary license", in the name of the Diocesan Bishop, Msgr. Domingo Salvador Castagna, and the date of the license granted being that of this decree, and that the approval for the publication is valid for the original text, but not for successive editions, if they come (C. 829).  3.  To be communicated to whom it may concern, and file. Given in "San Nicolas de los Arroyos", Bishop's See, the fourteenth day of the month of November of the year of Our Lord, nineteen, ninety.

Signed:    Domingo Salvador Castagna

Bishop of San Nicolas

Ariel David Busso


*    *     *     *

The above document was duly recorded with the Diocesan seal and the signatures of the Bishop and the Chancellor involved. This Publisher acknowledges that the above Imprimatur was given principally for the publication of the book of messages in Spanish, and would not necessarily be valid for other translations, or subsequent editions of the book.However, recognizing that the English translation of the messages has been authorized at San Nicolas, through the same authority, we dutifully make known the Bishop's decree, herein.


Publisher's Foreword

On September 25, 1983, Gladys Quiroga de Motta, a middle aged housewife and mother, living in the city of San Nicolas, Argentina, reported a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Apparitions continue to this day, an event that is now being reported and followed around the world.  Following is a brief outline of the events of San Nicolas. San Nicolas is a city of approximately 150,000 people, and is approximately two hours driving time, northwest of Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina.  The present parish Church of St. Nicolas of Bari (the Patron Saint of the region), dates back to 1884.  On that occasion a beautiful statue of the "Virgin of the Rosary" was inaugurated, with a preparatory novena, a yearly tradition.  The original statue has always been in San Nicolas.  However, due to a breakage of one of the hands, it was relegated to a storage room in the belfry of the current Cathedral. As the fervor of the claimed apparitions to Gladys de Motta began to sweep across the region, the priest assigned as her spiritual director (Fr. Perez), took Gladys to view the statue, which she had not previously seen.  She identified the statue as an exact replica of the "Lady that I see". During the past seven years, the following stages of the development of the Apparitions of San Nicolas have occurred. Gladys reported that Our Lady asked that a special medal be struck with the image of "Our Lady of the Rosary" on the front, and a symbol of the Blessed Trinity surrounded by seven stars, on the back. During 1983 and 1984, Our Lady repeatedly asked for a special "Sanctuary" (Basilica), at the site of the apparitions.  During two different apparitions, a ray of light appeared, marking the exact location for the construction.  It is located in a field or plain known as the "Campito", on the banks of the Parana River. Shortly thereafter, Gladys received the stigmata of Jesus Christ.  During the same period, several outstanding physical healings took place.  Pilgrimages began on the twenty-fifth of each month, the anniversary date, and throngs of people descended on San Nicolas.  Fervent devotion became an everyday occurrence, with additional Masses being scheduled, perpetual Rosaries, and an overwhelming return to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  And what is the position of the Church regarding events at San Nicolas? The Bishop of San Nicolas, Msgr. Domingo Castagna, acted quickly and prudently regarding these events.  He personally studied them, assigned a spiritual director for the visionary, and convened a special Investigative Commission to study the authenticity of the claimed apparitions.  The committee was comprised of local priests and theologians of the area, a psychologist, two graphologists, and a team of psychiatrists from the School of Psychology of the Jesuit University of Salvador. All the results of the investigation concerning Gladys were positive, and the studies of the healings  continue under the direction of a special medical bureau.  There are no negative results at this time.  Details of these studies can be found in the book, AN APPEAL FROM MARY IN ARGENTINA, by Fr. Rene Laurentin, available from this publisher.  The address is shown at the conclusion of this forward. The medal requested by Our Lady, has been sanctioned, produced, and is being distributed.  The Basilica is under construction, approximately one third completed.  Bishop Castagna has taken a positive position in the events, and guides the devotions and pilgrimages with utmost care.  He often presides at the special Masses and often leads the procession as the statue of Our Lady is carried to the construction site (similar to Fatima).  The fruits resulting from the events of San Nicolas are overwhelming, similar to those of Medjugorje, and spiritual conversions abound.


The Messages

As you read the messages received by Gladys in San Nicolas, two aspects become evident rather quickly. First, the messages reflect the current world situation with pinpoint accuracy, and give great detail as to the important role of the Mother of God in the salvation of mankind. Second, the messages come complete with specific Scriptural references from Our Lady.  She continuously requests that Gladys read certain passages from the Scriptures. It should be noted that Gladys lives a very peasant oriented life, has barely an elementary grade education, no theological knowledge, and no previous awareness of certain aspects of the Bible. The messages denote an extreme urgency!  They specifically spell out the current world situation, and give exact guidelines as to what is to be done.  Most importantly, Our Lady is adamant as to her role in our salvation, and confirms that she is "The Woman Clothed With the Sun", "The New Eve", and the "New Ark of the Covenant".  She states that her "New Sanctuary" will be her dwelling place on earth, and defines that this is the time of fulfillment of her role of leading all her children of the world back to her Son. In addition to the over 1,800 messages received by Gladys, from Our Lady, she also received apparitions and messages from Our Lord, totaling 68.  These messages confirm the words of Our Lady. The Bishop's Commission has also studied these messages and has issued no negative report as to any deviation from Catholic Doctrine.  Further, on November 14, 1990, Bishop Castagna provided his IMPRIMATUR for the publication of these messages in Spanish, printed in Argentina.Although the Church has issued no formal approval of the Apparitions of San Nicolas, the devotions have been endorsed in substance, the construction continues, the medals and publications are authorized, an the pilgrimages continue in spiritual splendor. The messages that follow in this book are translations from the Spanish printed records, as received by this Publisher.  We wish to thank Eleonora O'Farrell De Nagy-Pal for her work in this regard, and also Marie-Helene Gall for the translations.  Our thanks as well to Bishop Castagna for the authorization to print these messages, an to Fr. Perez, Fr. Montero and Roberto Lovato, for their assistance. Of course, we acknowledge and thank THE MOTHER OF GOD, to whom, all of our work, and this book is dedicated. For further information, additional copies of this book, or copies of the book, AN APPEAL FROM MARY IN ARGENTINA, please contact:


P.O. BOX 7





The messages in this book are the fruit of what is commonly known as private revelation, which in this case, took place in the city of San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Since September, 1983, Gladys Motta (formerly Quiroga), claims to see and hear the Blessed Virgin under the invocation of "Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas".  Included herein is a brief summary of the events that will help the reader to follow the different steps of this development. The diocesan Church, in the person of the Bishop of San Nicolas and a Commission of priests and experts appointed by him, was faced with the difficult responsibility of discerning these events, looking into the orthodoxy of the messages, directing the faith of the believers and setting necessary guidelines for rules and devotions, and channeling activities into a proper pastoral so as not to smother God's gift.  Everything was done at the proper pace, and with the care called for by an event of these proportions. Here again, we wish to stress the fact that the faithful are not obliged to believe in private revelations, since everything has already been said in the Public Revelation contained in Holy Scripture, which closed with the death of the last Apostle.  Of this, the Holy Church is guardian and  interpreter, and all Christians are seriously bound to believe in it. Nevertheless, although private revelation adds nothing new, it does help as a reminder of what is already known through Public Revelation, and often provides a great incentive to live accordingly.  That is why this book places the messages given at San Nicolas at the reader's disposal, in the certainty that they contain nothing contrary to revealed doctrine, and important insight to the current world.  If any doubt should arise from reading them, the right interpretation should be sought from priests who govern and serve the communities, embodying the mission of Christ, the Master. The Bishops' authorization to print these messages indicates that they agree with revealed doctrine, and consequently, to read them can be a useful help for a life of prayer and conversion, the growth of Christian virtue, the experience of consecration to the Heart of Mary, and in general, an invitation to sanctity. The Church offers Her children these teachings, inviting them to live them, since in a simple, yet deep language, they explain the infinite wealth of the Lord's Word, to which the messages can be considered a guide and an echo.

Fr. Carlos A. Perez

Rector of the Sanctuary.



Each message in this book is identified by the date it was received and is numbered numerically.  The official compiling and cataloging of the messages was begun by Fr. Carlos Perez in November 1983, under the authorization of the Bishop of San Nicolas.  They begin in Chapter 2 of this book. Prior to that time, the seer's written comments (upon first seeing Our Lady on September 25, 1983), and Our Lady's spoken messages (which began on October 13, 1983), were unofficially compiled in two separate collections by Gladys and her spiritual director, Fr. Perez.  They were originally for private use only, and were not intended for publication.  However, because of the extreme importance of these first messages, it was recommended that they be included in this book, and are printed herein, in their original format in Chapter 1.  These are referred to as the collection of "first messages". The initial group of "first messages" includes the statement of Gladys beginning on September 25, 1983, and Our Lady's messages up through November 12, 1983.  These messages are numbered: F.M.0, F.M.01, F.M.02, F.M.03, etc. The words of the seer, Gladys, are shown in italics.  The words of Our Lord and Our Lady are shown in regular print.


The First Messages

September 25th 1983 - December 31st 1983


September 25, 1983              F.M.0


I saw the Virgin for the first time.


September 28                        F.M.01


I saw Her once more.


October 5                              F.M.02


Again I saw Her.


October 7                             F.M.03


I saw Her and asked Her what She wanted from me.  Her image vanished, and a Chapel appeared.  I understood She wanted to be amongst us.


October 12                         F.M.04


I spoke of this with my confessor, Father Carlos Perez.


October 13                         F.M.05


She appeared again, and She said to me:


    You have been faithful.  Do not fear, come to see Me.  Hand in hand with me you will travel many roads.


    She told me to read Ezechiel 2:4-10.


October 17                         F.M.06


    I went to Rosario to the Cathedral to view her statue, but the image of the  Virgin that was there is small.  I closed my eyes and She appeared beside me, bigger.  She spoke to me while I was praying:


    Listen to my words and make them be listened.  I will always be your guide.


    A very strong white light illuminated me all over.  I felt like a blessing from Her.


October 19                         F.M.07


    The Virgin says to me:


   The unjust are rebels, and the humble are  the Lord's servants.  Search for help, it will be provided to you; do not fear, nothing will happen to you.  The Lord does not leave things abandoned to chance.


October 25                         F.M.08


     went to Rosario and I had a vision of the Virgin; She spoke to me (earlier in the vision, she gave me a white rosary, She handed it out to me).


    Receive this Rosary from my hands and keep it for centuries to come.  I am happy, because you are obedient;  rejoice because God is with you.


October 28                         F.M.09


     the Lord enlighten the minds of men.  Happy are those who are at peace with Him.

    May you always be humble and obedient as you have been up to date.  You are my faithful servant, that pleases the Lord.


October 30                         F.M.010


    Beloved sons, you are in need of me.  It is time to pray, it is time to ask for, repent and you will be given.

    Blessed are those who are with the Lord, but not the weak in spirit.

    Let my seed not be in vain, and may what is sown bear its fruit.  Glory be to the Everlasting Father.


    At that moment I saw a green flag, red curtains with yellow fringes, an altar piece of a natural, beige or light brown color.


October 31                         F.M.011


    Infinite are the gifts of the Lord.  His Wisdom has no end.  Appeal to it, it will not let you down.  I am not unreachable as many believe.  If they stretch out their hand they will reach me.


    Our Lady gives me Zacharias 2:8 to the end, to read.


November 1                         F.M.012


    I saw a torch, and She said to me:


    I am with you; like the living flame of the torch, like this your faith should be placed in me.


November 3                         F.M.013


She made me read Matthew 3:16 to the end, but before She said to me:


    The Holy Spirit has touched you.


I saw a white light coming towards me.  She also asked me to read Math. 3:16-17 and 1 Corinthians 1:17.


November 8                         F.M.014


    Our Lady said to me:


    When you need it, come to Me and I will answer you.  I am happy with you.  You are worthy of my trust.  Glory be to the Lord.


    She asked me to read Psalm 119.  She says:


    Rocks I shall tear, caves I shall carve, as perseverant as this you should be.



November 9                         F.M.015


    She makes me  read Exodus 25:8.  Also, She says:


    Make them support you in what you say; I want to be amongst you.  You are the chosen one for the mission entrusted to you.  The Lord never abandon His children, plead the cause.  Blessed are those who are with Me.



November 12                         F.M.016


    Mary says:


    You were thirsty of my presence; you will eat from my hands,   be patient, everything will come in due time.  Yours is the Chapel.


(She says so in a spiritual sense.  There was a scent of roses.)  She also added:


     Do not be shaken, you must have faith; your cross is heavy, but you know how to bear it.


    I felt a strong scent of incense.


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First Messages - Set Two

November 15, 1983                  F.M. 1


Jesus said:


    I am the Sower; gather the harvest.  It will be big.


November 15                             F.M. 2


The Virgin said to me:


Continue being devoted and faithful to the Word of God.  We are in Advent times, turn your faces towards God, your Lord.  I AM THE PATRONESS OF THIS REGION, MAKE MY RIGHTS BE HONOURED!


November 16                             F.M.3


    The Virgin said:


    Near you I want to be (near the river); the water is a blessing.


    When I asked Her if she wants a chapel or a Shrine, she replies:


    The Scriptures say that.


    Indeed, on the 9th of November she had given a Biblical message: Exodus 25:8:


  And they shall make Me a Sanctuary; and I will dwell in the midst of them.


    And the Virgin adds:


    Fulfill my word.


  She gives me to read Philippians 4 and Aggeus 2:4 and 2:9:

  She then tells me:


    You will suffer no harm, I protect you.


    I asked her whether I should talk to the Bishop, and she answered:


    Go and announce my request.


November 17                         F.M.4


    Today I saw Jesus and He told me:


    Glorious days await for you.  Rejoice in Me, my beloved children.  Repeat these my words.


    He then disappears and the Virgin appears; I sprinkled her with blessed water and She says to me:


    May you be blessed today, on this day and forever.  You are consecrated to Me, fullness awaits for you.  Glory and eternal life.  Amen.


She makes me read Joshua 2:14, 3:5, and 8:1.  (There was a scent of incense.)


November 18                         F.M.5


    Summon all to unity, you will be given strength . . . Today the Holy Spirit will feed you.  Read:  Ecclus.  1:14.


November 19                         F.M.6


    My Kingdom is with you.  Read with attention my messages! I tell you: I shall dwell amongst you, through you!  You are the bridge of union, preach my word.  Many are the blind who won't see, many are the deaf who won't hear, but do not dismay; yours is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Read Leviticus 4:3 and 2:1



November 20                         F.M.7


    You need my presence to make your feet stand firm.  I am your strut.

Read: Cant.  8:7-10, 2  Cor.  8:2-3, 18-19.


November 21                         F.M.8


    ...Beloved children, pray the Rosary a lot....  Laugh, do not cry; stay calm, you will reach the goal.

     My daughter, I tell you that your word is revelation from the Lord .  The days will pass and you will reveal them, that is why I say to you: Read with attention my messages, you are a carrier of love, joy and peace.

    Your body is weak, but your spirit is strengthened day by day; your determination will move rocks.

    Glory to the Eternal Father.

Read: Acts 6:2-3; 4,7, Heb.  12:14-15.



November 21                 F.M.9


     Believe everything my daughter tells you.  She is faithful to my word.  God Almighty will reward you; the announcement is made!  Amen.

Read: 1 Cor.  4:1, 4-6.


November 22                 F.M.10


The Virgin says:


    Lock the door, for as you have to go out, you must also come in.  For now it is necessary to be cautious, but I tell you, I do not give you too much, but the day will come when everything will be as clear as dawn.  Trust in the future, it is nearby.

    Soon I will be with you.  (She refers to the Sanctuary)

    Do not forget my first words  (first apparitions), they are written in fire.

Read: Apoc.  1:1-3, 2:7.


November 23                 F.M.11


    You will undergo many trials; you will walk among thorns, but one by one, I will remove them.  You are touched by the hand of the Lord; the Holy Spirit will feed you.

Read: Jn.  3:2, 15, 18. and 7:3-4


November 24                 F.M.12



    ...My messages will come to light.  It's hard for them, but they will learn.  It is my joy to know that you are with the Word of the Lord.

    Have in mind that all that I ask will demand sacrifices on your part. Do not cry, I protect you; all the Kingdom protects you.


    She sees Her in front of  her house, where there is a field, and she says:


    I want to be here; this is my place


Read: Ps.  3.


November 24                 F.M.13


    In the evening of the same day on which in a vision she saw the place chosen by Mary, she went to that place with a group of people, and when she pointed out the precise spot she saw in the vision, she saw a very bright ray of light fall exactly there.  A nine-year-old girl who was accompanying the group also saw the ray of light.


November 25                 F.M.14


    On the following day the Virgin said:


    The Holy Spirit is your guide, you must obey!  The place of my dwelling is chosen, everything remains in your hands.


She also said:


    I suffered a lot as a Mother, but the Almighty rewarded me in eternity.  I am with my Beloved Son, for the glory of mankind, with the grace of the Lord.  Amen.

Read: Acts 6:7-8, 8:8.


November 25                       F.M.15


    At Rosario, the Virgin talks to her:


    Today is a glorious day . . . I will pick you up as many times as necessary (she felt like falling down).


    She sees the Virgin surrounded by Angels, in a white light, as she always appears.


November 26                     F.M.16


    On the following day, She says to her:


    Your devotion is complete.  Bless you, your mission is huge!  You do not know its dimension.


  She asks the Virgin whether she would like to be called MARY OF THE ROSARY OF SAN NICOLAS, and the Virgin answers:


    Thus it should be.  My wish is to be amongst you, fill you with blessings, with peace, with joy, and bring you near to the Lord Our God.

Read: Col.  3:15, 4:15, 2 Cor.  4.


November 27                 F.M.17


    Today the image of "Our Lord of Health" arrives at San Nicolas, and the Novena to Saint Nicholas started.  Our Lady says:


    Today is a day of joy for all of you.  Go and honor Our Lord; I will be among you.  Gather and grow in faith, that is what the Lord commands you, as a big herd and He, the great Shepherd.  Glory be to the Lord.  Praised be the people of San Nicolas for the great faith they set in God and in its Holy Patron. You shouldn't worry, everything is in my hands.

Read: James 1:5, 2:1-5, 4:17.


November 27                 F.M.18


    For the first time, she sees the image of the Virgin that is stored in the Cathedral and it coincides with the one she sees.  After checking things out, the image turns to be "OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY",  brought from Rome to San Nicolas 100 years ago, for the Church's consecration, and it was blessed with that intention by Pope Leo XIII.  The Virgin says:


     They had forgotten be, but I come out again; place me there because you see me  as I am.


    (She sees behind a virtual of the Holy Trinity and of Angels)


    Do not be sad, you will have me  . . . I want to be by the Parana river (the place that she chose).  Be firm; you saw my light there, may your strength not weaken.  Glory be to the Almighty Father.


November 28       (ex 2)          F.M.19


    Yesterday you filled me with joy; I saw you reverencing Our Lord, asking and singing praises.  Rejoice, because He listens your requests, but you must also listen to His request, acting as good Christians and listening to His Word.  Do not let the torments  He suffered, and His death, be in vain.  As He resurrected, He wants you to enjoy Eternal Life.  Carry your cross;  accept it, as He accepted it.  Preach these words of mine.  Amen.  From now on, if there was any doubt, it will disappear.


(In the afternoon)


    Put the rosary you keep in your house in my hands.   You have done much and will do more; the time will come when I will show you this.  Do not get tired of writing, do not get tired of reading; this is joy for all of you!  This is a blessing; Saint Nicolas will protect you.

Read: 1 Ptr.  4:1-2, 7-19.


November 29                 F.M.20


    On the occasion of the death of a relation, the Virgin says:


    After grief comes the peace, the consolation that only the Lord gives, because only He does His Divine Will.


    She also tells her that she will give strength to her family:


    Their faith will grow stronger day by day.  The Father wants the best for His children.


Read: 1 Tim.  2:1-8; Acts 1:8.


November 29                 F.M.21


    Virgin Mary of the Rosary tells me:


    I am your light, your torch on the way; you follow me without knowing exactly where you are going; you do not stop nor get tired of walking; you only let me guide you; only the Lord knows your aim.  My daughter, do not stop, nor let others stop. Our thing will soon come to light.  The Lord will fill you with blessings.  Glory be to the Highest One.  Amen.


November 30                 F.M.22


    They want a firm basis.  If they meditate my words, they will find it there.  Do not fear, I will not move from your side; the Lord guides and feeds you.  You are not lacking protection, you have been protected for long;  dawn is near.  Trust Me...

Read: 2 Cor.  Last Chapter 3-6.


November 30                 F.M.23


    ¡The flame  comes into embers, and embers, into ashes, but quite the opposite happens with my words! Do not let my flame go out!  Amen.


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December 1        (ex 3)         F.M.24

    What you sow, that you shall gather; the same will happen with  the Lord demands.  Hurry, because the night is coming; learn to use  the day for good.  I want you to work for my cause.  Preach this.


    Jesus says:


    Beloved children, come to Me all of you, the gates of My Kingdom are open for all those who want to be with Me.  Amen.

Read: 1 Ptr.  1.


    Feed by yourself.


    (She  has been only drinking liquids since the last 35 days).


    There will be good news soon, important events will take place.


December 2                 F.M.25


    Blessed be those who are with the Lord, because Salvation is in His Word . . .go on until the end, tear down all the obstacles you  find.  Remember, that your mission cannot be put aside; watch over them.  Although you do not realize this, you are already protecting them.  The Lord blesses you.  Amen.

Read: Lk.  4:10-11, 7:16-17, Ps.  20, and Ps.  23.


December 3                 F.M.26


    She says a prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and then the Virgin says to her:


    Pray you all as in a single voice so that  the Lord may hear your prayer and enlighten your hearts.  Rejoice, the love of God brings forth joy, cleans your souls, and make all impurity disappear.  Praise be to the Lord.

Read: Matt.  6:9-13, 7:7-8.


December 4                 F.M.27


    God the Father has chosen you, so that through Me, you know His Word. His Call is for you all to be His children, and for the Holy Church of Christ to grow in her faith.  There will be those who will believe and those who won't,  but they should recognize this message, and you, my daughter, are the bridge between the Lord and His faithful.


    She adds:


    My day is near, that day when I will live amongst you and will take my place.  I AM YOUR PATRONESS,  OF YOUR PEOPLE.

Read: Prov.  4:1-8, 20 and Ps. 53 complete.


December 4                         F.M.28


    Today, while I am praying, I ask Her to forgive me for staring at Her and she tells me:


    There is nothing to forgive; look at me, so that you can tell what I look like.


December 5                         F.M.29


    Be God's people, pray as I command.   Announce this so that the Divine Will of God is done in you.

    Do not be afraid, not you; afraid should be those who do not listen to the Lord's call . . . You will not be silent for long, you will have an answer.  Your Father does nothing in vain; remember what I have told you: do not cry, laugh.  The Lord demands and asks for an answer and He finds it in you.  Glory be to God.

Read: Matt.  2:6, 4:1-4.


December 6                 F.M.30


    Say: Blessed be the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, because through the Holy Trinity you will find peace and Eternal Life.


    She also says to her:


    Go on with your fasting; after the third day you shall eat. It is not a penance for you; it is a spiritual preparation that the Lord orders you.

Read: Jn.  8:12-17.


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December 7                 F.M.31

    My daughter, spread over your brethren my messages, because you are a preacher of the Lord.  Many are those who say to be with God, but few are with their hearts in the Church of Christ.  But the Lord will set aside the sheep of His flock.  Amen.

Read: Phil.  1:3-11, 4:1-10.


December 8    (Immaculate Conception Day)    PM 32


    Today should be a day consecrated to prayer, don't let it go without doing this. Hard times await you, but, with the Lord's help you will overcome them. Walk with your head up, because you go with the truth that only the Lord gives. All the Kingdom's army is with you on this day. Amen.

Read: Col. 1:10; 3:16-17,  3: 16-17


    It is written on the Book of Life: there is more pain than joy, but happy are you because you do as the Lord commands and I am happy with you.

    Pray that your sacrifice is good in the eyes of the Lord. It's not the end, but the beginning. The Holy Ghost illuminates everything."

Read: I. Tess. 5: 1-11


December 9                               PM 33


    The Lord is little by little clearing the way He marked for you; your steps are hard, but He knows of your devotion, of your faith set in Him. Glory be to the Lord.

Read: Ps. 3: 4-5-6; Mk. 14: 9


December  9                              PM 34


    Never stop praying, more for your neighbors than for yourself.


December 10                             PM 35


    My child, continue today with your fasting, pray also today that the Lord illuminate men, because in the earthly life everything is material, but none of this happens in Heaven, where the Almighty directs your lives today and for ever. Be grateful to Him by doing what He commands.". Amen.

Read: Acts. 4: 12, 19-20; Rom. 1: 1-5


December 10                             PM 36


    I am soft (she sees Her this way) but that doesn't mean I am not strong".


    (She asks the Virgin to let her know where the wooden hand of the image, which is lost, is, since it couldn't be found).


    Do not impose anything on me, only the Lord imposes and proposes.

    Obey... I say this for the hard hearted; continue being faithful to the Lord and you will be saved from the heart.


December 11                             PM 37


    ...Your mission goes beyond preaching. Jesus Christ's Church must increase her faith; Our Lord wants it that way; many should convert, they are not fully converted; it's time to do it. Amen."

Read: Acts. 4: 1-2-3; 6: 6-7


December 11                             PM 38


    Go by roads of love and hope, not by paths of hatred and anger; may I be the seed in the wind, which falls on fertile land and gives fruit. Be yourselves, as the Lord commands.

Glory be to God.


December 12             (ex 4)             PM 39


    Get closer to the Lord in these days, more than never before, because only by His side you will be fine; even though around you there is evil, ignore it; invoke the Holy Spirit and you'll be saved.

    Spread my words. It's about time, your preaching will get a response, I assure you.

Read: Math. 12: 30-31-32


December 12             (ex 5)             PM 40


Prayer that the Virgin taught her to pray to God the Father:


Father, deliver us from all evil.

With Your Holy Wisdom, Lord,

save us from all sin;

in the name of all the ones who love you, Lord,

lead us in the path of goodness.


Read: Prov. 2: 1-11

December 13              (ex 6)             PM 41


    ...I give you this to be known, not to keep it a secret, not in this time; let your name not be known right now, for you own good; the time will come; it's fine in small circles, just the necessary, the Lord knows His Flock.


  I repeat the prayer written in the previous paragraph, and she says to me:


    I will grant a special grace to those who pray this accompanied by the Rosary during nine consecutive days.

Read: Mal. 3: 1-5; Revelations. 22: 16


December 13                             PM 42


    Go to the head of the Church... The Lord makes promises and He keeps them. Sing and rejoice.

Read; Ps. 40 (first part)


December 14             (ex 7)             PM 43


    Ask in your prayers, in the way you are already doing:


May the Lord have mercy on the entire world,

and may the entire world answer to His call for conversion,

may man devote completely to Him

and may he not waste this special moment.

    Let my Novena be known, so that everybody has a chance to pray it and pray the Lord for all of them; you all do it faithfully, do not interrupt it, you shall pray and ask united. I asked for it, respect  it...

Read: Heb. 10: 19-25; 11: 1-3

December 14                                 PM 44


    Do not be sad or disturbed. Rejoice if you are as God commands. Follow the Novena, with the intentions I said...Glory be to the Eternal Father".


December 15                             PM 45


    Your people and many people will change a lot, they will see the Lord with other eyes and with other hearts; your mission will be for that. God put you in this, and His Will will be done. Glory be to the Almighty. Amen".

Read: Soph. 3: 9, 17; Ecclus. 11: 14, 17, 21


December 16                             PM 46


    Look at the sky and you will see the morning star...

    Keep on praying to strengthen both the interior and the exterior; that is what the Father commands. Amen".

Read: Rom. 8: 26-30


December 16             (ex 8)             PM 47


    Most people are crushing into a wall of evil; only the ones believing in Christ the Redeemer will be saved. My child, this is to be widespread. My children, come all to Me.


Jesus Christ is the Lord

Philip. 2: 11


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December 17             (ex 9)             PM 48

    The Radiant Star is my Son, I said it yesterday for you and for the ones that are with you and will preach with you, today you have done so for the entire world. May they not let this Star pass without following It. The Lord wants to redeem men, accept Him.

    I take care of my children with plenty of love, don't be afraid. You have a long way to walk. And this I say for everybody; it is better to be led than to walk alone and stumble, trust the Lord."


Read: Col. 2: 1-2-3; Wis. 5: 1-2-3


December 17                             PM 49


    I use the Divine Goodness of the Father to convey my messages, which are nothing but the Lord wishes, that is why you who are the chosen one among the multitude should make

them known faithfully as I have given them to you, and as you have been doing until now. (She smells incense). This incense purifies you, the Sacred Heart of Jesus sends it for you.  Amen.


December 18             (ex 10)             PM 50


    Many of the Lord's sheep are lost and He wants to get them back; that is why the Great Shepherd says to the ones who are in His flock, do not leave it and do not move from His side.


The Lord is Light in the darkness,

water in the desert,

cover in the wilderness,

He feeds the hungry,

Those who believe in Him

will enjoy Eternal Life.


    Let this be known.

Read Rev. 1: 8-19; 2: 3, 7


December 18                             PM 51


    I do not believe in half ways: you are or you are not with the Lord. The Lord demands all from you, because He wants to make you worthy of His Kingdom.


Read: Lk. 6: 20-21


December 19             (ex 11)             PM 52


    During these days, (19-12-83) prayer should be intense and the trust in the Lord will be  full. Say it out loud. The next days will be fruitful for you.

Read: Lev. 26: 9, 11-12


December 19                             PM 53


    The Virgin asks us to pray an Our Father held by the hands and that this Our Father means union, so that we are all in union among ourselves and the Lord.

Read: 2 Peter 1: 19-20-21


December 20             (ex 12)             PM 54


    ... The Lord has no sword for you (if you follow the Lord) but plenty of Mercy and Love. I never talk to you in bad terms because you are with the Lord; I do so with the ones that resist the word of Christ. That is why I tell you to make what I say known, I do not want it to be lock in a drawer.


Read: Wis. 13:1; 6: 12-16; 15: 1-2-3


December 20                             PM 55


    Pray that your faith will illuminate your neighbor.


Read: Ex. 19: 4-5


December 21             (ex 13)             PM 56


    You cannot live without making a daily prayer to Our Heavenly Father, as you cannot live with hatred and ill-will. Go to the Lord in all your needs. He listens to those who ask with faith.

    Preach this.

Read: James 1: 2-12


December 21                             PM 57


    Do not feel dismay before some strong words from the Lord, always go on in the way. The Holy Spirit will not let you go back. There is Wisdom in the Lord, listen to Him.


Read: Is. 59: 21


December 22                             PM 58


    Pray that the Holy Spirit illuminate man's mind and he could see what the Lord offers Him.

    And that the poverty of their spirit is enriched by the Love that only the Sacred Heart of Jesus gives; also pray that a new year of searching for the Lord, of self giving to the Redeemer, be born, because His Heart is inflamed by Love for you. Pray, your prayer will be listened. Amen.

    Everything has its time of maturity, our thing is mature, it's time for it to be known. If you can ask for the land, do not let this time pass by.


Read: Jer 1: 4-10; 4: 18-19


December 23                             PM 59


    For what the future might bring, the Holy Spirit gives you such a strong armor that no bad thing from the exterior can penetrate and harm you, and gives you plenty of patience so that you can bear any wrong words told to you; but do not be afraid, nothing will get to you and no one will touch you.  Glory be to God.


Read: Joel, 2: 19-23


December 23                             PM 60


    ¿Why are you assaulted by fear and doubt? I do not want to see you like this, battered. I want to see you triumphal, because you are going to come out victorious in the Mission. "


December 24                             PM 61


    Today you, the Christian family, celebrate the coming of the Messiah; this fills me with joy, but my joy would be greater, knowing that every day of your lives, from now on, you

will remember the Lord. He knows of your needs and of their exact measure; give your lives for Him as He gave His for the world. Blessed are those that are with the Lord.


Read: Ps. 18: 3-4: Ps. 86


December 25             (Christmas)             PM 62


    Today give thanks to the Holy Spirit for what was given the previous day, and meditate on this special day. Look around you and set apart the good from the evil. Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Zac. 4, 6-7-8; Ef. 2, 1-10; Ageo 2, 5-8


December 26                             PM 63


    Do not try to know everything immediately, but on the contrary, I want you to understand everything slowly.


Read: Mk. 4: 13-23


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Messages - 1983


December 27                 (ex 14)        #1


    All Humanity is polluted, they do not know what they want, and it is the evil one's opportunity, but he will not prevail. Jesus Christ will win the big battle, you should not let yourselves be taken by surprise, you should be alert. That is why I ask for so much prayer, so much obedience to the Lord.

    I say this for the whole world. Preach this.


Read I Kgs 2: 3-4; Mich. 4: 2


December 28                                    # 2


    In the Luján Shrine:


    Today I welcome and salute you in this my great House, here where you come to honor your Father. You should build a similar one, you will do it in due time. You have the faith that many lack, and that the Lord demands so much. I want a big house to guard all of those who need me. My child, you should do it for Our Lord. Amen.

    The Lord protects you. Go in peace.


Read: Neh. 9, 30-31-32


December 29                                    # 3


    Talk about my messages, you cannot hide them. It's the will of your Father. He would not ask for something that could not be done, or say something that could not be spoken of.


Read: Mt. 10: 26-27-28-32-33; Mk. 7: 14-15-16


December 29                                    # 4


    Today's fasting is dedicated to your Father. I will put words in your mouth. Those that speak to you will listen attentively...

(This was said on occasion of a hearing with Mons. Rossi)


Read: Prov. 22: 17-21


December 30             (ex 15)                 #5


    Today I will not leave you alone; that will bring you peace of mind. Your mission goes beyond transmitting my messages: you were called to be a bearer of peace and for the urgent call of Jesus Christ to man's conversion, be known. I am worried by the whole

world; remember that only the Lord will save you.


Read: Jon. 4: 11 y Mich. 6: 8-9


December 31             (ex 16)             #6


    The Lord wants a people clean from sin to fulfill His promise of Eternal Life. You should be worthy of His Kingdom. Put yourselves in the hands of the Sacred Heart to keep an eye on you, do not fall into temptation and do not let the evil one get into you; that will please the Lord. Make this known.


Read: Deut. 4: 5-8; psalm 105, 1-5


December 31                                    # 7


    Of course you will improve day after day, and I understand you, my children. A Mother always understands and forgives his children. You are slow, but you are on the right track, you still need to understand many things, I say this for some of you. You should fulfill what I desire, do not take too long. The Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus will illuminate you to know what steps to follow. With the new year everything will be clearer, because it is full of promises for you all and the Lord always fulfills His promises. Amen.




January 1, 1984                         # 8


    Your cross is heavy, but so will be your reward. The mysteries enclosed in the words of the Almighty are many. He, in due time, will reveal them to you. You...should make them be aware, my obedient child, this is your mission even if it involves sacrifices, do not dismay...

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Ez. 11: 17, 19-20; 33: 6-9


January 1                                    # 9


    The Virgin highlights the importance of fervor in prayer to receive the graces of the Lord. She highlights also the importance of praying the Rosary together.


Read: 2 Tim. 2: 8-13


January 2                                    # 10


    My sadness is your sadness, all Mothers suffer when their children suffer. My Heart, that you see covered with thorns, men left it like this. Of their redemption depend that this thorns turn into perfumed roses.  Glory to the Almighty.


Read: Eph. 2: 1-10


January 3             (ex 17)            # 11


    They are telling you that my messages are full of hope. Yes, they are, as long as you obey the Lord and take refuge in His Word. You should walk with slow but safe steps; always going forward; that is what the Lord demands.

    I am the tutor of seminarians, I give them strength and they accept me. They will all come to me (She says this regarding all men). Pray for the whole world. Glory be to the Lord. "


Read: I Tes. 5: 12-20


    I feel the need to tell my Virgin Mary:



"My Heavenly Mother

what do you have in store for me

I do not know if it is pain or joy

But I know that today

that I feel exhausted

I can only think of your Son,

That carried the Cross on His shoulders,

with all the pain

Without a complaint

How much did Jesus suffer

for the world and its sins.

I also think of you

Your pain has no equal

No one or anything on Earth

suffered as much as you

and I feel that, my Virgin,

I should be crying

not out of grief, but out of joy

for the load you are giving me.

Mother, forgive me for having

These bad thoughts.

Now I feel relief

I know I am illuminated

and I feel protected

with all your care.


    This prayer is not only for you, it is also for anyone that feel anguish for any reason, you should read it and you will feel relief. Make it known.

January 4                                    # 12


    Last night I saw again the star in the form of a narrow ray of white light that nailed to the ground; in reference to this, the Virgin says:


    I will sanctify this place.


    (It is worth noting that on the same spot, for 25 years, there was a slump, within which a mud chapel was erected, in honor to Our lady of Itati)


Read: 1 Jn. 5: 6-9,12-13


January 5                                   # 13


    God sends you to preach, preach. Do not let the tempests stop you, fulfill the will of the Father. Amen.


Read: Acts 10: 34-35-36, 43


    (At night)


    Do not let any malign sword get to your heart. The Sacred Heart of Jesus will help you to defend yourselves.


January 6                                     #14


    I will show you how I want my house, the one that you should have constructed.


    I see a big temple. To get to the altar you should climb three steps. The altar is sustained by two round pillars. In the center is the Virgin, to one side the Sacred Heart, on the other side I can't see clearly, I believe it's the Holy Spirit; on the back there is enough space for a small grotto; The back wall is concave, and has a big round vitraux of the Holy Trinity. The She says:


    The temple should be big, that is how God wants it. Glory be to God.

    ...They will believe when they see my works; they will see them, little by little; thus should be done. Amen.


Read: Ez. 17: 5, 8-9; 18: 30-31-32


January 8                (ex 18)            # 15


    At this moment, humanity is hanging on a thread. If that thread breaks, many will no find salvation. That is why I am calling you for reflection, hurry, the time is finishing. There will be no place for those delaying their coming. The Lord wants all to enjoy His Kingdom. To those who are away from Him I say: get closer,

Jesus Christ is at your hand reach. Preach this.

    Blessed be Joseph, blessed be Mary, blessed be God for the promised land.


Read: Hebrews 4: 12-16


January 8                 (ex 19)                # 16


    Today I gave you strong words, but they are meant to be reflected upon.


Read: 1 Peter 1: 12-13


January 9                    (ex 20)            #17


    Any defeat of yours to reach Our Lord is a victory of the evil one. The Lord suffers if He sees that you let yourselves be convinced by him; struggle not to compromise to his power, get away from evil thoughts, strengthen your faith, day after day, in the Savior. Let the Spirit work in you. Amen.

    This I say for the whole world.


Read: Romans 6, 16-17-18; 6, 21-22-23


January 10                                    # 10


    ...My daughter, I trust in you, that is why you were chosen.  ...Happy days await you, as well as bad times...  you will be pointed at by evil and incredulous people; but you will remain silent. Only I will be in charge of easing your way, of making them close their mouths, when the right time comes....


January 11                                    # 19


    Begin to fast again.


Read: Eccl. 9, 7-8


January 12                                    # 20


    This mission is hurting your health, but the Lord needs you. He is in you with all His Mercy. Through you I will get to those away from the Lord. My Son loves you and wants the best for you; answer Him; I am with you, you will receive good news soon...


Read 1 Tim. 4, 6 and 9-10-11


January 13                         #21


    As a Mother, I am watching over my children.  I fill them with strength if their spirit is weakened from lack of faith.

    The Lord gives wisdom to those who wish to receive it.  Christ Jesus is not lacking love for you.  He wants to give it to you in abundance.

    Make this known.

Read: Apoc.  3:8-10.



January 14                         #22


    Today She says to me:


    I give you the biblical quotes with my messages so that the world  sees that they are authentic, so as not to doubt you.  Let your mission help everyone know that my Son, Jesus, tries to convert them to the Lord.

    Reread the passages and you will find answers you do not find now.

    Glory be to God.

Read: Agg.  1:5-7, 2:23.


January 15                         #23


    My children, do not disobey Christ Jesus, for His pure Heart suffers if He sees you sin.  The Lord wants you to be as perfect as you can.  He does not want anyone to fall into worldly temptations.

    My daughter, today open your heart to your neighbor.

    Make this known, for it is my will and that of your Father.  Amen.

Read: 1 Jn.  2:3-6, 17.


January 17                         #24


    I will bless every place and every person who is beside the Lord.  Place yourselves under His Mercy.  Do not shake hands with those who harm you, nor walk beside them.  Only ignore them, and ignore their tongue.  Only the perverse want evil for you.

    Beloved children, call upon the Holy Spirit, for Him to be present with you, and for Him not to forsake you.  Amen.

Read: Jos.  1:5-9.


January 18                         #25


    Pray the Holy Rosary, and may the Lord see that with it goes your conversion.  The Sacred Heart of Jesus will give you plentiful blessings.  Amen.

    The promises of the Lord are waiting to be fulfilled;  Fulfill yourselves His petition.

Read: Amos 5:9-15.


January 22                         #26


    I am constantly seeing the blindness of other people to the Lord's warning.  That is why I know that you are going to do much to be with Christ Jesus.  I know you will achieve it with your efforts.

Read: Acts 26:16-18.


January 23                         #27


    Jesus says to me:


    Help the poor, help the rich and also the helpless, because they are lost in the faith.  Talk to them about My Mercy.  I do not reject those who seek Me.  Speak; d        o not remain silent.  Do not get tired of preaching.  I am your Strength.  Amen.


January 24                                 #28


    Do not get tired of glorifying the Name of Christ Jesus.

Read: Apoc.  12:10-12.


January 24                                 #29


    Your Mother is begging you to listen to God.  Let no one make false supplications, because the Lord knows your heart. This is for you all to meditate.


January 25                         #30


    Look toward the rising sun and you will see the birth of a new day.  May there be hope and faith in you.  And each day may the wish grow to be true children of God.  Do not make Him turn His face from you.  Trust in him.

Read: Is.  6:8-9, 65:17-19.


January 26                         #31


    The Sacred Heart helps you to be strong in spirit.  Glory be to the Lord!

Read: Mich.  6:8.


January 27                         #32


    The Lord is revealing through the Messages and through the Holy Scriptures what He expects from mankind.  Do not close the doors to Him!  Give yourselves to Jesus as He gave Himself away to you.  Let this that I give you be known.  Believe, those that wish to believe, and hear, those that wish to hear. Amen.

Read: 2 Sam.  23:2-7.


January 27                         #33


    At the retreat, the Sacred Heart says to me:


    You must tell your brethren that these nights of prayer please My Father. Tonight the Holy Spirit is with you all.


January 28                         #34


    Remember that the Lord does not want a sinner, but someone that observes and keeps His law.  You must run away from the evil one and seek the Lord if He is far from you.  Trust in the Almighty!  He, with His power, will deliver you from the enemy.  Amen.

Read: 2 Cor.  2:8-17.


January 29                         #35


    I see a big peaches mount in flower and suddenly a strong wind takes away the flowers from the trees, but they do not fall to the ground. The wind takes them away. Then the same mount appears, all dry. The Virgin says:


    Do not let this happen in your lives. Do not wait for the wind, lest it come and devastate everything in your lives, and there is no salvation. Take refuge in the Lord. Glory be to God.


January 29                             #36


    Beloved children, I am with you.  Tell your neighbors to allow themselves to be touched by the Lord, to allow Him to speak to them, as His Word is Eternal Life.  My daughter, everywhere there is violence.  My Son Jesus does not want this.

    Pray for those who are in need of His Word.  Amen.

Read: Jer.  8:4-7.


January 30                         #37


    The Lord grants freedom to choose.  He makes you see the good and makes you see the evil. He makes you see  the light and also the darkness.  Those who want to be with Him must act according to His commandments.  Your Mother tells you:

    'Summon as many as you can for prayer, pray the Holy Rosary'.

    Praise be to the Lord.

Read: Bar.  2:31-35.


January 31                         #38


    II see a big room, like a disco, crowded with young boys and girls, they seem drunk, something ugly. The Virgin tells me:


    This is a calamity, human wrecks, no child of good parents should go to such places. God is not there, no one is looking for the Lord in places like this.

    You should pray for the youngsters in the world who have not found God.

    Pray for those that behave in a denigrating manner, for those that are not well advised. The Lord can rescue them because He is merciful and loves His children.


Read: Gal.  6:2,6-10.



February 1, 1984                                 #39


    "Love" is the word I ask for to the world, but it is not corresponded by men as the Lord wishes.


(I saw the word "Love" written at Her feet and also "Roses").


    You see the word "Roses" because I ask for roses,  white and red roses .


February 2                                    #40




God is love, gift of life, mercy and total understanding.

You are Eternal Glory, comfort in grief, liberation of the soul.

My Lord, I want to honor you, sing praises to Your Name

Today I want to tell you : Here I am, My Lord

Stay with me today and always. Amen.

    I have to watch over those who are sick, sick in the soul. Pray for them, salvation is possible for them. The

Lord will bless you for that. My soul is in anguish for the sinful world you are living in.

February 3                         #41


    Jesus says:


    He who is healthy in his heart, remain healthy, do not contaminate yourselves.  He who walks my way will inherit Eternal Life and he who keeps My commandments will have Me as a companion  for the rest of his life.  Let no one be afraid of My Words.  Tell this to your brethren.


    Later, the Virgin says to me:


    My children, listen to Christ Jesus.  He announces His promise. Wear festive dresses and not rags. If you are with the Lord, you are already dressed as He asks. Obey my Son and I will rejoice in you. Glory be to the  Lord.

    Pray the Holy Rosary, but do it with the devotion and love demanded by the Lord.


Read: Jer.  9:22-23, 10:6-7.



February 4                         #42


    My words are not of discouragement, nor should they be a cause of grief. You should be convinced that the future will be better than the present and wait for Jesus Christ with all your love. The Lord does not disappoint His children.


Read: Prov.  2:1-9,20-21.


February 5                         #43


    There is an urgent need for prayer, but there is also an urgency for my house, I have to dwell in it.


Read: Mk.  8:34-38.


February 5                         #44


    Your people need me and I want to tell them: my children, come you all to me, do whatever you can to help me achieve my aim.

    I do not want you to speak in a low voice, I want them all to hear you.

    The Lord will do great things, but you have to do something for Him, which is nothing more than searching your salvation.

    Praised be the Lord.

    Build the altar, and I, together with my Son Jesus, will bless whoever comes near it.




February 6                         #45


    Recognize the Lord, He is your shelter in the daily struggles, let Him remain in you. May His Cross increase your faith. The wisdom of the Lord effaces all the shadows that surround you and gives Light forever.

    Blessed be the Lord. Children, meditate these words and you will find the answer.

Read: Is.  56:5-8.


February 9                         #46


    From His Tree the Lord gave you a sprout , it will grow because this soil is fertile, do not let Him become wood for the fire. He will rejoice in knowing that He speaks and is listened to, ask for help and He will save you. Do not hinder my words. Amen.

Read: Ecclus.  2:1-6.


February 10                         #47


    The Virgin says :


    Venerate the Lord, do not turn your back on Him. He should be your pride, keep Him in your heart. Call out to the Lord all those who wait in Him. I give you hope in the Lord, because I know there is salvation for you.



February 11                         #48


    Bless the Lord, King of the universe!  Praise God Our Father! May all know that He is merciful, that He forgives and loves above all things, that His Kingdom is everlasting, as His Love for His children is everlasting.  He only asks for faith and to live within His Words, and in exchange offers salvation for the soul and total liberation.  Amen, Amen.


February 12                         #49


    I tell my children: Do not grieve over material possessions, they  do not lead to something everlasting.  Do worry rather, for   spiritual goods; try to multiply them, because they come from the Lord.  Do not promise more than what you can give.  Christ Jesus knows your limits.  Glory be to the Lord.

Read:  Job 13:6-19, Jdth.  13:18.


February 13                         #50


    I do not want my children go wandering, without knowing where to go.  That is why I ask them to seek the Lord, to come to know Him and glorify His Name, forever and ever.  Amen.


February 14                         #51


    The power of God overcomes all men's calculations. The sentence of the Lord is grave if you do not obey His

Commandments, as is huge His mercy for the ones that obey His Word. Reveal your faith and make your

covenant with Him. Glory be to God


Read: Ezech.  18:25-29.


February 15                         #52


    Do not deny your mouth the very thing your hearts scream, the name of the Lord Our God, and make a continuous praise to Him. Amen. Amen.


February 16                         #53


    As yet, they do not understand the importance of the Message.  The Lord will guide them in Wisdom.  You must be constant in prayer to the Lord.

Read: 1 Chron.  28:8-10.


February 16                         #54


    Let yourselves be led and I will guide you to the inheritance of my Father.

Read: James 5:7-11.


February 18                         #55


    In all the places in the world where my Messages have been given, it seems that they were preached in cemeteries, there was not the answer the Lord expected.

    That is why your people was chosen, preach so that your brothers answer the call of the Lord Our God.

    Amen. Amen.

Read: Ps.  107:35-42.


February 19                         #56


    Accumulate virtues, that is enjoyed by My Lord. He gives you His Light, let yourselves be illuminated by It and It will free the sinner from all punishment. The Lord will in due time show the greatness of His Works.

    Amen. Amen.


February 19                         #57


Prayer to the Lord:

My Lord, you are my strength

and the reason of my life,

Listen to my voice and my prayer,

Reach out Your Hand

so that I can grab it to live.

I take my refuge in You, Lord.

My heart is with You. Amen.

    The Virgin says:

  Build my house, venerate the Lord!  I want you to enjoy it in all its splendor.  Make it yourselves.  May it have no less than twenty one rows of benches.  Obey me in everything.


February 20                         #58


    You all expect things from the Lord. I say to you: Give yourselves completely to Him, do not be ungenerous with the love to God.


Read: Matt.  12:18-20, Eph.  4:1-6.


February 21                         #59


    Happy are those afraid of God's judgment. I looked for your people, but I hope now they look for me, so that you can see that the Mother does not abandon her children.

Read: Zach.  8:11-13.


February 22                      #60


    Jesus Christ is right before your eyes and you do not see Him. The Lord works wonders in those that believe in Him. Let Him be with you night and day, do not let the evil one in through any crack. Do not abandon the teachings of my Father. Blessed be the Lord.


Read: Eph.  3:1-19.


February 23                         #61


    The cowards and the empty hearted live in terror of the future, but do nothing to reach the Lord.  They close their eyes and do not want to see.  In this way, they will not see the Kingdom of God.

    Listen to the Lord, do not reject Him; it is your salvation!  Glory be to God.


February 24                         #62


    Your duty is to teach the Almighty's justice, and blessed is he who learns it.  Let yourselves  be guided by the Lord, as a flock is guided by its shepherd.

Read: Est.  7:25, 9:6-8.


February 24                         #63


    I want the conversion of the world; stop disobeying the Lord.  Children, pray for this.


February 25                         #64


    The Lord will answer to those that repent of their evil actions. The Lord says: Repent and I will forgive you.

    The enemy will not advance, the Hand of God, Your Father, will stop him. In due time, He will rip out evil completely, He will purify you and you will be good Christians. Glory to the Almighty.


February 26                         #65


    You are all called to be children of God. Call out to Him, do not get tired of doing so, from His Holy Throne He will come to you.


Read: 2 Ptr.  3:2-9,17.


February 27                         #66


    The Lord trusts in your faithfulness and will work for your salvation.  Show yourselves to God.  Amen.


Read: Is.  42:1,9, 46:8-12.


February 29                         #67


    Beloved children, Jesus is the support and the Light of your life.  Without Him you would live in darkness.  Do not rebel, you, that wait in the Lord.  Trust with your heart in the Savior, since everything comes from His hand.  Amen, Amen.


March 1, 1984                         #68


    My daughter, your people will change, their faith in God will grow, I will hand out blessings and you will have an answer from the Lord. Tell your brothers that  the Word of Jesus Christ is in the Church, go to Her and listen to it.

    Glory to the Most Holy Father.


Read: Is.  29:13-14.


March 2                                     #69


    The Lord knows you give everything up to look for spiritual richness, that is why He puts it at hand reach at each moment of your lives. Children, the Christian true joy is to live in Christ and for Christ.

    Amen. Amen.


March 3                                     #70


    The Lord judges according to how you behave towards Him. Behave in a perfect way as your God demands. Blessed be the Eternal Father.


Read: 1 Cor.  12:27-30, 14:1-5.


March 5                                     #71


    Give gifts to the Lord. Even though your offerings may seem humble, they are always enjoyed by the Lord.

    Do not let anything get in the way between you and God, He should always be in your thoughts and works.

Glory be to God.


March 6                                     #72


   Jesus says:


    I want your eyes and hearts devoted to your God. Woe to the man that does not obey Him, he is worth nothing, and nothing can be given for him. I call you my children, and I want you to be my children.




Lord, you have taken my life and I trust you. Hear me Jesus, comfort my heart, strengthen my spirit, deliver me from all evil thoughts. Guide me in righteousness. I know this is the only way I will receive your blessing on Judgment Day. Amen.

Read: 2 Sam.  7:24-29.

March 7                                     #73


    The Lord knows of your fatigue due to the daily struggle.  But you must dedicate  time to Christ Jesus.  Meditate His Word.  He watches you and will efface with His Love, any fatigue and pain.

    Praise the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


March 8                                     #74


    My children, seek Christ Jesus and you will find Him.

    You will find Him, I assure you, and you will not leave Him anymore, because he is the only reason for Life and only the Lord, with His Love, will redeem you.  Trust in His justice.  Amen, Amen.

Read: Lc.  14:11,25-27.


March 9                                     #75


    Do not let the Lord  see pride in you because his Kingdom belongs to the humble.  He gives Himself plentifully to His children; proclaim His Name today more than ever.

Read: Jn.  5:24,30-32.


March 10                                 #76


    Do not let yourselves be drawn by the infamous; get away from sin, from the circle of evil and envy.

    In these days the Lord comes to you, receive Him as He deserves.  Christ Jesus is all Purity, Love, and Wisdom.  Praise be to the Lord.


March 11                                 #77


    Do not provoke God's anger, pain more than anger, to see  the disobedience of His children.  Show Him  that you love Him, giving everything up  for Him.  This is the chance.  May He find truth in your hearts and glorify Himself  in you.  Amen, Amen.

Read: James 4:4-10, 5:19-20.


March 12                                 #78


    I say to my children:

    Without the Lord's mercy you cannot go far.  May His Name be perpetually on your lips.

    Blessed be the Savior.


March 12                                 #79




Lord, no shadow covers me now,

all is clear because of You.

You protect me with Your supreme Love.  My Lord, I praise You and glorify You.

You have broken my chains.

My heart cries out Your Name.

May Your Light keep guiding

my days forever, Lord.


March 13                                 #80

    Give yourselves with devotion to the Lord.  Seek in your hearts and you will see there is only one way, the only way, His Way.  Pray to the Holy Spirit to listen to you, and He will get inside you allowing you to grow in the Love of God.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Heb.  3:1-8.


March 14                                 #81


    Let the Lord live in you, and He will deliver you from all evil.  Start each day putting the Word of God into practice.

    Praise be to the Redeemer.

Read: Job 19:29, Eccles.  12:13-14.


March 15                                 #82


    Examine yourselves and do not hesitate to give yourselves in body and soul to the Lord in these days in which Christ Jesus is insisting on your conversion.  To the wise and powerful, to those that believe to have it all, I say: You are lacking the essential, you do not love your neighbor nor  the Lord, which is the greatest treasure that any man could desire.  Only a few are  chosen by Him.  Repent, and turn to Christ; love Him and you will reach Salvation.  Amen, Amen.

Read:  Rom.  14:22-23, 15:1-13.


March 16                                 #83


   Do not fool yourselves, thinking you can walk on your own.  I tell you, every sheep needs his shepherd.  Do not let the enemy  see you confused.  Have a clear mind and receive the Lord.  Amen.

Read: Joel 2:12-13, Ecclus.  1:6-10.


March 17                                 #84


    Those who trust  the Lord will not be hungry.  He will feed you.   He protects those who put themselves in His hands.  Seek the Lord.  Let everyone know that I speak here, and in these days. Amen, Amen.


March 18                                 #85


    I come to do good, and the Lord allows me to do so, especially among your people.  You were asleep to the things of God; His Word is preached to you, but you seem deaf.  You are still in time, that is why He sends me.  You are a town touched by the hand of the Lord. Answer Him!  Glory be to the Lord.


March 18                                 #86


    To your brethren, as a Mother, I say: Do not sin!  I do not want blasphemies in your mouth; do not do anything to anger the Lord!


March 19                                 #87


    The Lord gives you all, both the good and the bad.  You must respect His judgment.  He is only testing your faith.  Accept His Will!  I say this for the weak that find it hard to believe there is a Supreme God.  Amen, Amen.

Read: Lam.  3:22-24,28-33.


March 20                                 #88


    You have started to pray, people of God.  You are beginning to resurge again, as my presence has resurged before you.  You behave in a way that is pleasant to the Lord.

    Without knowing it, you were sick in spirit, the Word of God had not really reached your hearts.  The Wisdom of the Lord is the health of the souls, you have found it; never abandon it.  Pray for that.  Amen, Amen.


March 21                                 #89


    I ask you for prayers because praying, you are near the Lord.  Let Him fill your lives and you will be safe forever.  Amen.


March 21                                 #90


    The Lord does for you more than what you deserve.  Be worthy of His Mercy.  My children: Rejoice because the Lord is among you.  Amen, Amen.

Read: Is.  41:8-13.


March 22                                 #91


    Listen to what I say to you: Blessed are those who trust in the Lord!  Instruct yourselves in His Words as He expects from you.  The Holy Spirit always is present when you invoke the Lord sincerely.  Glory be to the Eternal Father.

Read: Deut.  5:27-33.


March 23                                 #92


    You have corrected your lives.  The Lord little by little is straightening the roads.  Keep listening to His Word and you will be blessed.  Amen, Amen.


March 23                                 #93




With Your power, my God,

you have changed my whole being.

From today You live in me.

You always give me consolation.

You encourage my life,

because I am nothing without you.

Help me do Your Will in me, Lord.



March 24                                 #94


    I rejoice when I see you obeying the Lord.  The Word of God reaches your brethren.  They are accepting it generously.  Indeed, I have not been speaking to stones.  Amen, Amen.


    The Virgin says to us:


    I am here; my Heart is with you.

Read: Jn.  17:6-11.


March 25                                 #95


    My children, do not be afraid.  If you behave as you are doing now, you are already in communion with the Lord.  Pray, because prayer strengthens you and you can feel sure that you are listened to.  The Sacred Heart of Jesus blesses you.  Amen, Amen.  As your Mother, I ask you: Increase your faith in the Lord!  Amen.


March 26                                 #96


    Love God and hate evil.  I will send the rains in due time.  Bear my words in mind.


Read: 1 Sam.  2:35-36, Wis.  16:24-26.


March 27                                 #97


    She says to me:


    Your people answers my call for prayer.  They go back to the Church.  The Lord will reward your response.  Those who disobey will bear the guilt.  The Lord does not tolerate evil, since it comes from the enemy.  Amen.


Read: Ps.  91:14-16.


March 29                                 #98


  When God talks He wants to be heard.  He listens to your voices. Listen to His voice, His request.  You know little of the Lord, my children.  Read the Sacred Scriptures and you will learn to know Him.  Glory be to the Almighty.  The Lord will take away all the steeping stones on your way.  Do not leave a to Christ Jesus, do something for yourselves.  He is asking this.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Job 34:10-11, 36:1-12.


March 30                                 #99


    You must be prepared to fight the enemy.  Seek strength in the Lord, for He is your sure support.  Glory be to the most Holy Father.


March 31                                 #100


    When the road seems long and you are tired, think of the Lord and it will become short, and your burden will seem light.  I assure you, the hand of the Lord is always stretched out for His children.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Heb.  13:14-16,19.



April 1,1984                         #101


    In these times the Lord is teaching you a great lesson and you must  value it.  Christ Jesus, with His Divine Mercy, will illuminate you to be able to do so.  Amen, Amen.  Meditate this.


Read:  Ps.  50:14-15,23.t


    Jesus says to us:


    I am not far from those that need Me; I stay by their side.  Pray for yourselves and for your brethren.


April 2                                     #102


    Message for seminarians:


    Tell them I appreciate the devotion of all seminarians who are with their hearts by  the Lord.  My blessing goes to them.


April 3                                     #103


    You should also preach the Word of the Lord to the children.  I want them to be educated in the Love of God.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Deut.  30:11-14, 31:8-12,13.


April 4                                     #104


    I tell you that if you with Christ Jesus, you do not walk in the dark.  There is always brightness where the Lord is.  He is the Light of all life.


April 7                                     #105


    The Lord demands a deep sincerity in your attitudes; you should be honest because God hates lies.  Every Christian should struggle to achieve the interior security and to know how to resist the evil that comes from the enemy.

    Only in the Lord you will find love and only by His side you will be protected.  Amen, Amen.


April 8                                     #106


    Far from the Church you cannot act as the Lord wishes; you must be united to Her.  Serve God, and save yourselves!  The Lord rewards according to the behavior of man.  Pray, my children.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Eph.  2:19-21.


April 8                                     #107


    Seek God and He will live in you and will open the doors of His Kingdom for you.  Amen.

    Do not get tired of preaching.  Pray, People of God; the glory of the Lord is with you.


April 9                                     #108


    The world is full of falsehood, of proud people.  Do not let them drag you.  Whenever you are tempted, seek the Savior's help and He will lead you on the right road.  Amen, Amen.


April 12                                     #109


    In other places where I manifested Myself, the Lord was there too.  My children, without the hand of God, nothing is possible.  I am making  you listen to things you had already   heard before, but did not put into practice.  Now the Lord gives you a new opportunity.  The answer is in you.  Amen, Amen.


Read: 1 Chron.  22:19.


April 15                                     #110


   Daughter, the Lord has reach out His hands towards you.  He wants to free you and give you a sure refuge.  The Love of God for His children is so huge that most people do not understand it.  Your Mother suffers for that.  Let the Lord pour His Love in your hearts and you will feel strengthened.  Amen, Amen.


Read: 49:8-9.


April 16                                     #111


    You are making a request and the Lord knows the urgency of your need.  He gives you more than you give Him, because He is generous.  In the future, devote yourselves to Our Lord, I know you can do it.  Men should not expect anything from men, because the promise does not come from the earth, it comes from Heaven, where the Lord Our God is.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Mk.  11:22-25.


April 17                                     #112


    To you who are lost, I just say:  believe in the Lord.  Believing and praying, you will be safe from any temptation.  Faith and prayer are the most powerful weapons that Jesus gives you; you should not do anything that is not good in the eyes of the Lord.  Glory be to Heaven.


April 18                                     #113


    My children, obey the Divine Law!  The call of these days is a deep call to conversion; the Lord is testing your faith.  Amen, Amen.  You should pray from tomorrow until Sunday ten "Our Fathers" meditating  each word and  carrying out its meaning as you haven't done this up to now, and there will be much peace in your hearts.  This is a promise from the Lord.


April 19                                 #114


  Asking a miracle from the Lord is lack of faith.  You must believe for faith itself, and not because of a miracle!  The Lord does not expect that from you.  He manifests Himself when He wants, and in the way He wants.  Seek God, love God and He will cover you with His Glory.  Amen, Amen.

Read: Hosea 6:6, 10:12.


April 20                                 #115


    You should be united and share the love and peace of the Lord.



You have touched me, My Lord,

with Your miraculous Hands,


made my life change completely.

I want to enter Your dwelling,

be in Your presence.

You who are Merciful, take me.

Lord, I want to be with You.



April 21                                 #116

    You are living these days as a true act of offering to the Lord, I see that the suffering and death of my Son on the cross reaches your hearts for the salvation of souls.

    Praise be to Jesus.  Read: Is.  40:9, Jn.  16:12-13.


April 23                                 #117


    Feed your spiritual life.  Remember that only the Lord has the power to do so, and I assure you, it will be a balm in your life.  All those who are  at peace with the Lord, have peace in their hearts.

    Blessed be God for all eternity!


April 24                                 #118


    The Lord gives you the food necessary to go ahead.  I have chosen this city as a permanent dwelling.  Multiply yourselves like grains of sand and you will be as strong as rocks.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Nahum 2:1, Mal.  1:11.


April 25                                 #119


    These days I am living among you.  The glory of the Lord will appear when you least expect it.  You must pray to the Lord for what has been given to you up to now.  Amen, Amen.


April 26                                 #120


    The evil one is doing great damage in the world, but nothing of the sort will happen to you, who are obedient to the Lord,  Hold on to Him! The Sacred Heart is with you.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Rom.  9:15-18, 10:14-17.


April 27                                 #121


    I see a large house with windows and fences; I hear people arguing inside.  I see a park and a lot of people, some persons apart from the rest, as though marking social differences.  The Virgin says:


    The Lord does not want division, He wants union.  He does not want arrogance or pride, He wants humility.  Jesus  was extremely humble.  My children, if you achieved this in your heart, you would fill the Lord with happiness.  Try to be better every day, behave as a worthy  child of God.

    Praise be to the Lord.


April 27                                 #122


    (At the Retreat):


    To love God is to wish for eternal life, to love God is to wish to see the Light of eternity.  Love Him and you will live in His Glory.


April 28                                 #123


    The Virgin says to me:


    My daughter, I have always invited all people to follow the Lord.  There are rejections, few are those who seek Him.  You pray with hope and I assure you that your prayers reach God.  Amen.


Read: Acts 18:9-10.


April 29                                 #124


Jesus says to me:


    To him who invokes God and later does not act accordingly, I will reproach his behavior, but of him who invokes Me and does so, I will certainly have compassion.


The Virgin says:


    There are hearts as cold as snow; these are tempted by the evil one.  He does not want you to reach God.  The Almighty fights evil, remember this.  Amen, Amen.


April 29                                 #125


    Blessed are you who hunger for the Word of God; He gives you the food for your spirit.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Chron.  29:11-13.


April 30                                 #126


    My children, I tell you, it is not time to walk aimlessly; it is time to take the right path, so that you will see Christ Jesus.  Do not let the teachings of God be in vain.  Glory be to the Most Holy.



May 1, 1984                                 #127


    You must pray that each day there are more faithful coming near to the Word of the Lord.  Pray with faith, and you will live in the  fullness that only God grants.  When you feel the evil one is besieging you, you must say:


'To my right and to my left is my Lord,

there is no third place;

not for the enemy'.

    I assure you that he will go away from you.  Amen, Amen.

Read: Phil.  2;13-15, 3:15-16.

May 2                             #128


    There is so much spiritual poverty in the world. Mind what I am saying: Ask the Lord that  it will not to reach you, and strengthen in Him.  Do not let the flame of your faith extinguish, renew it and increase it.  Pray  the Lord that this happens.  The Light of Christ is never extinguished.  Praise be to Him for His Mercy.


May 3                                     #129


     I have come to unite the son with the father, for men to love each other as brothers, without anger. For men to find the way to God. For His Word to be known. For you to close the doors to lies and open it up to Truth. For you to welcome Christ in your hearts. For you to have Light and no shadows. For you to prosper in faith today and forever, and moreover, for you to love God.

    Amen. Amen.


May 4                                     #130


  What you get with your own effort is not enough to live,  not to live in God.  Rejoice because the Lord is bringing salvation to you. Try not to have evil thoughts, because this destroys you.  Glory be to the Lord.


Read: 1 Cor.  3:1-17.



May 5                                     #131


Jesus says to me:


    You will say these words: He who falls into a ditch without seeing it, I will take him out, but he who sees the danger and does not walk away, I will leave him there. More than ever you should preach today because I am spreading my Hands to you to be in communication with your brothers.


The Virgin says:


    Honor the Lord by obeying His commandments, do not feel

overwhelmed, His eyes are set in you, His children. Amen. Amen. God is you brother, your mother, your father, and your son. God is all your family. Obey Him. Pray, since prayer is the consolation for all evil.


Read: James 1:16-25.


May 6                                     #132


    My children: Do not ignore that the Lord is speaking to you, so listen with attention to what He says. Accept willingly His requests and you will see His Work grow.



May 7                                     #133


    I see a big city with many buildings, and it is destroyed, as if under war. Then I see a white dove flying.


    The Virgin says:


    Blessed are those who love peace, because war brings total

destruction. It causes dread to see men are incapable of refraining their ambition and thirst for power. That they cannot see where is the true meaning of life that can lead them to complete happiness. Only God can do that and only God has the power to make it possible. Amen. Amen.


May 9                                     #134


    Blessed are those who do good and blessed are the ones that listen to God, my child, everything that has been ordered by the Lord you should do. You should be united, you are all brothers, you are all God's children.


Read: Matt.  11:28-29.


May 10                                     #135


    My child: have in mind that whenever the Lord sees you tired, He will come to your aid, because as much as the children need their Father, their Father needs

them. Today the Sacred Heart of Jesus is near you to be your guide and to reject the evil one who is attacking with all his fury. He knows he cannot beat the Lord and that makes him even more furious.

    You are safe. Glory to the Almighty.


May 11                                 #136


    Your Mother says: Sing and pray, that makes the Lord happy. With Christ you don't die, you live, if you are aware of this, you will surely not leave His way, nor He will be away from yours. Amen. Amen.




I begin to pray and I am already before you My Lord because you listen. With your Divine Grace, you make it possible for me to find the desired serenity in my

life. Without your help nothing is possible, without your Light no one can go forward; blessed is the man that seeks for you and hopes in You, Oh Lord, because you give plenty of Love to your children. Amen.

May 12                                     #137

    You will never find tears in the truthful believers in Christ, because the Lord is not sadness but joy. When time passes, you will see that those devoted to Him and walking with Him will be strengthen in their faith, don't forget that the Lord is strength. Amen. Amen.


May 13                                     #138


    To all of you who wonder and say that you do not ask anything to the Lord because you do not know if He is there or if He will answer, I say: The Lord is here, and He will take as long to answer as you take to get to Him. Amen. Amen.


Read: Deut.  6:4-9,16-19.


May 14                                     #139


    My children, blessed is the blind man that could see with the eyes of the soul and that can reach the Lord, because He is the only light that matters. There are many that, being able to see, do not want to see the true Light which is God. Meditate this that I say, and use it as an example. Praised be the Lord.     Preach this.



May 15                                    #140


    I will make you a people who believe in God, as you have never believed before; a people that obey His commandments and you yourselves will see that it's no good to be far from the things of God, because His Word does not destroy, but build. Amen. Amen.

    Preach this.



May 16                                     #141


    Men are immature in their faith, they demand too much from God and give Him little.

    The Lord offers you a great exchange: love for prayers. Keep these words in you hearts and have them in mind. Amen. Amen.


Read: 2 Chron.  6:19-21.


May 17                                     #142


    Beloved children: I know you are praying the Holy Rosary as I asked you, but I want you to start today a Novena thanking the Lord for his sending me here to protect you.

    Thank Him for all He is capable of giving, because God is merciful, Almighty and infinitely pious. The Grace of the Lord is wonderful, do not have any doubt.

    Glory to the Supreme Father.


May 18                                     #143


    The Lord tells you: Know my Word, read the Sacred Scriptures, have a knowledge of God. There is no special age to do it, but I see many children who know nothing of the Lord. They also need to know about their Creator, you cannot prevent the children from knowing his Word. And for those who are

immature I say: Put a little more love in your hearts each day, the Lord does not promise in vain. Amen. Amen.


Read: Rom.  10:5-18.


May 19                                     #144


    My children, get closer to the Lord helping the humble, the poor, because Jesus Christ will also make you know Richness through humility and poverty. Those who love the good get away from the evil, those who wish happiness, give


    Acting like this you are faithful to the Lord.

    Amen. Amen.


May 20                                     #145


    Never leave the way that leads to the Lord, because it contains invaluable gifts. Have always in mind that He understands the mistakes of His children, forgives the sinners but rejects the sins. In the days to come you will say a blessing over your meals like this:



   'In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  Lord, bless this meal which contains the food you are sending us on this day, and may we never lack Your Bread.  Amen.  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen'.

May 21                                     #146

    If you find resistance to the Word of God you should remain serene, regardless what a few may think. What matters is the faith in God of many. Those against God's Will are not with Him, let them go. Amen. Amen.


Read: Wis.  1:12-15, 2:23-24.


May 22                                     #147


    My children: Since you have placed your trust in God, I have my hope placed in you that you will give everything up for the Lord. Do not rebel against the sufferings sent by the Lord because after it comes a love response to your pain.

The Lord is Almighty. Glory be to God.


May 22                                     #148


 Your Mother is asking for Her house. I do not want something luxurious, I just want it to be spacious.


May 22                                     #149


    I am watching you, my children, you are living in the Law of the just, you are living in the Law of God. He will cover you with His benevolence. Pray for you, pray for the world.

    Amen. Amen.


Read: 1 Ptr.  2:6-10.


May 23                                     #150


    You have been touched by the Lord, you have to take advantage of this moment, you should learn to appreciate it.

    Meditate and open your hearts to Him. The Lord sends His Word, put it yourselves into practice. Think about this: What

comes from above is a blessing, it comes from the Lord. Amen. Amen.

    Preach this.


May 24                                     #151


    If you are upset or in anguish call out to God and He will comfort you, call out to Him in all time because He is the King of the universe, He alone. My children, today you should pray for the sick, who are many, and only a few of them are in peace with God. Pray like this:


Lord, comfort your children

In need of health,

And of your Love,

Comfort their souls

Comfort them, Lord.

Forgive their sins

And when you call them to your Presence

Let them enter Your Kingdom Lord


May 25                                     #152

    The Lord will help anyone coming to Him in faith, no one will be left unheard or unprotected. Listen to your Mother and you will be witnesses of the greatness of God. Glory to the Lord.


Read: Rom.  4:18-25.


May 26                             #153


    Pray for those poor in the spirit which lack the bread of God, they have not found it because  they have not looked for it. Pray that they may soon find the way to the Lord. Those living in His Law do not lack anything, they live in plentifulness. He does not allow his children to lack anything. Praised be His Name.


May 27                                     #154


    My children: Be pious, that is what the Lord wants. Pity your brother's misery. Suffer with his sufferings. Comfort him in the pain that torments him, reach out your hand in his help and make him understand that Your Father in Heaven will fortify his spirit with His wonderful Love. Do not fear because there is nothing the Lord cannot repair. Amen. Amen.


Read: 1 Jn.  4:16-21.


May 28                                     #155


    Blessed be the Lord for His mercy, He exalts the good son and forgives the one that sins. Do not get away from His Word, it is full of hope. My children: Pray the Lord that His light continues to illuminate you. Offer your prayers today to Jesus.

Pray to the Holy Spirit, because His strength is the strongest of all. Never let your hearts be hardened. Walk safely. Ahead of you walks the Lord.


Read:  Heb.  3:12-15.


May 29                                     #156


    Keep your faithfulness to the Lord. Do not let anything defile the purity of your thoughts. Pray to the Holy Spirit like this:


Holy Spirit, Light and Power,

we thank you the strength that you give us,

so that we can lean on it and walk.

You that go deep into our beings

And lighten up the flame of our faith

Free us from anything impure

That we may harbor in our poor hearts.

We beg you that with Your Love

You make us worthy of entering

The House of the Eternal One.


May 30                                     #157

Serve the Lord in such a way that you become worthy of His Love. Tell your brothers that I will grant graces to all  those who take selfishness out of their hearts, who reject their pride and ask humbly. I will concede that grace and many more. Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Phil.  3:7-11.


May 31                                     #158


         Dear children: The Lord takes care that you do not lose the love for the Church, because in Her Jesus Christ is asking for the unity of the brothers.  God is desperately calling his children so that they are not lost. You should listen to Him, only in this way you will be saved of the ruin the world is sinking into, only by being good Christians you will be unharmed. I extend my petition to all your brothers in the whole world. Have faith, the Lord gives it to you, receive it.

    Pray to the Lord.  Amen. Amen.


Read: Col.  1:24-29.


June 1, 1984                                     #159


    Be on guard, because you will always see rudeness in those who do not believe, do not forget you are exposed to everything.

    Keep united, because united you will resist evil better. Do not forget that the Lord will not ignore you, because He is with you. Thank the Lord. Amen. Amen.


June 2                                     #160


   My children, even though material well-being is desirable, you should first desire the spiritual well-being, it is the only thing you can count on to get to the Glory of the Lord. Happy the son that achieves it. Offer yourselves up to the Lord, do not rebel against His Divine Will and you will overcome any anguish that oppress

you. Amen. Amen. Preach this.



June 3                                     #161


    Today Jesus says to me:


    Have attentive ears, listen to what I say. I have given you

the field, I have given you the seeds, from now on it will be harvest time. Do not neglect it for I will see it and you will see it.


    The Virgin says:


    My children, answer to the Lord, to His request for prayer

and obedience. Go to Him, remember that Christ redeems. Celebrate the Lord.  Glorify the Lord.

    Amen. Amen. Preach this


Read: Zach.  1:3-6.


    Be faithful to the Lord with your hearts, think that from a good heart will come good works and from an evil heart will come evil works. Amen. Amen.

    Preach this.


June 4                                     #162


    If the Lord forgives he who sins, how much more He will do for those who keep an spotless behavior. You do not ignore that the Lord is Light, look for It and place your hope in God. Glory to the Almighty.

    Make this be known.


June 5                                     #163


    All my children can aspire to the heritage of the Supreme Father. For this you need to be clean and to deepen your faith. Know Jesus Christ and receive Jesus through the Scriptures and the Word that is announced to you.

    Turn to the Lord.

    Amen. Amen.

    Preach this to your brothers.


Read:  1 Cor.  2:10-16.


June 6                                     #164


    Be careful those of you who want to accomplish something without the help of the Lord, those who stand up against Him or say they not believe in Him. Those who act like this have an impoverished spirit, and are about to fall into the pit

from where they will never come out.

    Your Mother tells you: Do not wait until then, ask God Almighty to save you and to give you consolation.

    Glory be to the Lord.



June 7                                         #165


   Rejoice, because you have known God's goodness from the moment He chose you and tested you. My children: I know you are not indifferent to the Lord's call, that you obey it completely.

    Do not abandon prayer, do not abandon faith in God, be always like a burning flame, keep it alight.

    Amen. Amen.


Read: Heb.  10:22-25, 11:1-3.


June 8                                     #166


    Honor God, respect Him, love Him. Make offerings to the Lord, offer a humble and pure heart, healthy thoughts and a spirit willing to receive God.

    Amen. Amen.

    Preach this.


June 9                                     #167


    I came to you to put the Word of the Lord near your ears, to awaken you, to guide you and prevent you from stumbling, that is why I have come. Those loving Jesus Christ will understand the message and those who haven't search for Him, will do it.

    Today the Holy Spirit will get to the deepest of your hearts blessing you and renewing the faith in God. You should only be willing to receive Him.

    Alleluia. Make this be known.


Pure Spirit,

Who comes to spread your Gifts

on this poor sinner,

prepare my heart

and deliver me

from the temptation of the world,

so that I can be accepted by You.

Fear no longer reaches me,

because You have come near me.

I walk trustingly

towards your glorious purifying Light.

Praise be to You

forever and ever.


    Blessed be the heart that is opened to the Lord.

June 10                                     #168


    My children: The Lord is patient with His children, He waits for those that hesitate,  those that are afraid, knowing that it won't be long until he comprehends the greatness of God. To those hardhearted I say: The Lord wants to heal the wounds of the suffering, do not refuse to know Him, go to Him. And to those already walking in the path of the Lord I say: You that

have found Him, help your brother sharing with Him the Word of God. Amen. Amen.

    Make this be known.


Read: Jn.  4:23-24.


June 11                                     #169


    It is painful to see some of my children away from the Lord.

    I say this because in some places in the world they refuse to listen to Him, I ask for prayer, because there can be salvation for them.

    Those who act like this are sick in their souls, pray for the spiritual health of your brothers.

    Amen. Amen.

    Preach this.


June 12                                     #170


    Do your best to obey the Lord, because there is plenty of His Grace among you. Pray for more conversion, this is His wish, because only thus you will be saved.

    Meditate this.

    Amen. Amen.


June 13                                     #171


    My children: The Lord wants your union to be solid, that is why He asks you to be united.

    The faith in God should have a beginning, but no end.

    Today I bless your people and especially the priests, so that they can clearly see this way dedicated to the Lord and can help their neighbors to reach God.

    The Mission is big, and they have to support it. Glory be to God.


Read: Matt.  10:40-42.


June 14                                     #172


    Get away from selfishness if you do not want to offend God. He will only love those worthy in His eyes, let yourselves be lead by His Wisdom.

    I tell you that there is no value in living if you do not do it as the Lord commands. Amen. Amen.

    Make this be known.


June 14                                     #173


    May there be plenty of love for your brothers and for God in this life, because without love nothing is achieved, everything is lost.

    Remember these words today and always. Amen. Amen.


June 15                                     #174


  Today Jesus says to me:


  He who listens to My Word will be saved, and he who puts it in practice will live forever.  Those who hope in God do not hope in vain.


  The Virgin says to me:


    Blessed are those who hope in the Lord because only in Him

you'll live, only in Him you'll find peace, and if you look for the justice of God you will find it.

    Listen to His voice, He makes those willing to listen to Him hear Him.

    Glory to the Most Holy Father.


Read: Rom.  12:14-19, 15:1,6.


June 15                                     #175


    Call out to God and say:


    My God, listen to this prayer.  You that confort me in my suffering, today I pray for my brother.  Grant him strength to resist the bad times he is living, take him out of his hopelessness, lead him to Your Divine Path.  Make him accept Your Will, may he not endanger his life, but save it, Lord.  Amen.

June 16                                     #176

    Look inside yourself, remember the past and look at the present, how you were before and how you are now. Recognize then how Merciful is the Lord.

    You will certainly see how green are His fields and with how much richness He gives from His grapevine. Praised be the Lord. Preach this.


Read: Gal.  3:23-29.


June 17                                     #177


   The sinners that have not found God yet have not found His Light nor His Love. They are ill nurtured because they lack the food of the Christian, they are thirsty and do nothing to calm this thirst that only the Lord cures. My children, listen to what He says to you.

    The more you obey Him, more of His Grace you will receive. May the Holy Trinity cure today your spiritual need.

    Amen. Amen.

    Make this be known.



June 18                                     #178


    Those who offend Jesus Christ are like those who whipped Him and crucified Him, that is how He feels it, He suffers the offenses and injustices so deeply. Remember that the God who gives you life will console you in your grieves and will give you joy in Eternal Life.

    Amen. Amen.

    Make this be known.



June 19                                     #179


    The Lord gives you intelligence to use it, do not let it go, you should be worthy of having received it. He gives you lessons to meditate, either in one moment or later. He only wishes you to know their whole value.

    Never ignore God, because He directs your lives.

    Amen. Amen.

    Preach His Message.


June 20                                     #180


    Make sacrifices for your Heavenly Father, all the ones you consider necessary, and that they make you feel redeemed by the Lord. If you do not know what to do, ask Him to guide you, He will take away the darkness and in Him you will comfort.

    Glory be to God.

    Preach this.


Read: Is.  57:18-19, 58:8-9.


June 20                                     #181


    It tales longer for a burning coal to turn into ashes than for the Lord to convert a repented unbeliever. Such is the Power of the Lord.

    Amen. Amen.


June 21                                     #182


    Message for the young: Youth, all youth needs Our Lord, it needs to be saved. They should learn to straighten their lives.

    My children: you should overcome inconstancy to give way to perseverance, to faith in God. Do not let it be weakened, increase it, trust Him, let the Word of God get into you and you will discover how just is the Lord.

    Listen to Him and open your hearts.

    Amen. Amen.

    Make it known.


Read:  Heb.  12:1-3.


June 22                                     #183


      The Word of the Lord is above everything and demands everything. His will is to carry out these messages of love. You are the ones to carry them out. It is necessary that you understand what the Lord asks of each son and what each son can and is capable of giving to the Lord.

    Pray that the Holy Spirit make you reach the Glory of God.

    Amen. Amen.



June 23                                     #184


    To all my children I say: By God's Will you will be purified of your sins and through His Love you will be saved.

    Be worthy of His Promise.

    Examine yourselves from the inside, see each of you the need you have of Jesus Christ.

    Ask the Lord that your spirit may be renewed.

    Amen. Amen.


June 24                                     #185


    Praise the Name of the Most High.  This day you must be in communion with Christ Jesus.  Place all your senses in Him.  Put yourselves under His protection and you will lack nothing.

    My children, you have a privilege, that of having been chosen by the Lord.  Amen, Amen.


June 24                                    #186


    He who feeds on My Son, will live in My Son.


June 24                                    # 187


    Honor the Lord sincerely, because the happiness that  awaits those going to His kingdom is abundant.


Read: Tob.  4:18-19.


June 25                                     #188


    May the Grace of God reach you on this day, because  I tell you truly that you are not alien to His love.  All Christians, all good children of God, have to perfect your steps, and avoid evil in your hearts.

    I beg you to see what is agreeable to the Lord, my daughter.  I am still with you, accompanying you.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Phil.  3:17-21.


June 26                                     #189


    Do not let yourselves be disheartened, the Word of the Lord ought to encourage you to go ahead.  My daughter,  the seeds are sprouting.  Keep your heart steady and hope in God.

    To all my children, I say: Be humble with the humble, pious with the sick, extend your hand to the poor.

    Blessed are those who act this way and do not rebel against the commandments of the Lord, because He is behind each of your actions.

    Amen, Amen.

    Make it known.


June 26                                     #190


    What the Lord sends is for the knowledge of His children.


 Read: 2 Tim.  2:1-7.


June 27                                     #191


    My daughter, I feel saddened when I see indifference toward God, but I am sorry for them, because they allow themselves to be drawn by evil.  They let themselves be led by the wicked one.

    I warn my children, do not let yourselves be seduced by the easy way.  Even if it's hard, go by the Lord's road, even if it's  hard to reach.  Love for God must be true.

    Amen, Amen.


June 28                                     #192


    Today Jesus says to me:


    Wherever you walk, you tread on evil, that is exactly what you have to do, tread on it and you will make it disappear.


    The Virgin says to me:


    Pay attention, obey the Lord's Words and you will go forward.  Obey Him and do not worry; leave everything in the Hands of God.

    My children, give the Father what belongs to the Father.  Glory be to the Lord.


June 29                                     #193


    You that obey God's Law, teach those who are lost.  Help the doubtful, because those who are just with the Lord will be favored.

    Today the Sacred Heart will listen to your hearts.  Pray a Rosary to Him.


Sacred Hearts of Jesus,

I beg You to guide my steps,

because I am weak.

Protect  and bless me.

May You be blessed, Lord,

because  salvation

is in Your Heart.

Act in me

according to Your Will.



June 30                                     #194


    The Virgin says to me:


    You have come to this city (La Rioja) as ambassadors of love.  It had to be so, since you are sharing its patron saint (St. Nicholas).

    Beloved children, may my blessing be with you and with this city, since the Lord wishes it.  Praise be to the Lord.

    I wanted you to praise the Lord here in this Shrine.  Praise Him forever and ever.


July 1, 1984                                     #195


    The Virgin tells me:


    My children, the senseless man is dead, even if alive, because he is not afraid of the Justice of God, nor fear not fulfilling His Commandments.  He wants  to ignore  that the Lord's day  and His Judgment will arrive.

    This way of living will be their eternal death, this is the assurance that the Lord gives.  Remember this, because He wants to save you.  Amen, Amen.


July 1                                     #196


  Pray for the increase of priestly vocations.

    Believe in the Lord's Wisdom,

    believe in Divine Goodness.

    just believe in the Savior.

    Pray for peace in the world, and,

    pray that there be an end to its misery.

    Amen, Amen.


    Give this to your brother.


July 2                                     #197


    My children, get away from from all pride, because it is against Christ Jesus' humility.  Imitate Him and you will be glorified.  Receive His Will with love and He will not be sorrowful; His joy will shine on you.  Amen, Amen.


Read: 1 Ptr.  3:13-17.



July 3                                     #198


    It is up to you to see that the work of the Lord grows; His Trust is placed in you.  He is letting you prove that His Word finds and echo in His Children.

    You must be aware that the Lord has committed you in the call He has made; act accordingly.

    Amen, Amen.


July 4                                     #199


    To love God is to give oneself entirely to God.  It is to give oneself, expecting nothing in return and without reward.  The Lord, who sees and hears His children will reach you and make you worthy of His Mercy.  I say this so that my children question themselves, and meditate in their own heart.

    Glory be to God.


Read: Rom.  8:31-39.


July 4                                     #200


    Do not be mistaken!  The weak are the strongest with the Lord because they hope in Him and are far from sin.  Pray to the Lord with strength and He will listen to you.


July 5                                     #201


   Blessed be those who get rid of human misery and seek the wealth of the Lord.

   Blessed be those who are sincere in their words, and those who are not ashamed of their acts.

   Blessed be those who have God in their heart and do not act against Him, because I tell you, the love they have in them and the purity in their spirit is appreciated by the Lord.

    He has compassion for the poor, the afflicted, the humble and the repentant.

    My children, you have much to learn from the Lord.  Have faith, and from Him you will receive the understanding you need.

    Amen, Amen.


July 6                                     #202


    The Lord wants to see more conversion, more children in the Churches, and he wants to see His Words transmitted with much love in them.  He also wants to see more union in the priests themselves.

    My children, understand that I am nourishing you, and I want you to nourish your brethren.  The Lord wants to be known, loved, and respected.  Glory be to the Lord.


July 7                                     #203


    You are all children of God, but you must prove it.  When He sends you a difficult ordeal, you must face it with love and faith in the Lord.  You will understand how much Christ Jesus loves you.

    What He asks is little if you consider He gave everything for you to enjoy everlasting salvation.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Heb.  2:16-17.


July 8                                     #204


    Jesus says:


    Never deny God!  Come close and listen to my call; you will not be sorry.


    The Virgin says:


    Where the Lord lives joy reigns.

    There is an enormous distance between a son who calls himself God's child and does not obey Him, and the one who has surrendered to Him in every moment of his life.  Amen, Amen.


July 9                                     #205


    Allow the Lord to protect you.  He gives peace to the children who seek peace, love to those who seek love.  He redeems those who are in need of redemption.  The Lord's strength has no limits.

    Do not remain with your arms folded, go to God and God will come to you.  Praise be to the Lord.


July 10                                     #206


    I say this to the incredulous: You who only believe in what you see, believe through faith because it is the only way to reach God.  Pray this way:


My God, help me

to see clearly;

may I not remain confused.

Take me out of this maze with no exit;

help me because I am lost.

Give me the faith I am lacking.

I want to believe in You.

Do not let me sink,

with everything tumbling in on me.

I promise, Lord,

to dedicate my days to You.


July 11                                     #207

    Many in this world are seduced into believing they are living.  In reality, they do not exist because their lives are in vain.  That is why the Lord wants to open your eyes, making you see the true life.  May no one ignore His Will.

    My children, save yourselves!  Do not hesitate; you are preaching God.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Deut.  8:5,11.


July 12                                     #208


    If you have fallen under the influence of a vice, give up the vice.  If you are under the power of the spirit of evil, face it; do not let yourselves be overcome.  Place the Lord as your shield and you will be able to succeed.

    Do not let yourselves be dazzled, nor run after mirages.  Christ Jesus does not want you to be slaves of anyone.  Be responsible for your lives; appreciate the value they have.

    Amen, Amen.


July 13                                     #209


    Make good use of this time, a time for reflection and renewal.  The Lord offers you protection, consolation and salvation.

    Beloved children, learn that it is better to live in truth than in falsehood; you can see this by living in God.  Your Mother does not want these words to be lost.  Listen to them and put them into practice.  Glory be to God.


July 14                                     #210


    Feel God in your heart!  Be meek with Him, listen to Him, look at His road, walk without turning back, because the Lord is there.

    Make every effort you can, and be certain of having reached His promise.  It is up to you to be united to the Lord.  May He be praised.


July 15                                     #211


    Poor he who believes to be right, without seeking God's Rightness.  Poor he who feels forgiven, without seeking His Redemption.  You cannot hide from the sight of the Lord.  Seek His Word and then indeed you will be exalted.  May the Sacred Heart reward every repentant heart.  Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Bar.  4:21-22,27-29.


July 16                                     #212


    When you seek God, do not seek Him on the surface; seek Him deeply in the deepest of your heart.  It is true that He is within your reach, but learn how to find Him.  Do not allow the fruit to rot, eat it while it is ripe.

    My children, do not disappoint the Lord.  Amen, Amen.


July 17                                     #213


  My children, do not live in the easy way as is done these days, to the rhythms of madness, of violence, believing that man alone can provide himself with everything he may want.  All is a lie, because it is a mistaken way of living.

    Only the Lord, Who is the Creator of all the greatness of the universe, is the Truth.  From Him you will receive wisdom, from Him you will receive faith.  Call Him and He will answer.  Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Rom.  12:1-2.


July 17                                     #214


    If any of you are oppressed and you do not know who to turn to, go to the Church.  Seek a priest because he is a pupil of Christ, an assistant of Christ, and he will help you to see how necessary it is to be near God.

    Amen, Amen.


July 18                                    #215


    The words of the Lord are deep.  He teaches that life continues beyond death, do not fear it, rather fear not doing the Lord's Will.  My children, do not reject His approach, remain sure and trusting in Christ Jesus.  Amen, Amen.


July 19                                     #216


    Listen children of God!  You who proclaim peace, you are living in strife.  You who love freedom are slaves, yes, you are the evil one's slaves.  Although you may deny it, he is using you against the Lord.

    You know  that everyone who does not act as the Lord commands, is doing wrong.  Do not surrender!  Do not let yourselves be taken; pray and the Holy Spirit will make you see the way out.

    Be certain it will be so.  Glory be to Heaven.


July 20                                     #217


    Blessed be he who from this moment discovers the Lord, because He brings His Blessing with him.  Do not become  unworthy in His presence.  Nothing can be compared to the joy of obtaining His Mercy.  Glory be to God.


Read: Apoc.  22:6-7.


July 21                                     #218


    Nothing is needed being with the Lord, and you have His help.  You cannot imagine how near I am to you, knowing what happens and  the way it happens.

    My children, live putting your faith  in the Savior, that is His Will.  Take courage because the Lord knows of your desires.  Praise be to Him.


July 22                                     #219


    Each morning thank God because you see the day.  Do not feel ashamed of it.  It would be sad to regret not being able to see the Light, because without it you would be unable to walk.

    My children, leave your quiet life, answer to the Lord who calls you, doing something for Him, you are doing much for yourselves.  Amen, Amen.


July 23                                     #220


    You are not abandoned, the Lord is dwelling in you.  This must make you joyful and let this joy don't disappear from you.

    My children, many times you will feel threatened, but do not fear, it is only that, only threats.

    Your Mother tells you: Never hesitate in the Lord's things.


July 24                                     #221


    Do not come near to God with deceit, come only with your heart and devoid of all pride.  Then indeed you may be near Him.

    The Lord brings those who are lost, back to the right road.  He receives those who have offended Him.  He lifts those that have fallen.

    Know the Lord, know His kindness, put yourselves in His hands.  He has much to give.  Glory be to God.


July 25                                     #222


    I know you are responsible for your acts, and that you are doing everything that pleases the Lord.  Continue this way, keep firm.

    He makes His Will known, then He must be obeyed; you will  benefit from this.  You will see the greatness of the Lord, in His works.  Blessed be those who are feeding on the Lord today.  Amen, Amen.


Read: 2 Ptr.  1:10-11, 2:9-10.


July 26                                     #223


    Preach this: Those who are not  in the Lord's service, need to calm their spirit.  The peace that you wish  comes from God.  He does not abandon, on the contrary, He wants to remain in you.  Rejoice because you are growing.  Glory be to God.


July 27                                     #224


    My children, you know  sin  and its consequences but you sin all the same.  You should resist, you should understand that the Blood of my Son was shed for your salvation.  Pray for the Most Holy Father to enlighten you interiorly.  Amen, Amen.


Read: Rom.  8:1-8; 1 Cor.  15:33-34.


July 28                                     #225


    Pray firmly, because through prayer you will find the Lord and see that  His power is supreme, so as His Mercy is.  Let nothing prevent you from obeying the Lord.  Do not doubt that by doing so He will be in you forever.  Amen, Amen.


July 29                                     #226


    Today I see Jesus and He says to me:


    Go on, because nothing stops you.  This mission was sent to you so that the Word of God may be known by those who did not know it and to renew the love and strengthen the faith of those who have it in their hearts.


   The Virgin says:


    To you who want to be near the Lord I say: He is near, do not stray from His sight.  Think of what He is warning you, listen to the Lord. Amen, Amen.


July 30                                     #227


    Those who are far from the knowledge of God do not understand what it is to live fully in Him, and less you know  about His Law.  This grieves me greatly.  The Lord encourages you day by day to follow His steps so that your soul, poor in love for Christ Jesus, will be wrapped in Him.  Glory be to the Eternal Father.


July 31                                     #228


    I say this for all my children: The Lord wants you all reconciled with Him.  He also wants you to accept His demands which are not many, as you know.  You must respect them so that your hopes may be fulfilled.  Accept the Lord's truth.  Amen, Amen.



August 1, 1984                             #229


    My children, in word and in deed you must be with the Lord.  Show that you can!  May His Wisdom not be lacking in you, even less, do not let it  to be taken from you.

    During the time I have been with you, you have understood the importance of My messages and also that the Lord has made it possible for you to reach His Mercy.  Glory be to God.


August 2                                     #230


    All the wishes of the Lord will be done, that is why He is showing Himself.  He will not leave you!  My children, He has found you lacking in faith, hence He wants to strengthen you.

    The Lord must be your constant company, only thus you will not be lost.  Do not cut the bud that you see sprouting, on the contrary, water it, so that you can enjoy later.


Read: Heb.  4:1-2,7.


August 3                                     #231


    I address those who are alone, with no company: Seek company in the Lord and you will not feel loneliness.  Loneliness is a bad advisor, it attracts temptation, sin.  Do not let it get into you.  Think of Jesus Christ and use Him as your shield.  Glory be to the Lord.


August 4                                     #232


    Great is the love of the Lord, my children.  He wants to share His treasure, accept it.  The Lord wants you to be faithful, because only thus He will receive you, and you will not be rejected.

    Appreciate what He offers.  The Sacred Heart will help you to see clearly.


Read: Zach.  8:11-12.




   Oh Most Sweet Mother, for all your sufferings,  help me to carry my cross.


August 5                                 #233


    You will see that calling out to God, you will not feel in captivity, you will feel free.  There will be peace and not tempests in your hearts, the Lord wants to cover you with a Mantle of Love.

    Pray and thank God because you are receiving His Word.

    Amen, Amen.


August 5                                 #234


    Blessed be the Lord, because He listens to His children's prayers, even those of the sinners.  May no one wish to overcome or twist the Lord's Will because he will stumble, I assure you.  My children, the words of the Lord are growing in your mouth.  Praise be to Him.


Read: 2 Tim.  3:14-17.


August 6                                 #235


    Do not go back to the road I took you from, follow the Lord.  My children, He does not deceive you when He promises you a new life.  Listen to Him, because your life is in question and   He will be clement with you.

    It is the Almighty who judges, you must be sure of this.  Meditate on your behavior, be sincere and truthful with Him.  Glory be to the Lord.


August 7                                 #236


    Tell all the people that God will have mercy on you!  How could it be otherwise, if your hearts are softening! The Lord is redeeming you and you are seeing it.  You cannot deny this, keep it in your hearts, for He is with you.  Amen, Amen.


August 7                                 #237


    From the Lord you will receive His gifts, from His grain, the seed.  His truth will dispel falsehood and from His spring you will drink Life.  Praise be to the Lord.


August 8                                 #238


    If you look into your heart, you will see that you have need of God.  With Him nothing is lost, one always wins.  Christ Jesus invites you to pass from sorrow to joy, from ignorance to wisdom, from night to day and from death to Life.  Listen to the Lord's advice!  Amen, Amen.


August 9                                 #239


    Defend yourselves from the attacks of the evil one.  You must be firm and trust in Christ Jesus.  The Lord's children are safe with Him.

    Blessed be those who want to reach the Lord, for He will change their lives.  I am giving you salvation, take it.  Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Job 33:2-3, 34:2-4.


August 10                                 #240


    My children, the Lord does not throw down those He lifts up.  On the contrary, He keeps them with Him.  God wishes to lead His children on the right road, then how not to obey Him, how not to love Him!  Pray to the Lord:


   My God, turn my sorrow into joy, take all my sorrows from me.

   I know I am not as faithful, Lord, as I should be, but I follow Your advice because it sounds like Glory to me.

   I have Your Name engraved in my heart.


August 11                                 #241

    My children: You are maddened in a race in which you have no valid aim.  You cannot go on like this because it does not let you see beyond your noses.  Stop, see what is happening beside you, and where you are; it is  time for you to do so.

    The Lord is showing you  that you are living mistakenly.  If you want to follow Him, He shows you His way.  If you want to learn, you will learn from the Lord.

    Glory be to Heaven.

    I say this for all my children.


Read: Ecclus.  6:27-28.


August 12                                 #242


    To those who cry because they believe they are forgotten by the Lord, I say: You have forgotten that there is a God, an Almighty God Who calls you and looks at His children.  A God Who gives and wants you to give, Who draws near and wants you to draw near, Who lives in the Truth and wants you to live in that Truth.  A God Who announces and wants you to announce.  Only he who is completely far from God can believe that he is alone, because the Lord never forgets.  His Light illuminates all those that want to be illuminated.


August 12                                 #243


    Pray because you will relieve tensions; pray together for these intentions:

    For the Lord to relieve you,

    for those who have not yet softened their hearts, to do so.

    for Him to take away the arrogance from the proud.

    for the humble, that they may be more each day,

    because they are nearer to God.


August 13                                 #244


     Mankind is endangering the earth.  Open your eyes and you will see that you are blinded pursuing illusions.

    Until now you have not realized this; you wanted to silence the voice of the Lord that is warning you.  But now, my children, you are witnessing that God, in these days, is seeking you; go to encounter Him.

    Mind that the Lord is beside you.  Praise be to Him.


August 13                                 #245


    My children need much love and I give myself entirely for the union of you all, for the peace of the countries, and for them to discover Christ and listen to His Call.


August 14                                 #246


    Beloved children, I tell you: It depends on you not to suffer hunger; do not forget that the Lord wants to feed you.  Do not be hungry because you risk suffering.  Always keep God in mind, trust in Him and you will be saved.  Glory be to the Lord.


Read: John 3:16-21.



August 15                                 #247


    Oh people, do not be so hard with the Lord, because  it will have been in vain that He took you out of the mud and put you on solid ground.  Pay attention to all that He tells you.  Listen to Him because He watches over you; listen and put yourselves with your heart in the Lord's hands.  Amen, Amen.


August 16                                 #248


    Jesus says:


    I tell you all: look from your inside and you will see what you are.  God sows in each one, and each one must take care of  that seed for it to live or die.


August 16                                 #249


  The Virgin says to me:


    Blessed be he who becomes pleasing to God.  Do not allow that what you are already reaching, the love for the Lord, may be destroyed.

    Keep faith within you and remain faithful to God.  Amen, Amen.

    As from tomorrow you will start a Novena, praying for your homeland, for your priests and for an approach to the Lord.

     Make it known because it must have strength.


August 17                                 #250


    My children, do not wait!  Search for the Lord now because He will only have mercy on the humble, the just, the obedient, and will not grant this to the violent, the indifferent.

    Consider the words of your Mother and you will see your hopes fulfilled.

    Glory be to the Most Holy Father.


Read: Heb.  6:17-19.


August 18                                 #251


    Never stray from the right of the Lord.  Keep your spirit trusting in Him, working according to His wishes.  The love He spills on you is abundant, my beloved.



Blessed be, Lord of the Light,

because You give me Your blessing.

You bring me Your Spirit,

as also Your Mercy.

Marvelous is Your love

that exalts the smallest,

overthrowing the proud.

May your greatness be praised.



August 18                                 #252


    As a watchful mother, I am with my children, besides them.


August 19                                 #253


    There are many sick souls that can be restored by accepting the Lord.  There are many others who are condemned, because they have been invaded by a violent tempest, and are being destroyed beyond possibility of salvation.

    Do not fear my words; I only ask you to appreciate the protection that the Lord gives you.

    May He be praised.


August 19                                 #254


    I tell my children: Do not walk in the dark because you will not advance, do it in daylight and you will arrive.  Some people do not know that everything is received from God, from Him comes love, peace and health.  Only from Him will you obtain complete well-being.


August 20                                 #255


    My children, your heart was empty for too long a time; I assure you that it was empty.

    The Lord opens a new horizon for you, look and go toward it.  Trust this advising Mother and you will not be disappointed.

     Amen, Amen.


Read: Heb.  8:10-12.


August 21                                 #256


    If you love the Lord, live for Him,  He does not wish your suffering, nor does He want to see you oppressed;  He only wants that you don't reject Him.  Let yourselves be encouraged by His Divine Spirit and you will be consoled in all your grieves.

    My daughter, the Lord is teaching you.

    Glory be to the Lord.

    The Lord is sowing Love, fill yourselves with that Love.  You are illuminated.


August 22                                 #257


    I am a Mother who wants to see her children obeying their Father, a Mother who suffers when she sees her children in danger, a Mother who is happy if she sees them walk the road of life.

    My children, the Lord asks you to go to meet Him; then you will see His known greatness, and that which is yet to be known.

    His Word is useless if you ignore His call.

    Be alert and you will be witnesses of the Most Holy Father's Truth.

    Amen, Amen.


August 23                                 #258


    The Lord ordered that I should be announced, and I announced myself here among you because He has seen that you have still salvation.

    You are living memorable days in your lives.  You must know how to benefit from these days.

    Tell your people: Let yourselves be led by the Lord, do not break away from His side.  The Lord's hand has withdrawn from some; do not let this happen with you.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Ezech.  34:22-31.


August 24                                 #259


    It is good to know, that with the Lord before you, you will not step falsely.  I tell you this for you to be able to feel His presence.

    My children, my heart trembles knowing that with the Lord you will take a sure course.  Follow Him, because there is no wind capable of blowing down the Lord's Will.

    Glory be to God.


August 25                                 #260


    Blessed be you, children of God, who work in favor of Christ! Do not let the weight of sin fall on your heart, because your redemption would be difficult.

    Respect His Word and honour the Lord.  Be sure you are already receiving blessings.

    Praise be to the Lord our Father.



August 26                                 #261


    Jesus says:


    Much evil will suffer those who wish to follow the wrong road   and do not stop to listen to the voice of God.


    The Virgin says:


    You should only do good actions: that is what the Lord wants.

    You are full of love, but you have not discovered it yet.  Let Him do so, and you will feel Jesus Christ inside you.

    Help your neighbor, even if you think he does not deserve it.

    My children, let the Lord judge, and your heart will be at peace.

    Amen, Amen.


August 27                                 #262


    My children, some day the Lord will call you; may you be  healthy in body and soul, that is what your Mother wants.

    Give yourselves to the Lord and your hearts will gently change.



With Christ beside me

I know no weakness.

He feeds me with His Love,

and my strength is multiplied.

I  thank Jesus

for awaking me,

for teaching me

the road towards Life.

He is all my hope,

my confidence, my joy.

Christ loves, Christ teaches,

Christ saves, Christ redeems.



August 28                                 #263


    Love the Lord, because you are under His protection!

    My children, the Lord is a great teacher; how much love there is in Him!

    He gives you His Heart, His Hope and His Word.

    The Lord wants peace in the hearts of all His children because only thus you will be able to obey Him.

    The Spirit of the Lord is in the Lord's children.

    Glory be to God.


Read: Eph.  4:14-16.


August 29                                 #264


    You must bear your sufferings in the same way My Son bore the pains of his wounds. He suffered much and His pain was silent.  Do not be weak nor impatient, thinking of your future.

    Obey the Lord and trust, for He will respond to that trust.  Amen, Amen.


August 30                                 #265


    I say to all my children: God does not want your humiliation before the enemy, nor your destruction; He wants you to oppose and resist him.

    Fear nothing, because the Lord goes in front of each battle.  Do not let your goodwill diminish, be strong because the Almighty is with you.

    Amen, Amen.


August 31                                 #266


    During next September devote yourselves to pray the continual Holy Rosary, praying for peace in the world, for conversion, and offering your faith without claudication.

    On the ninth day of the month, you will see  the Lord is acting in your hearts.

    Do as I ask and do not go away from the Lord.  You already know your Mother's day.  You shall keep it on the 25th of September, every year.

    Amen, Amen.



September 1, 1984                             #267


    I say to all my children: Many of you may have led a bad life, but if you repent, you will be saved.

    The Lord will help you, I assure you.  My Mission is to save souls, show the way to the Lord, and let everybody know His purity.

    Praise be to the Lord.


September 2                         #268


    Your Mother asks you to keep nothing evil in your hearts, only what is good, what is worthwhile, only the Words of the Lord.

    Remember that by believing in Him, you will be remembered and received by Him.

    The Sacred Heart of Jesus is well disposed towards you.      Amen, Amen.


September 2                         #269


    Let no one doubt that you are being guided by the Lord's hand.


Read: Jn.  15:16.


September 2                         #270


    Oh, beloved children, your Mother implores you for prayer and repentance!  Only with true repentance will you be saved.

    You must truly love and obey the Lord.

    Praise be to Him.


September 3                         #271


    Man makes plans but the Lord upsets them.  What I mean is that earthly things are different from heavenly ones.  The things of the Lord are perfect and pure, earthly things are dirty.

    My children, search the Lord and nothing you find in Him will be taken away from you.

    Glory be to Heaven.


September 4                         #272


    Open your hearts only to the Lord, because if you keep them closed, your lives will be in vain.

    You must trust the Lord, because He is never late; be careful; The Lord hopes you will enjoy the seed He has abundantly sown, my children.

    Do not let your thoughts go away from the Lord.

    Glory be to God.


September 5                         #273


    Blessed and beloved by God are you, my children; You who obey the Lord, listen: salvation is for all eternity.

    You have started to climb a steep hill, but do not be tired, you will be able to arrive because you have God's strength and with Him all is near.  Be strong in your faith.

    Amen, Amen.


September 6                         #274


    When you pray the Lord listens to your prayer; when you invoke for relief you are relieved, He is a Father who is in permanent union with His children.

    Mind how much in need of the Lord you are, and how essential it is to feel His presence.

    Never forget the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Prov.  4:10-13.


September 7                         #275




Oh, Mother!  I want to consecrate myself to you.

Virgin Mary, today I consecrate my life to you.

I feel a constant need of your presence in my life,

For you to protect me, guide me and console me.

I know that my soul will set at rest in you,

and anguish will not enter into me.

My defeat will become a victory;

my weariness, in you, is strength.

    To all my children who consecrate themselves to this Mother, I say: My Heart joyfully receives this dedication, this love you offer, because they are souls saved from the claws of evil, deserving Eternal Glory, the glory of the Lord.  Amen, Amen.

    Make it known!

    May this be meditated, may God illuminate your spirits to appraise the significance of Consecration.

September 8                         #276


  Jesus says:


    He who comes to Me will be consoled; may no one reject the salvation that is offered to him.


    The Virgin tells us:


    Come, dear children, and experience the Love of the Lord; there is so much Light in Him!  I want you to meditate my words and believe that you must fully obey God.

    I show you His path clearly, use the Light while it is daytime.

    Praise be to Heaven.


September 8                         #277


    Do not search for perfection here on earth because it is in Heaven, above; it is in the Lord!  Spread His Word, my children, because it must be known all over the world.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Is.  42:6-8.


September 9                         #278


   Blessed is he who hopes in God.

   Blessed is he who opens his eyes to see through Him and suffer for Him.

    Blessed is he who praises Him.

    Blessed is he who feeds on the Lord.

    Blessed be he who expects His Glory and humiliates to the Lord.

    Blessed is he who searches for redemption.

    Blessed will be he who is with Him for eternity.

    May the Almighty be praised.

    I want my children to know the blessings that await the Lord's children.


September 10                         #279


    You have received much from the Lord and will receive much more, I tell you, in Graces and knowledge, my beloved children.   I have never wanted to sadden you; on the contrary, I am with you to give you this wonderful gift of God.

    It is the Lord's desire.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: 2 Cor.  4:16-18.


September 11                         #280


    Today I see a very strong and white light;  the Virgin says:


    It is my Sacred Heart that is waiting for my children.


    Later the light disappears and I see her with the Child.  She says:


    My children, repent and you will be justified.  May everything you listen from the Lord enter through your ears and come out through your heart.  Ask this to the Lord.

    Remember that the Mother guides you to the Son and that the Son guides you to the Father.

    You are sustained by Him.

    Glory be to the Lord.


September 12                         #281


    Do not let your heart be saddened, pray to the Lord and He will be present.

    Beloved children, do not ask not to suffer on the road toward Jesus Christ, since you cannot carry the cross without suffering.

    The Lord speaks out, you must pay attention, you are in time to receive Him.

    Amen, Amen.


September 9                         #282


    Rejoice, children of God!  His Love is your love, His Bread is your Food.  Praise be to the Most Holy Father in Heaven.


September 9                         #283


    Have deep faith in God, my children.  Be honest with yourselves, you have discovered the Lord; go away from  ignorance  and enter His wisdom.  Do not hesitate to answer to the Divine Call.  May peace be in your hearts.

    To all those who search for peace, I say: those who open to the Lord will always find peace.

    Praise be the Lord.


Read: Col.  1:9-20.


September 14                         #284


    I see a man and several men who are pulling him from one side to the other.  At times it seems they are going to tear him in two (It hurts me to see this).  The man is stooped, I cannot see his face, he wants to advance but they do not let him.

    He wears a natural colored tunic, and the others are wearing  dark brown tunics.  The man kneels as though vanquished, and suddenly an enormous dog appears showing his teeth as if to bite; it is furious.  Also there is a great wind.  The men are frightened and let the man go.  When he raises his head, I see He is Jesus.  At that moment I see the Virgin and ask Her: What is this?, and She says:


    You need a strong guide in these hurricane winds  which  surround you, because you are living amongst a turmoil.  Let the Lord act and He will rescue you.

    You are hearing a  salvation voice.

    Amen, Amen.


September 15                         #285


    Beloved children, appreciate the Holy Mass. Every good Christian ought to participate in the Sacred Supper of the Holy Mass every day, or at least once a week.

    At that moment my adored Son communicates the Father's Love and Eternal Salvation. It is then that Christ Jesus offers Himself, in absolute obedience and full trust to God the Father.

    You must imitate this great example. I invite you to make it a duty of great love for the Lord to receive Communion.

    To those who Consecrate themselves:

    Offer yourselves to the Lord with love.

    Pray the Holy Rosary with Christian fervor, every day.

    Improve your life, enriching it spiritually.

    My children, this is what your Mother asks you.

    May you be blessed in the obedience to the Lord.

    Glory be to Heaven.


September 16                         #286


    Do you know how much the Lord is doing for you?  Dear children, rejoice in Him.

    You will be saved, the moment you understand the love of God. The Lord does His work, so try to do yours.

    Amen, Amen.


September 16                         #287


    These days the Lord is giving rays of sunlight, let one of them into your heart and I will be very happy.

    The love for my children has no limits. Mind the Lord's words, because everything He says is important.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: 2 Ptr. 3:8-9.


September 17                       #288


    Do not worry, the Lord will grant you all kinds of Graces. You must only live as He says. Never remain in silence, never keep quiet, the Word of God must be made known.

    Amen, Amen.


September 17                       #289


  The Virgin tells me:


    I am with you. All those who pray and put themselves in the Lord's hands will be compensated in these days.


September 18                       #290


    Do not offend God, do not deny Him when He trials you, because He wants to test  your faith.

    I wish that you all reach the Lord, as you need much love, my beloved. Fight uncertainty, never doubt the Almighty, and above you will appear the Light that  bathe your souls.

    Praise be to the Lord.


Read: 2  Thess. 2:14,16-17.


September 19                       #291


    Happy is he who finds in God the aim of his life, because he will act correctly and there will be peace in his heart.  Mind that the Lord is coming to you and feel His presence.

    If you have already given yourselves to God, I tell you: Give Him more, the more you give, the more will you get.

    The Holy Spirit will make you grow spiritually.

    Amen, Amen.


September 20                       #292


    If you search for Heaven, you will find Jesus there; if you search for salvation, you will find it in Jesus. If you want to get out of the mud, He will take you out.

    Only His Power can make you enjoy the wonderful Peace so desired by many.

    Place your life in the Lord's Will.

    Praise be to Him.


Read: Heb. 2:1-3


September 21                       #293


    My children, your Mother does not want you to be orphans in the love for the Lord.  I look at you and  know your way of living. Everything would be so different if, for the love of God, you would renew your spirit, taking off that shell that covers your heart.

    You must not give yourselves to the Lord only outwardly. Remember and meditate my words.

    Glory be to the Lord.


September 22                       #294


    My children, this Novena you are praying will help you to increase your love for my Son and your faith in Him.

    Commit yourselves to the Lord and trust in His Mercy. May each heart be willing to receive My Heart.

    Praise the Lord!


September 22                       #295


    Pray that you may be able to reach the perfection that the Lord wants from you.


September 23                       #296


    My children, what the Lord has given you is not little; what you have in your hands you must put into practice not for a day but forever.

    Blessed is he who sees God's Love in His Word, and blessed is he who sees  blessing and redemption in the Message because you will be purified and made worthy of Him.

    Glory be to the Lord.


September 24                       #297


    May your children grow up healthy in thoughts and in feelings.

    You can entrust them only to the Lord. Teach them the importance of prayer. May God not be a stranger to them.

    Meditate this.  You should not forget this call from the Lord, since this is His Will.


Read: Tob. 14:8.



September 25     (Anniversary)             #298


    This must be a splendorous and glorious day for your souls. You are praying and thanking the Lord as I have asked, my dear children. I feel very near to your hearts and I see your faith has increased.

    I tell you that the obedience and love you feel for God is appreciated.

    Ask:  the Lord is listening to you.



September 25                           #299


    Do not forget the Sanctuary, since it will be the Lord's Sanctuary. Time will pass, but this will continue.


September 26                           #300


    I feel truly sorry to see that some do not benefit from the knowledge the Lord gives, nor do they recognize Him.

    I say to my children: His Word is like running water, that waters and gives life to every plant It finds on its way. Let yourselves be watered by It and you will live in the Lord.

    Amen. Amen.


September 27                           #301


    My children, the Lord is watching you. Do not let time pass; do not neglect doing what the Lord orders you.

    He who places his trust in the Lord, He who places his life in His hands, will not know eternal agony, as he will know the

Savior's Glory.

    Now you know.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Job 5:17-18.


September 27                       #302


    All the Lord's children should practice piety and charity; in each action they would find Christ Jesus. It is a wonderful way of living in Christ.

    Praise be to Him.


September 28                       #303


    Fill your spirit with the love of God, fill yourselves with His Wisdom. The Lord Wants you to be bound to Him.

    The moment you do, you will find relief in your hearts. The Lord brings you salvation because He does not want that the destruction of the world  reaches you.


Read: 1 Cor. 15:1


September 29                      #304


    My children, my wish is that you should honor God by loving Him as He loves you.   Ask the Lord to deliver you from selfishness and you will be able to feel how He can transform you.

    Beside the Lord, you will discover true Life; act in His Name. May His Name be perpetual in you.


September 30                      #305


    The Lord tells you: Listen, now that the Truth is appearing before you!  Look, do not cover your eyes while you can still see. Understand and appreciate the advice of your Mother'.

    Everyone must know the Lord, that is why I want to bring my children throughout the world near His Word.


September 30                           #306


    God does not wound, my children, He heals. God is health, hope and life. Go to Him!  Praised be the Lord, because His justice fortifies the just.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: 1 Jn. 1:8-9.



October 1, 1984                               #307


    Keep your spirit calm, beloved children.  If you find yourselves near hatred, withdraw from hatred. Christ is not there. If you find yourselves facing someone who feels powerful, withdraw from him also, as Christ is not there either.

   Nobody is more important than others. Never humiliate  before somebody that is your equal, do not commit that imprudence.

    Make offerings to the Lord; live as He teaches you, and you will live in permanent happiness.

    Amen, Amen.


October 1, 1984                               #308


    My children, let your prayer be deeply felt this month; pray for peace in the world, and that every day more children should approach the Church because She is Christ.

    Meditate my message.


October 2                               #309


    Happy is the son who feels at peace with the Lord; praise the Lord, praise His Holy Name. He is offering Himself.


October 2                               #310


    Blessed be he who obeys the Lord.

    Blessed be he who keeps and fulfills His commandments.

    Blessed be he who suffers on account of God, because he has won eternal Life.

    Blessed be he who has chosen the Lord as rudder to guide his life.

    Blessed be he who fears God.


October 3                               #311


    The Eucharist Congress must help God's children to come close to Him, including priests and nuns; to turn to Him with all the love and vocation that priesthood requires.

    Pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten their spirits, so that they may really see Christ in the Eucharist, and they may find Him and never leave Him.

    These days are pleasant to the Lord.

    Glory be to Heaven.


October 4                               #312


    You should be on guard and keep the faith at all times, because protection is by your side; the Lord's Spirit dispels all danger.

    At your home, at your work, wherever you are, keep Christ present and you will see His presence reflected; only want it.

    Your Mother is full of joy seeing how you love the Lord.

    Glory be to God.


Blessed be Mother of mine,

hope of my life,

radiant light of my eyes,

redemption of my sins.

Bud open to the love

of your children

towards the Father.

From Heaven you bless me,

I give you my heart, Mother.


October 5                              #313


    Blessed be the Lord and His designs, my children; the Lord neither gives nor takes anything for the sake of only doing it.

May each one know how to lead his life in a balanced way.

    Do the Lord's Will bearing with faith whatever He sends, show that you want to follow Him.

    Glory be to God.


Read: 1 Jn. 3:19-22.


October 6                               #314


    My dears: it will be enough for you to draw near my beloved Son and you will be able to reject the enemy's cursed temptation.

    Prepare your heart and receive the Lord.  Be a people who is responsible, because you are in the hands of God.

    Praise be to Him.


October 7                                #315


    Can you prove to God that you are doing His Will?

    Keep within you, in the depth of your heart, the Love He gives you.

    Do not destroy this great bundle of wise words; keep them and turn them to your good.

    Amen, Amen.


October 7                                #316


    When you pray, you must all repeatedly ask forgiveness for the offenses that the Lord receives daily from those who refuse to listen to Him.

    Give thanks because He has placed His eyes on you, for making you see that in the Church you can find Christ.

    During all the month, do this on your knees.


October 7                               #317


    The Lord has taken and will take many out of that rebellion in which they were involved, and has led and will lead them on the right road.

    My children, the Lord is gathering His sheep.


Read: Jos. 4:24.


October 8                               #318


    No one can destroy the work of God, because there is no power over God.  No one can destroy the Church, as the Church is Christ Himself and Christ is the Truth.

    Evil denies God and is far from Him; it is death and God is true Life.

    Christ loves you, my children; place yourselves under His protection.

    Amen. Amen.


October 9                              #319


    Jesus says:


    I speak to the poor, the desperate, the ill.  God forgets no one.


October 9                              #320


    Mary says:


    How could the Lord, who shaped the universe, not re-shape your way of thinking?  How would He refrain from increasing that little light that you have lit within you?  He can do it!

    If a child is smothering, He will not deny him air; if thirsty, He will not deny him water.  The mercy of God reaches all of you and all of you need it.

    Glory be to the Lord.


October 10                                #321


    Continually, you are being attacked by the evil one, but you will reject it all.  Only this way will he lose his strength and be consumed.

    Be prudent and he will not overthrow you.  In the Lord you will find strength.

    Glory be to Heaven.

    Pray to the Lord this way:


I renew my spirit.

I open my heart to the Lord,

I promise to listen only to His voice,

to keep His word and practice it.


Read: Heb. 3:12,15.

October 11                              #322


    Dear children, for you I want clear and bright days; be careful how you act.

    I say this for those who claim to have no need of reading the Word of the Lord, His messages. That hardness of heart does you no good.

    Run away from the captivity in which you can fall; seek the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


October 12                            #323


    The Mother has to be near Her children, that is why I am beside you. I see many of you anguished and misguided, I see atheism.   But I say to you: By denying God you are lost. My children, you trust too much in man's strength, but it is not to be compared to the strength of God. You think of hatred and revenge. Let no one think of that, because it will get you nothing. Only the Lord is the Just Judge.

    Glory be to Heaven.


Read: Eph. 4:17-18, 30-32.


October 12                               #324


    I see an anchor, and on either side a fish and a loaf of bread. The anchor is blue.


October 13                               #325


    To my children, I say: These are favorable days to open your heart to the Lord.

    (She refers to the Eucharist Congress)

    Take advantage of them to confess and repent of every bad action, and to be able to find in Christ a new life. It is important, I ask this of you especially since blessings will fall upon you.

    The Lord wants to see faith in your hearts.

    This city has grown in faith, but it must still grow more, it must be a model of Christianity.

    Amen, Amen.


October 14                               #326


    Accept God's Will; act as He asks you. It is time for you to start to see clearly because the day is shining.

    The Lord has compassion for those who attempt not to heed His voice. Do not draw away from the Lord; do not remain closed, refusing His help.

    The Holy Spirit does not abandon you, He is always present.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Jer. 13:15-17.


October 14                               #327


  I see a river, I think it is our river, and a great canoe, it looks like an ark. The Virgin says to me:


    I am the Anchor!  I have anchored here. I am the Ark that wants to carry the children to the Lord.


October 15                               #328


    Some of my children claim to have nothing. I ask you: Have you nothing?  Can it be that anything is lacking if you have God, which is all that matters?  Is there need of anything more,  having Christ in your heart?

    He covers everything, replaces everything.

    Faith is what many of you need, and only the Lord can give it to you.

    Praise be to Him!


October 15                               #329


    Remember, my children, that when a storm comes, only the Lord can dispel the clouds. Place your trust in the Savior and He will protect you with His protecting arm.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Is. 54:10.


October 16                               #330


    Happiness comes from God and can be enjoyed by a child of God.

    My dears, be constant in prayer, the Lord never abandons a child who prays and asks. You are lost if you do not do it.

    You will never feel faint hearted if you are faithful to the Lord. Amen, Amen.


October 17                               #331


    If you think that there is urgency in God's call, it is true. There is urgency!

    Be convinced, it is so, because the days will come in which the guilty will carry their guilt and the innocent will see the Lord's Glory.

    Amen, Amen.


October 18                               #332


    As a flower drinks water to be able to live, so you must drink the Lord's Words.

    I do not think that a good Christian can withdraw from His call, nor do I think that anyone should not want to hear this cry of Love. He who opens his door to the Lord will remain bound to Him.

    God is overflowing Love.

    May He be praised.


October 18                               #333


    My children, the Lord wants the flame of Love to penetrate in you. Be certain that Christ Jesus, the Savior, will give you strength.

    It is He who purifies everything.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Jer. 16:21.


October 19                               #334


    The Lord gradually turns you into children who are truly responsible for all your acts. This is visible, you can see it.

    Those who scorn God have a great misfortune;  they are not even aware, as yet, of what this means.

    I say to those children: Do not give in, fight for that victory that the Lord wants to give you.

    Glory be the Lord.


October 19                               #335


    I see a very green field, a deer and near the deer a lion. The Virgin says to me:


    The lion, as you know, is the king of animals, and he is by the deer because they can live perfectly well side by side, as there is enough for both of them in the Lord's fields.

    There is no reason to worry.

    Amen, Amen.


October 20                               #336


    From the beginning of every life is God, and man must continue being with God.

    Always live as you should, with your spirit full of that joy that comes from knowing that you have plunged deeply in Christ.

    The Lord does not want tears or bent knees.

    Amen. Amen.



October 21                                #337


    Jesus says:


    To all those who feel faint and belittled, I say, God provides.


    The Virgin says to me:


    My children, when I see that a child resists the Lord I suffer so, and feel such bitterness in my Heart!

    He that is far from the Lord should feel shame, the Lord does so much for Love to you!

    Love God, my children, be grateful for this Grace you are able to live.

    Praise be to Heaven.


October 22                               #338


    Never hesitate when facing a call from God, wherever you may be, since it will be a just call.

    Glorify the Lord, for Him to make that hope and everlasting happiness, which the Almighty promises you, stay forever in your hearts.

   Amen, Amen.


October 23                               #339


    Blessed children, your steps will be straight if they are guided by the Lord. He gives you out everything.  You can see how immense God's Love is. Beside Him there is no weakness, it is enough to name Him to feel His strength.

    May he who has not done it, put his heart on trial and he will soon understand that  the Lord is not absent, and least of all, distant.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Prov. 4:19-13.


October 24                              #340


    My children, always remember these thoughts: It is better to forgive than to harbor anger. It is better to love than be loved, to be hungry than to be full, to ask the Lord for mercy than  to believe you have no need of God.

    Many of my children ask the Lord not to abandon them. I say, let it be you who do not go away from the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


October 25                            #341


    Pray for those lost souls, for the materialism that wants to be imposed on the weak, for that hollow world in which so many children fall and that offers nothing.

    Pray to the Lord:


I beseech You, Lord,

to place Your eyes on all children,

to make them better,

and that they find in You

a reason for living.  Amen.

    Praise be to the Almighty.

October 25                         #342


    My poor Heart falls to pieces to reach yours.

    Glory be to the Lord.


October 25                         #343


    I want to lead you, my children, towards my adored Son's purity.


October 26                         #344


    When a child is converted, at that moment he starts to live; that day the bandage will have fallen from his eyes and the Lord's Light will begin to enter.

    Do not allow yourselves to be persecuted, do not let evil harass you, because the days are short, but not those to come.

    Amen, Amen.


October 26                         #345


    May all my children know I walk beside them.


October 26                         #346


    Pray for those who are asleep in their faith, so that the Holy Spirit may drive them to wish to see the Lord's Glory.


October 27                         #347


    Oh people, to you I speak.  Listen!  May each one begin to feel the warmth and love enclosed in the Lord's Words.

    Do not let them disappear, nor abandon what you have not yet started.  The Lord is patient, He waits for you, do not delay.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Is.  55:1-7.


October 28                         #348


    Avoid the weariness that can lead you away from God, not being able to renew a prayer,  offer yourselves willingly to Him and make an effort to dedicate yourselves to the Lord.

    My children, ignore any suffering that can keep you away from His side, and you will discover that nothing is important compared to the Graces that are received from God.

    Praise be to Him.


October 28                         #349


    My children, the real trust in God is to let yourselves be led by Him.

    Blessed be he who seeks shelter in the Lord.  Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Apoc.  3:19-22.


October 29                         #350


    Eternal will be the days of those who live the joy of finding health of soul in the Lord, because forever they will be protected.

    To those who have mistaken the road, start seeking the right one.  Do not rest until you have found it.  Then you can say: The shadows do not touch me, I am with my Lord.  Alleluia!


October 30                         #351


    I say to my children: Do not be fearful in the face of any obstacle.

    If you see someone trying to discredit the name of God, stand up to him, make him see that he is wrong.  The Lord considers that if that child sees his mistake in time, he will be rescued.

    Cooperate in this work, which is the work of Christ.

    Amen. Amen.


October 31                         #352


    Listen, my dears, I want you to understand and find in the Lord what you so need, love, humility, charity.  Ask and He will provide it to you to the extent that you learn to value the importance of feeling accompanied by the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Phil.  2:1-4.


October 31                                 #353


    This city was spiritually different  a year ago.  The Lord has been changing His children to the extent that now prayer rises, and be certain that it reaches God for the good of all.



November 1, 1984                         #354


    May an innocent heart never feel guilty and may all my children know that only from God is mercy received.

    He has bent down to you.  Wait, and you will see that the Lord leaves no one alone.

    My Son's Sacred Heart guides you.

    Amen, Amen.



November 1                         #355


Sweetest Heart of Jesus,

I bless You, I worship You and I ask You

to have compassion on me.

Let me never be lost

from the road to the Lord.

Give me strength, Sacred Heart,

to be able to correct my faults,

and deserve the Lord's peace.


November 2                         #356

    Your Mother proclaims aloud that you should trust in the Lord, since He gives you the grapes from His vine.  Blessed be he who receives the gift.

    Be sincere and perseverant in the faith.

    Praise be to the Lord.


November 3                         #357


    My children, the Lord shows to you in such a way that you can ask, trust Him and surrender to Him.

    It would be useless were it not so; that is why I take you to the Church.

    There you should unburden any oppression suffered in your heart with a good confession, where your soul will remain so pure that you will feel that Christ Jesus lives in it.

    That is what the Church is for, that is why it is necessary to resort to Her: the Lord is there.

    Glory be to God.


Read: Chron.  6:40-41.


November 3                             #358


    The great strength of God breaks any plan that the enemy wishes to set up.

    The wicked one is stepped on and razed by the Lord's Will.

     You must wish this for it to happen.


November 4                             #359


    My children, do not have your hands tied,  you who walk in obedience.

    Be sowers of the Word of Christ; take it to all your brethren and you will feel the Spirit reborn.

    Amen, Amen.


November 5                         #360


    So, standing as I am, so must you be, without fearing being abandoned by God.

    Have the courage of facing any injustice, because often you will find it.  Be humble, the Lord orders you to be humble.  Nothing will soil you if you manage to do His Will.

    Praise be to Heaven.


November 6                         #361


    God loves everything that exists, how could He not love what He created, how not to desire His children's perfection.

    My dears, if you love the Lord express it with actions, follow my advice.

    Save yourselves from martyrdom, save yourselves from fear, save yourselves from sorrow, save yourselves from pain.

    Love Jesus and in Him you will find salvation.

    Amen, Amen.


November 7                         #362


    Oh my children, I want faithful and firm hearts that do not tremble, that consecrate themselves, wishing to see  the Lord  allowing you to live in Him.

    Usually, man believes he is with God, without doing anything, forgetting His Law; that is to live in falsehood.

    To be with God is not to abandon His road for any reason, following Him, feeling sure that He is within, and intensely feeling that you are in the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Titus 1:15-16, 2:11-15.


November 8                         #363


    May he who asks for faith be sure of what he asks, since the Lord will give it to whoever feels sincere attraction towards Him.

    Blessed be he who is tempted and rejects temptation, blessed be the son who is called by God, and blessed be he who ignores envy, because his soul would be very small, and there would be much poverty in his heart, if there were room in him for this trifle.

    Glory be to the Lord.


November 8                         #364


    Today as never before, I would like to say how I see the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Her beauty is not easy to describe, but She is lovely and in her, Humility, Strength, Purity and Love, like this, with capital letters, go together, because all the love in the world I think does not cover the love She feels for her children.

    When She requests, I feel the strength there is in Her, when She advises, I feel her motherly Love, and when she tells me that she suffers for those children who are far from the Lord, She transmits her sorrow to me.

    All this is left in me by this marvelous Mother, whom I venerate and to whom I have consecrated my life.

    I say this for my dear brethren to be able to know, in some way, what our Heavenly Mother is like.


November 9                         #365


    No matter how you try, you will achieve nothing if far from the Lord, my children.  Follow Christ, nothing can retain you.  Have the courage of seeing the Truth and of living that Truth, which is  in the Lord.

    Start to seek Him those of you who have not done it.

    May there be peace in your souls, peace in your people, peace in the world.

    Pray to increase your faith and that of your brethren.

    Praise be to the Most Holy.


Read: Jn.  20:27-29.


November 10                         #366


    Let God's Mercy purify your souls.  Do not withhold your prayers, the Lord's wish is that you should pray to Him, to be able to respond.  Great are the benefits received from the Lord.

    Love Him with true love.

    Glory be to the Lord.


November 11                         #367


    Jesus says to us:


    My Heart is great, it can fit any lamentation, any sorrow.  I am not deaf, I am not cold, My Love reaches those who give Me love.


    The Virgin says to me:


    Woe to the son who lets the flame in his heart go out, without asking the Lord to feed it.

    He, Who knows your lost steps, will save you from being victims.  Only God will do it.

    Amen, Amen.


Read:  Amos 8:11.


November 11                         #368


    My children, the Lord knows that some of you are thirsty and others are not, but all need the Love of God.  He is giving Love, He has already started.

    Glory be to God.


Read: Eph.  5:15-17.


November 12                         #369


    I ask my young children, those who are just starting to see life: Can a few moments of worldly and false joy, such as you are living, fill the spirit completely?  Can that be enough, and leave you satisfied?

    Perhaps, but that is superficial, nothing remains, as the main thing is lacking.  You are lacking Christ.

    My dears, I do not want to see you impoverished, enrich yourselves with Him.

    Glory be to God.


Read: 1 Thess.  4:7-8.


November 13                         #370


    You cannot let this chance, that the Lord is giving you, pass without doing anything.  Listen to this that I tell you: Search for Him, for His Wisdom, and you will be able to understand, because if you do not do this, you will not be able to enjoy the Eternal Life of the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


November 14                         #371


    Many of those who now laugh, will cry, when the Lord makes them see how late it is for repentance.

    Stop and listen now to the Lord's Word.  Do you not fear that when the time comes God will pass you by?

    Take care, you may wear mourning forever.

    Your Mother does not want this happens to you, that is why you are called to reflect in your hearts.

    Amen, Amen.


November 15                         #372


    If you have not yet sought God, do so.  Be sure that He will not delay in arriving; may this help you not to continue mistakenly.  Glory be to the Lord.  Pray:


I seek your Grace without dismay.

I seek your Light since it can change me.

I entrust myself to your divine Love.

How poor I am without You, Lord.


November 16                         #373

    I ask that you not withdraw charity from your hearts.  May your hands be always ready to serve your neighbor.  Do not let the Lord's teachings fade, give yourself to them.

    What a bitter taste I feel, when I realize that selfishness has taken hold of my children and they do not let love to enter.

    He who lets love in will be considered an heir of God.

    Amen, Amen.


November 17                         #374


    Pray to the Lord for there never to appear before you any shadow, and you will know no pain.  God, Who sees everything, knows whether your hearts are disposed, thus you must avoid being stained.

    Glory be to God.


Read: Job 34:16,31.


November 18                         #375


    How poor is he who is far from God, what unhappiness surrounds him.  He suffers from solitude.

    I warn that son: Listen to the Lord!  You think happiness is impossible; you find it hard to believe in salvation, but you do not know how wrong you are.

    The Lord can change your life.  Pray!  Devote yourself to prayer.  He is waiting to receive each child, and that each child  receives Him.

    Amen, Amen.


November 18                         #376


    Bless the Name of the Lord Who orders you to obey the commandments.  Bless His Holy Name!

    My dears: from the Lord you will receive His Gifts, you will receive His Goods.  Ask the Lord!

    Praise be to the Lord.


November 19                         #377


  Jesus says to me:


    Only God knows the roads and He shows the safe path.


    The Virgin says to me:


    It is so clear to see what the Lord wants from you.  How can you doubt and mistrust Him?

    Do not be rebellious; the Lord's children are not rebellious; Christ Jesus wants to reach your hearts, hold fast to His  Hand  that wants to save you.

    Amen, Amen.


November 19                         #378


  To say how I see Jesus, what He conveys to me, and how I feel when I see Him, is to tear myself apart within, such is the sensation that I feel, but it is the pain of an overflowing love.

    I see Him as the Supreme Being that He is, in Heaven and on the earth, full of Love, of Gentleness and Strength, a strength that raises everything, an imposing strength.

    To let oneself be carried away by Him is to be completely sure of reaching perfection and with it, salvation, which is what He really wants from us.

    He is demanding, but He does not demand anything impossible and He only does so for our own good, since we are His children.

    He transmits Love to me, a great Love for the neighbor, safety, and the conviction that He is the only Way.

   He leaves me a great inner peace and serenity, which is what I need to be able to follow on in His mission.

    I will thank Him eternally for the Graces He leaves us.


November 20                         #379


    Many are the people who do not listen to the Lord, who are stubborn and deny Him.

    Your Mother says to you: Think again, children, because you will be guilty of your own faults.  Listen to my advice, practice them and peace will reign in your spirits.

    Praise be to the Lord.


Read: Jos.  22:19.


November 21                             #380


    Blessed be the son who chooses to be with God, who longs for His presence and His Love.

    To please the Lord and to remain faithful to His Word should be the most important thing for you.  The Lord rewards His children.

    Glory be to Heaven.


Read: Acts 2:26-28.


November 22                             #381


    Many of my children are clumsy, they do not know how to walk alone.  They have impenetrable hearts and, without knowing, they are attempting against their own lives.  They have fallen into sin.

    I tell you, you are in a quagmire.  Do not advance any further, you are in danger of death. Turn back, for you have salvation;  Christ wants to save you.

    Praise be to the Lord.


November 23                         #382


    Christian faith should be greater these days, so as not to be stained, and for you to be able to receive the Lord.

    Have the courage of rejecting evil, and you will not be destined to see darkness.

    My adored Son, Christ Jesus, wants to bless you eternally.  Do not reject His Kindness!

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Rom.  4:1-8.


November 23                         #383


    You must ask firmly, my request is most important.  My house must be built, my children, give your Mother what She asks.

    Invite all to pray at the place chosen and sanctified by me, and my children will come.


November 24                         #384


    Today the world is tempted by evil and surrenders because it has attraction, but it only attracts the weak.

    Happy are those who are attracted by the Power of God, which is the universal strength, and happy are those who in their hearts have room only for Him.

    Amen, Amen.


November 25                         #385


    My daughter, I am seeing in this city a great conversion, you are on the right road.  You have placed yourselves in God's hands, and that makes my Heart feel great joy.

    How destroyed you were, how uselessly your wings fluttered, not knowing where you were going.  Now you have a goal: to reach the Lord.


November 25                         #386


    Devote this day to prayer and put your thoughts in order.  Praised be the Lord.


"I am a poor, ill sinner,

and I have come to your feet,

to ask you to heal me

and redeem me.

Take my heart.  Mother,

give me your Love".


November 25                         #387

    Truly adore the Lord, because He purifies and heals.


November 26                         #388


    Some of you may say, the Lord says nothing new.  I tell you: Everything is new, because you practiced nothing!  It would seem that you knew nothing about God.  It is necessary that you begin to know Him because you are receiving much from the Lord.

    Blessed be Him.


November 27                         #389


    Prepare your spirits, do not be oppressed.  You cannot let these teachings, that the Lord is bringing you, pass by.

        You will learn many things that were dormant in you, my dears; I ask you to face these truths, as this is the only way to  come close to God.  It is the only way to be pure within.

    The Holy Spirit will help you to  see the dawn.

    Amen. Amen.

    How pleasant are the moments devoted to the Lord.


November 28                        #390


    I do not reproach you.  I only ask you, never say, 'my love for God is fulfilled'.

    One never gives enough to the Lord.  Learn how to offer, show your obedience and He will always be amongst you.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Is.  44:8.


November 29                         #391


    Listen, my children, God's name should not to be whispered.  This is not the way to name Him.  Raise your voices, that is what the Lord wants.

    I invite you to feel His Sublime Love, and you will see the change it makes in your hearts.

    Amen, Amen.


November 30                         #392


    How many offenses against the Lord are there in the world!  How much suffering and ingratitude, my daughter.

    If all the children were to embrace the faith, as you are doing here, in this place, there would be less sinners and the suffering caused to the Lord and to my poor Heart would decrease.

    God is amongst you and you do not see Him. He is asking for love, and you do not give it.

    You can see how merciful the Lord is, when He does not tire of asking you for your conversion.  He wants to save you.

    Hear Him, I ask this with all my Motherly Love.

    Praise be to the Lord.


December 1, 1984                         #393


    Nothing stains the heart of the child who is with God.  Nothing stops him, he will just follow the Lord.  No one can turn out the Light on his path; he who surrenders to the Lord has nothing to fear.  Say trustingly:


If I love the Lord, I will be happy.

If my heart is pure I will see His Glory.

Praised be  the Lord.


December 2                         #394


    Go to the Lord, ask for mercy, pray for mercy!  Listen to the Lord, He calls you untiringly to His side.  Follow Him, my children, devote yourselves to the Lord; the child who does so is a worthy son of God.

    Glory be to the Lord.

    Your wheat will blossom and multiply.


December 2                          #395


    You must coin a medal with the image of my advocation of Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas and on the back, the Most Holy Trinity with seven stars.



December 3                         #396


    Dear children, everything that the Lord asks of you is for your own good.  Be careful, since nothing will remain without being exposed to the eyes of God.

    Glory be to Heaven.


Read: Deut.  4:29-31,35-40.


December 4                         #397


    It is good to live with the assurance that the Lord backs up and guides.  Seek that support and never go away from the Lord.

    Rebellions expose you to be destroyed by the evil one.  If only you could tell the false from the truth, your horizon would clear up.

    Amen. Amen


December 5                         #398


    I say  to my children: Do not suppose to please God if you do not wish to obey Him.  Do not expect His forgiveness, if you do not prepare your heart to deserve it.

    Love God, serve God, respect God.

    Praise be to Him.


December 6 (St. Nicholas Feast Day)   #399


    Blessed be God for the greatness of His mercy!  Blessed be the Lord, my children, because He blesses and loves, and blessed be because He speaks to you of hope and life.  Glory be to the Lord.

    Today is a day of prayer; you must  thank the Lord for having that saint, Saint Nicholas, who intercedes before Him for the needy children.

    In this season of Advent, blessings will be abundant.


December 7                         #400


    Beloved children, when there is a change in the  hearts, such as there has been in yours, that is a signal that the Lord has healed  and has given you the gift of faith.

    You must increase it, because Christ places His Spirit in all those who give themselves to Him.

    Amen, Amen.


December 8                         #401


    My face shows sorrow for the unfaithful souls, for those who do not come close to my Heart, for those who do not want to see the sufferings that Christ underwent.  Pray you, the hearts that are faithful to the Lord.

    Start praying a Novena on the seventeenth, make petitions, and as the days go by they will be granted.

    Glory be to the Lord.


"Mother, I ask You the Grace,

that you heal me in body and soul.

I know that I must deprive myself

of my pride, and of all my sins.

How far I was from you,

how black the veil covering my soul.

Today I am discovering You and I want to live,

extend your hand and place it on my heart".


December 9                         #402

    The Lord wants your Mother to guide you, that is why I come when you are wrong.  May no one believe to be just, as only the Lord is just.  May no one believe to be powerful, since only the Lord is powerful, and may no one think himself wise, because only the Lord is wise and He uses His wisdom to protect His children.

    Seek the Lord and stay in Him.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: James 3:13-18.


December 10                         #403


    The spiritual approach to the Lord is always latent in Him, my children.  Then, face the enemy that is in front of you; he only offers what is easy and for the day.  Think of tomorrow.  Christ is the hope of tomorrow, and He loves you!

    Amen, Amen.


December 11                         #404


    How many lamentations I hear!  How many misfortunes you suffer!  I tell you: The Lord is not in you, you have not sought Him, since the Lord protects and gives peace.

    Advance triumphantly, in full joy, advance with the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


December 12                         #405


    Jesus says to me:


    God attends each child, according to the need and the love that the child feels towards Him.


    The Virgin:


    My daughter, I see how the youth is drifting, the devil is leading them away, taking them to sin.

    My children are being harassed by evil, and their spirits are in complete disorder.

    I say this to all: Give thanks to the Lord Who is patient, ask the Lord to be able to receive His protection.

    Praise be to the Lord.


Read: Ecclus.  17:25-26.


December 13                         #406


    You are witnessing that the Lord is approaching you.  Where are you, my children, that you are afraid of the Light?

    Many are the pretenders who believe they can deceive God.  They claim to love Him and they reject His Word; they claim to be in the truth and  they are children of falsehood.

    No one deceives the Lord, may no one deny the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


December 14                         #407


    Many are the atrocities which offend Christ.  Can you be so blind as not being able to see the difference between life and death?  Can you not hear that Christ is calling?

    It is said that the world is lost.  Your Mother tells you: Not everything is lost, since the Lord sees salvation; repent, purify your hearts, the Lord allows it.

    Praise be to the Lord forever.


December 15                         #408


    Many of my children are indifferent, they go along the roads hesitating.  The Lord does not punish this; He only wants to lead them, for them not to drift, and be able to find the right way.

    Glory be to God.


December 16                         #409


    Blessed be the child who does not go away from the Lord and sees His greatness, because he will know no lamentations.

    May these words find an echo in your hearts, my children, and you will please the Lord.

    Praise be to God.


Read: 1 Jn.  2:15-16.


December 16                         #410


    They who receive my words, receive the Lord.  I see arrogance in some, but be pious, be humble, the Lord orders you to behave this way.


Read: 1 Tim.  4:8, Phil.  2:5-7.


December 17                         #411


    There are dry hearts, others have only wilted.  Do not let your heart dry, my children, believe in the Almighty.  Seek His company, and the faith that you have dormant, will appear.


December 18                         #412


    Do not wish to live far from God, it is useless to live far from Him.  Do not be inconstant, He does not want you in inconstancy.  He wants you strong in His struggle.

    Praise be to the Savior.


December 18                        #413




In God I place my life, in God my hope.

I follow Him with assurance, receiving His teachings, knowing of His gifts, trusting in His Love.

In Christ I believe, He is my salvation.



December 18                         #414


(At the site chosen and sanctified by the Virgin)


    If you want peace come to this place, because here you will find peace, here you will receive Graces.

    I want to be able to receive you on a not too distant day, in this house that I have chosen.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Tob.  13:11-13.


December 19                         #415


    Come to the Lord, do not be afraid.  Happy is he who offers to the Lord, happy is he who works for  the Lord.  Happy is he who trusts in the Lord, because if he is ill he will be healed and if he asks for redemption, it will be granted to him.

    Place all your will in the Lord.


Read: Matt.  11:28-30.


December 20                         #416


    People are unaware of the poison that the evil one places in them, and they let themselves be tempted.

    Today they continue to crucify Christ with that behavior.  That is why the Lord is instructing His children.

    Join your hands, join your voices, acclaiming the Lord Who is by your side.

    Amen, Amen.


December 20                         #417


    Seek refuge in my Heart; I will receive you with great Love.


December 21                         #418


    God's compassion for His children is enormous.  You are very important to Him.

    You can see His concern over your perfection.  My children, seek refuge in the Lord; I assure you, you will be accepted.

    Amen, Amen.


December 22                         #419


    The Lord tests all His children.  I tell you, be faithful to the Lord, be open to faith.

    My dears, it would be regrettable if you resisted my call, I want to be your consolation.

    Glory be to God!


December 23                         #420


    You remember the birth of my adored Son with love.  With much more love I remember it, as He was born from my womb, without knowing of the suffering I had ahead of me, and without knowing His great Cross.

    With all my suffering, I never doubted God's Love.  I never felt unprotected, because He made me understand that in spite of man's sin, of man's offenses to God, He does not abandon us.  On the contrary, in Christ, He gave His answer of Love, of Eternal Love.

    My children, you must receive the Lord.  When your heart feels that He is arriving, do not reject Him.

    You must always bear Christmas within you, as it is the coming of the Savior, of your salvation.  Alleluia.

    May God make you see His love in depth.



December 24                         #421


    You must keep your relationship with God in complete harmony.  The children who are not willing to do so are to be pitied, their hearts are like stones.

    Understand, my mouth speaks for you to understand; I want you to take advantage of this day, in which God's generosity is offered, to purify your spirits.

    Glory be to Heaven.


December 25                         #422


    My children, open your eyes and raise them, here is your Mother.  All who discover my Heart will see themselves reflected in it.

    May the Holy Spirit be with you eternally, pray for this to be so.


    I see a torch, the flame is pink, and blue around it.  The Virgin says to me:


    Daughter, now my flame will not go out, for it is the flame of Love.  Amen, Amen.


December 25                         #423


    Come, touch my hands, you will find a blessing in them.


December 26                         #424


    Do not irritate the Lord with misconduct.  Take care of your hearts which are not ruined, still, but you can destroy them.

    Try to seek God and you will understand the meaning of everything I say to you.  He invites you.

    Glory be to the Lord.


December 27                         #425


    My house will be your house, a place of peace which all good Christians need.  It will be like a pool of still waters, where you will be able to drench in God's Love.

    Amen, Amen.


December 28                         #426


    The Lord wants you to have a heart full of love, sure, and not at all fearful.  He wants you to keep away from all foolish words, lead a healthy life.

    It is true that the Lord tolerates everything, allows everything, but respect the Lord.

    Praise be to Him.


December 29                         #427


    I see the Virgin and behind her appears a great light.  It is as if a mountain opened and within and illuminated valley is seen, also lit by that light.


    Daughter, it is the Lord's Horizon, in which He wants all my children to enter.

    I call them all equally.  I also want to be listened to; I also want to feel the joy of being understood, as every mother who wants the best for her children.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Is.  4:2.


December 30                         #428


    Save yourselves, go to the Lord, my children, and do not stray from me, for I am your guardian.

    Do not let yourselves fall, or show weariness for following the Lord's road, but the desire to arrive.

    Daughter, the fruits are already being collected.

    Glory be to the Lord.


December 31                         #429


   May the Lord have pity of those on whose lips there is always an offense.  Those souls are eaten by wickedness, covered in shame.  Be careful, do not let yourselves be contaminated.

    The wisdom of the Lord teaches to see in depth the behavior that a believer in God should have.  My children, follow the Lord's steps.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Jer.  15:19-21.



January 1, 1985                  #430


    On this day, my Heart asks you to love the Lord, offerings  and complete self giving to the Lord.  Can you respond to these petitions?

    Do not be surprised at my question, because many of you must meditate on it.

    Blessed be the Lord Who will reign forever.

    Amen, Amen.


January 2                             #431


    Do God's Will and your work will be good.  Do not forget that what is pure comes from the Lord, truth comes from the Lord.  React, then, and you will see that the Lord hides nothing, He places everything before your eyes.

    The Lord wants each one can see earthly weakness and trust in heavenly strength.

    Praise be to Heaven.


January 3                             #432


    Man can avoid his fall today, but he is stubborn.  He embraces his vices, yield up to them and lives on the illusions that satan offers him, without seeing that they lead to  his destruction.  I ask these poor children to resist evil, to stop this course and meditate.  Let the Lord in, put roots in Him and no one will be able to move you from His side.  Christ Jesus protects all those who come to His Heart.

    Praise be to the Redeemer!


Read: 2 Theses.  3:2-5.


January 4                             #433


    How many children wish to reach the Lord's peace, and deliberately act against His law?

    My dears, how can you expect God's Mercy, if you do not go to Him?

    Go to Christ, for Christ is the Light.

    Amen, Amen.


January 5                             #434


    The Lord, the perfect guide of all human beings, sends you His protection, accept Christ;  it depends on you that my presence in your lives should not be useless.

    Listen, the call comes from the Lord.

    Glory be to the Lord.


January 6                             #435


    The Lord wants His work to grow, so I ask you to be the bearers.

    Many forget there is a God Who is waiting to live in them.  I tell you, I want you to come to my Son's Heart.

    Blessed is he who strengthens in the Lord.

    Praise be to the Lord.  Pray:


Lord, make a new person of me,

enlarge my heart and fill it with Love.

May Your Kindness take pity on me,

and may my prayer come to You.



January 7                             #436


    May every child live according to God's Will, and darkness will not fall on him.

    Understand me, since I am not speaking in any strange language.  I only let you know what the Lord's great Love for His followers can do.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Ecclus.  24:17-22.


January 8                             #437


    If you were to meditate my words one by one, you could see how necessary they are to keep you pure, and to prevent evil to reach you.

    Take care, for this to happen you must not be far from the Lord.

    Beloved children, the choice is not difficult if you have an honest heart.  As you can see, the Lord is watching you and is concerned about you.

    Love the Lord!


Read: Deut.  8:6, 13:9.


January 9                             #438


    Do not doubt that the Lord will ever give you less than what you may deserve.  Look around you and you will see how the Lord intervenes.  He never deceives, do not look for anything beyond the Lord.

    Praise be to the Savior.


January 10                             #439


    Do not be too hard when you think of the Lord, because I remind you, He drives away fears and dangers, humiliations and scorn.  Christ's humility should be your example and encouragement.  Do not act as children who have strayed from His Fold, but as those belonging to the Fold.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Ps.  33:12-22.


January 11                             #440


    Go towards the Lord!  I tell you, there is no distance between the Lord and His children.

    Many will be deaf to my supplications, children.  Tears burn my eyes when I see so much coldness in those I try to save, because I know that if they do not convert, they are going towards death.

    My daughter, I want this to be preached throughout the world, these are my beloved Son's wishes.

    Glory be to the Lord.


Read: Deut.  32:1-4.


January 13                             #441


    You are living under the Lord's presence.  Then, always keep His Name in your mouths.  You will discover that, with Him, there is no anguish, nor spiritual poverty.

    May the Lord be beloved by all His children, forever and ever.

    Glory be to God.




As from today I reject all evil,

from today I receive what is good.

I will not hesitate at the Lord's call,

because He will cover me with glory.


    My children, I come to you - you go to the Lord.  Dear people, continue learning on this work of the Lord.

January 14                             #442


    Do not commit the very serious sin of disobeying the Lord.  His Word is the first thing you should bear in mind.

    With Christ Jesus, misfortunes are unknown, as only Graces are received from Him.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Rom.  2:7-11.


January 15                             #443


    My children, start praying a special Novena on the seventeenth, to finish on the twenty fifth.

    I say special, because I want you to make petitions, and I assure you that no prayer, said with love, will not be heard by your Mother.

    This Novena will be renewed every month and Graces will be plentiful.

    Praise be to the Lord.


January 16                             #444


    Mankind loves freedom, but they do not know how to keep it, and defend it.  They often fall prisoners, some get out, others do not.

    My children, you need God to be free, God is freedom.

    Remember that the Lord's children will not raise compassion, those who are far from the Lord will.

    Glory be to Heaven.


January 17                             #445


    The rebellions I see in the world are atrocious, my daughter, and I feel deep compassion for all those who are far from the Lord.

    They are orphans of love, because they have rejected it.  Their sins increase day by day, and they continue seeking, and committing more.

    Those children are the most needy, they are ill.  They are lacking health of soul and only God can save the soul.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: 1 Ptr.  2:1-2,11.


January 17                             #446


  On the first day of the Novena, at the place chosen and sanctified, She says to us:


    I rejoice seeing so much devotion here, my daughter.


January 18                             #447


    Children, do not complain when you go through moments of suffering, since you can expiate nothing without suffering.  You must accept them as an offering to the Lord for your sins.

    I ask you:  Go to the Church, attend Holy Mass.  My Son Jesus is waiting there with all His Love.

    Christ will be in you and you in Him.  This is lived at Mass, this is what Mass is for.

    You see how important your Mother's request is, that she wants you to feel the Love of Christ Jesus in a vivid way.

    Ask the Lord to make you feel the need that all Christians should have for Holy Mass, and you will discover how wonderful it is to live in the Lord

    Praise be to Him.


January 19                             #448


    He who is at the end of his strength and feels vanquished, should ask  the Lord for help.

    My children, if you understood what it means to the Lord to rescue a son!  If you could take part in my joy, when the Lord enters in that heart!

    Do not forget that He also stretches out His hand to the vanquished; do not deprive yourselves of the Lord.

    Amen, Amen.


January 20                             #449


    My daughter, sometimes I see that some weaken in their faith.  I ask these children, 'What is happening to you?  What are you waiting for to strengthen your spirits?'

    Be certain that the Lord knows when your faith grows or decreases.

    Give yourselves completely to Him, do not forget that one cannot deceive the Lord.


Read: Rom.  1:17, 8:24-25.


January 21                             #450


    Seek God's Mercy, and promise you will not forget His teachings.

    You shall not commit injustice.  You shall not curse.  You shall not be enslaved by evil, and you shall not reject the Lord.

    I want you to be agreeable to God, that is why I ask that in your hearts His Name should always prevail.

    Praise be to the Blessed Sacrament.


Read: Eph.  6:10-17.


January 22                             #451


    Make a song of hope of your life, and only look with eyes of love.  Then, you will certainly be able to live in the Lord.  If you were not to do so, the beat of your hearts would not be worth while.

    The Lord wants you to abound in love and charity, my dears.  Obey His Will.

    Amen, Amen.


January 23                             #452


    My children, the Lord sees all your acts, the good and the bad, your truths and your falsehoods. Understand, then, that by living in duplicity nothing is attained, because you cannot deceive the Lord.

    Glory be to God.



"Lord, You are so near and we do not see you, offering Yourself, and we do not receive You, feeling Your presence and we ignore You.  With shame we ask Your forgiveness".



January 24                             #453


   The Lord's Word is fruitful and should be deeply lived.  Mankind is  not yet aware that the Lord is speaking to them.  There will be resistance, but Christ Jesus will make he who accepts, prosper in love abundantly.

    Blessed be those who seek the Lord to save their soul.

    Amen, Amen.


January 25                             #454


    The Virgin says:


I am, breath of the weak,

spring of the thirsty,

warmth of the poor,

rest of the weary,

assurance of the hesitant,

hush of the lamentations,

joy of the hearts,

Ark of all people

and union between the children and God.  Amen.

    Daughter, this expresses the Love for my children.

January 25                             #455


    Truly, the Lord has touched you my children, praise Him because all praise is insufficient.  Amen.


January 26                             #456


    My dears: you are living the earthly life with great peace in your hearts.  I assure you, you will not go back, because Christ has entered in you.

    Children, continue sowing.  Glory be to God.


January 27                             #457


    The Lord will dispel every cloud, every shadow, every turbid water, and the Light, the smooth road, and the clear water will remain, all thanks to Him, to Christ's Love.  Respond to that Love with your love.

    Children, I see everything, nothing goes out of my sight and I tell you, the Lord warns, the Lord announces, accept the Lord.

     Praise be to Him.


Read: Heb.  6:7-8.


January 28                            #458


    My daughter, how much hatred there is  in men, how much mistrust and despair!

    They feel this for lack of faith and love, because God is absent in their hearts.

    Those children will perish if they continue in ignorance.  It would be enough to ask the Lord for help and He would transform them, remember that God protects.

    Glory be to the Everlasting Father.


January 29                             #459


    I see Jesus.  He is in a white tunic and in the middle of His breast there is a sparkling white light.  It is His heart, and He says to me:


    You are seeing My Heart shuddering at the world's hostility toward God.  I want them to discover salvation, that is the reason for this show of love for humanity.


    The Virgin says to me:


    Devote your life to the Lord.  He deserves all dedication and  all attention. Thank the Lord because His ear so is sensitive to your prayers.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Phil.  1:8-11.


January 30                             #460


    The deep desire of your Mother is that the mistaken child should repent and see that the Lord is waiting.  I tell you, the return of the child is always accepted.  Be converted, you will be loved by the Lord.

    Glory be to God.


January 31                             #461


    Great things are happening in these days, all coming from the Lord.  You are being called to see, not to ignore God's existence, to discover that life can be everlasting, providing one is with Him.

    Advance towards the Lord, Who is security.

    Praise be to Him. 


February 1, 1985                             #462


    I say to my children: I will keep the love you give me in my Heart, and I will remove your suffering and miseries.  I will teach you to seek Christ, to love Christ.  Prepare your hearts!

    Amen, Amen.


Read: Heb.  10:35-36.


February 2                             #463


    Blessed be the moment that the Lord chose this city, and blessed because He chose it for me to have my Great House, this house that will be of peace and quiet, a place where I will cradle thousands of children who will come in search of love.

    I will attend the ill, the fallen, all the children belonging to the great family of God, because my mission is to serve the Lord's fold.

    Glory be to God.


February 3                             #464


    My Heart suffers and does not rest, calling my children; it is like a live coal.  My call is pressing, value it, because you will reach God's Glory by showing great determination to reach it.

    My children, you will only see the Lord's Light if you seek it.  Amen, Amen.


February 3                             #465


    Daughter, I want you to know the reason for my image with the Child and the Rosary.

    The Child means purity and new life, since the Child Jesus is rebirth to life, the source of salvation for all thirsty souls.

    The Rosary, I am offering it to you as consolation, so that on praying the Holy Rosary you should pour out all your suffering, your needs and prayers.

    As Mother, I listen to you dear children, my Love for you is great.  Amen.


February 4                             #466


    Oh people, before you were scattered, but now you are united and near God.  How the Lord values this coming closer!

    Before you thought the Lord was demanding, now you accept Him.  It is important, because you cannot avoid His request, as it would be to lose the salvation of your souls.

    Carry your cross without fear and give yourselves  to the Lord.

    Praise be to Him.


February 5                             #467


  In the  morning, I have a vision.  I see a street, I am standing, and some enormous monsters come toward me, it is like an avalanche.  They are horrible, some like dinosaurs and others seem to be people, but very ugly, with large heads and ears.  When they are very near me, there appears a blue wall which is interposed between the monsters and myself.

    Then I see the Virgin, and she says to me:


    These monsters represent the evil one, who wants to attack the Church, and the wall is my Protecting Mantle.  The Lord places me like a shield, like a guardian.  I will defend you, my children.


February 6                             #468


    My children, I beg you, do not silence the Lord's voice, that voice that asks you for faith, the voice that asks to live in you.  It is not enough to say, I believe in God.  You have to feel God, you have to love God.

    Amen, Amen.


February 9                             #469


    Daughter, how much danger is to be faced by a child who has given himself to God, how many obstacles to overcome, how much suffering to bear!  Do not let yourselves be carried away by panic, let yourselves rest in the serenity that the Lord offers.

    Glory be to the Lord.


February 10                             #470


    My dears, in truth I tell you that my children resort to God only at times of great need.  It is also true that out of ignorance, some do not know how to seek God.

    He Who should be in each thought, Who should find no rebellion, He Who is the most Sublime thing there is in life, is many times left aside.

    God, in His greatness, offers you His great treasure; He gives it to you.

    My children, you are coming to know the Lord, receive Him.

    Glory be to God.


Read: Is.  42:16.


February 11                             #471


    I say to my children: I have shown you a road, I have taught you a road that for many was inaccessible, the road toward the Lord.  Let no one be afraid of being alone, because I will never leave you alone, I am always attentive to my children's call.


    Amen, Amen.


February 12                             #472


    Beloved children: From the Lord you will receive blessings, those of you who wish to see His Light, who want to reject death and accept life, and those who seek salvation in Christ Jesus.

    Praise be to Him.


Read: Jn.  3:35-36.


February 13                             #473


    My children, in this coming Novena, you must ask the merciful God:


For the conversion of your brethren, those children who are far from the Church, far from God.

For the souls who suffer.

For those who so often fall in sin.

For those who exclude God from their hearts.

For those who deny the Mother of Christ.

For those who turn their lives into an eternal misfortune

For them to be able to remedy their faults by going to a priest and thus purify their souls.  Those souls, my daughter, the Lord is so concerned over.

    By praying to the Lord for your neighbor, you yourselves will receive, since brotherly love is appreciated by the Lord.  Alleluia.

February 14                             #474


    The ones who hopes in God will be greatly rewarded.

    You are in all my thoughts, that is why I say to you: Fill yourselves with virtues, withdraw from defects.  The Lord asks this of you, do not doubt, follow Him.

    Amen, Amen.


Read: 1 Cor.  15:47-49.


February 15                             #475


    My dears, do not drown your lamentations, your needs, pray with deep faith, for the Lord has compassion for all those who trust in Him.  Let yourselves be driven toward Christ.  Christ is not a sudden burst of light, He is an eternal Light.

    Amen, Amen.


February 16                             #476


    The Graces of the Lord will descend on you; you need only walk where the Lord shows you

    May the Sacred Heart of Jesus strengthen your spirit, make you obedient, and faithful to His Heart.

    Praise be to the Savior!


February 17                             #477


    I tell my children: To follow the Lord often means to cry, but to cry on the outside.  Within is the joy, the true deep joy inside the heart, of feeling oneself a child of God.

    The Lord's kindness makes His children feel loved by him, makes them feel desire to live in Him.

    Glory be to the Lord.



February 18                             #478


    My daughter, I want to awaken in all my children, the love of God.  I want to take them from that overpowering force, that drags them to perdition.

    But that force will soon be destroyed.  It will perish; for many it has already disappeared, because they have listened to God's voice.

    Place yourselves now in His hands, do not let the Life be taken from you.

    Amen, Amen.


Read:  2 Cor.  6:18, 1 Ptr.  5:8-9.


February 19                             #479


    Go to the Lord, glorify the Lord, because many are the wonders that He does.  Who wants peace and does not get it?  What child asks, and does not receive from God?

    I remind you that only the sinner can feel forgotten by God.  He who lives shamefully can feel empty, the Lord forgets no one.

    Glory be to God.


February 20                             #480


    Come, children of mine, my hand softly heals your wounds, my warmly voice makes you hear the Lord's call.

    I will cradle you on my lap, warm the hearts still cold from the distance that only you impose upon yourselves.

    I want this message to reach all, like a balm of love, and remain in them.

    Amen, Amen.


February 21                             #481


    Today I see Jesus, as always with His white tunic and the Light around Him.  With a soft, but firm voice, He says to me:


I am not hiding, I want to save mankind.

I am with my Ark, this time, on land.

Blessed is he who gives himself to the Lord.

    Then I see the Virgin, alone, and she says to me:

God save you, my dears, in this time in which He is present.

He will deliver you, since at every step you take you are exposed to this world's calamities.

God knows how small man is, and how often man falls.

You must be warned, children, the plague is big.

    Glory be to Heaven.

Read: Deut.  8:17-18.


February 22                             #482


    As the days go by, you have seen the Love of God show itself, and by receiving that Love like a rain long awaited, the sleeping faith now revives in your hearts.

    Deep furrows have been opened, where Christ entered.

    My children, may the Lord continue being with you

    Amen, Amen.


February 23                             #483


    My daughter, I say to your brethren: Uncertainty must be far from you, advance with assurance, the Lord is present.

    Blessed be the child who does not hesitate in placing himself in His hands, because he will belong to the Lord.

    May He be praised.


Read: Jos.  23:11.


February 24                             #484


    Youth is sprouted seed, my daughter

    You are in charge of the Lord's fields, do not let His sown ground be ruined.  You must not allow this

    Amen, Amen.


February 25                             #485


    My daughter, here I am, and from here I call all my children, for them to be able to feel my presence and my protection.

    I listen to my beloved children, but the Lord's constant concern for all of them is beyond all imagination.

    Glory be to God.


February 25                            #486


    Be happy in God, my children.

    Cruelty comes from evil, mercy from God.

    Hear well what I say to you.



February 26                             #487


    My children, my wish is that you understand Christ Jesus, and that you receive Christ Jesus.

    He gives you what is good, what is just, and what is edifying.   He awakens those who sleep, for nothing to surprise them.

    He gives strength to resist all kinds of misfortune, and accompanies you in the joy of feeling the freedom and the life He is giving you.



February 27                             #488


    I say to your brethren: The Lord is all love, compassion, and mercy; you cannot ignore the Lord.  He really loves you.

    Praise be to the Blessed Sacrament.


Read: Jn.  15:1-5.


February 28                             #489


    The Lord blesses all those who do good works, those who appreciate His Word and obey Him.

    Children, His Light shines on you and His Light protects you, have confidence, since His Strength overcomes shadows and reduces them.

    Amen, Amen.



March 3, 1985                             #490


    My children, do not impose ambitions on your lives!  Do not be too ambitious, because it can make you forget that the only and real ambition you should have is to be able to enter the Kingdom of God.

    Try to always remember this, as it is the only thing that matters to the Lord.

    Praise be to Him.


Read: 1 Tim.  6:7-10.


March 4                             #491


    My daughter, may these messages reach your brethren and penetrate them.  God's Mercy makes them live these moments joyfully, have inner peace, feel the safety and the faith that Christ Jesus gives, and be able to say: 'In Christ we live'.