8 Visionaries Kibeho, Rwanda, Africa 1981-1982 (“Mother of the Word”)


Feastday not known                                               

Born 1967                              

Died not Known


Apparitions of the Blessed Mother were witnessed by eight visionaries in Kibeho, Rwanda between November 28, 1981 and November 28 1982.  Whilst only three of the visionaries who saw the Virgin Mary Alphonsine Mumureke (born in 1965), Anathalie Mukamazimpka (born in 1965) and Marie-Claire Mukangango (born in 1961) were boarding students at a school run by sisters in Kibeho most of our information comes from the five remaining visionaries Emmanuel Segatashya (born 1967), Vestine Salina (born 1958) Agnes Kamagaju (born 1960) Valentine Nyiramukiza and Stephanie Mukamurenzi (born born 1968) who lived in the wilds of the Rwandan outback. In fact although Bishops approval has been forthcoming on August 15, 1988 only the former three of the seven Kibeho seers were included in the positive judgment and Neither, Emmanuel, Agnes or Vestine were among them. Tragically by the Spring of 1995 it was known that Marie-Clare –to whom The Blessed Mother asked to spread devotion to The Rosary of The Seven Sorrows of Mary - had been killed during the 1994 Summer of violence in Rwanda. Another seer [although it is not certain which] is also reported to have been killed. As far as it was known at the time, the remaining 6 were still alive but probably dwelling in a refugee camp somewhere in Africa.  Although the apparitions ended for all but Alphonsine in 1983, she continued to receive them almost every year on November 28, her last supernatural encounter being on November 28, 1989. 1    


1. Emmanuel Segatashya


A Total of 1 apparition of Our Lady and 3 of Jesus starting when he was 15 years old July 2, 1982 until August 1, 1983. An extraordinary event of global importance occurred in the bush in Rwanda on July 2, 1982. Emmanuel was an illiterate 15 year old when in the bush in Rwanda on July 2 1982 as he was picking beans he heard a voice call out to him ‘Child if you receive a Mission, will you choose to accomplish it?’  Emmanuel responded in his mind: 'Yes, of course.' The voice then said: 'Go to the people nearby. Tell them to purify their hearts because the time is near.' Emmanuel was quite curious by now and inquired: 'What is your name?' The voice responded: 'If I tell you My name, no one will believe you.' Emmanuel felt the power of the message he had been asked to convey, so he asked: 'What proof can I give the people that what you ask me to tell them is the truth?' The voice answered: 'I am Jesus. Go and bring the message to the people.'  2


“Emanuel approached a nearby group of people who were working in the field. He said, 'Purify your hearts because the time is near.' They laughed at him. 'Says who?' someone asked. Emmanuel responded, 'His name is Jesus.' Then the people rushed at him and tore his clothes. He heard the voice: 'Tell them that the Son of Man came on this earth and they stripped Him of His garments. This has happened to you as a symbol of what they do to Me. Open your eyes and you can see Me.' 3


“Emmanuel ran away, confused and frightened. A great flash of light astounded him. Afraid, he turned to run from the light when he heard, again in his own dialect: 'My son, come to Me.' “In the intense light, Emmanuel saw a black man attired in the style of a typical Rwandan. Stunned, overwhelmed by the Divine love that flowed from the presence of the man, Emmanuel had no words to speak. Emmanuel heard the man speak these words: 'I am Jesus before whom all humanity stands.' 4


“Emmanuel began to experience apparitions of the Blessed Mother. She taught him to pray...She explained many of the effects of improper choices on the human body, the human soul, the human family, the animals, the earth, and the planets. She taught him about the Church of her Divine Son, where he could access the Word of God. He was baptised and confirmed in less than one year. 5


“Emmanuel has said “How can anyone love Jesus, adore Him and live outside His Mother? The Virgin Mary is the mother of the Word…” 6


“Emmanuel continued to receive profound messages from Jesus about His Church on earth, especially about the necessity for a sacramental life. Jesus told Emmanuel that the sacrament of penance is the preparation people should make for His imminent Second Coming. The Lord Jesus told him to warn all people: 'All that is not seen will be seen.' and 'This world will come to an end. Prepare while there is still time. When I return on earth, the soul will find the body it had before, and then man will bring his own dossier. Do not lose time in doing good. There is not much time left.' While in the physical presence of Jesus, whom he saw as a living human being, as distinct from a distant vision, Emmanuel's intellect was mysteriously opened and he was able to perceive the reality of the Gospel message. 7


“Jesus gave Emmanuel messages for the Priests:  'The Priests and religious do not take enough care of those who are ill physically and morally. If they have freely promised the vow of chastity, they must observe it faithfully...Only God pardons sins, but He wants to use men for this mission. Beware of the sins of hypocrisy, slander, calumny. They are fornication of the tongue. When I lived on earth I embraced poverty. True wealth resides in the heart.'  “Emmanuel became Catholic, and it is reported that theologians are astounded at the soundness of his doctrine. Following are excerpts from the messages he received from Jesus:  “How can someone say he loves Jesus, adores Him, and live outside His Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart? My Mother is the Mother of the world”…”Men should pray together with fervour. Do not ask for miracles because you will not arrive in Heaven by miracles but by true prayer which comes from your heart. The Rosary is the strength of the Christian.”…”Concerning the Second Coming of Jesus:  “Too many people treat their neighbour without love, without honesty, without compassion...The world is full of hatred. You will know My Second Coming is at hand when you see the outbreak of religious, ethnic, or racial wars. Know then that I am on the way. 8


Emmanuel Segatashya had fasted for 18 days, from March 7 to March 24, 1983. For seven days he kept a very strict fast without food and water. During the rest of the fast he took only a little water. He started his fast in the parish of Kibeho, where he was under medical observation. Later he was taken to the diocesan office in Butare. There was even stricter control of his state since the chief doctor from the observation team had a whole group of medical sisters observe him non-stop. 9


2. Agnes Kamagaju


Total of 3 apparitions of Our Lady and 3 of Jesus starting when she was 22 years old on June 4, 1982 until September 25, 1983. Born of Catholic parents, Agnes had attended only a few grades of elementary school. She began to have public apparitions of the Lord Jesus or His blessed Mother which were accompanied by extraordinary signs. Some of her quotes from Jesus:  “Tell the people: Stop taking many different roads. You must choose the only way: penance and detachment from the things of this world...The behavior of youth and their ideas are in contrast with what God expects of them. They must not use their bodies as an instrument of pleasure...Instead of being at the service of God, they are at the service of money...Pray to My Mother to show you the right way to God” 10 During some of the apparitions to Agnes its is reported that strange signs occurred in the sky. The sun would spin in the sky, sometimes two suns. Some people saw two lines dividing the sun into three parts. At other times the Cross of Jesus or the crown of thorns would appear to the right of the sun. Often this seer would ask for the blessing of Jesus and Mary and then a light rain would fall on the ground. The central point of the message to Agnes is that Jesus will return and we must be prepared. We must accept, and not refuse the cross which God sends us. Instead we are to pray and not refuse, the cross which God sends us. Instead we are to pray for the grace of receiving it. On August 19, 1982, she received a message for the youth. The ideas and behaviour of the youth are in contrast with what God expects. Youth shoulod not use their bodies as instruments of pleasure. They forget that true love comes only from God.  11



3. Vestine Salina


A total of 2 apparitions of Our Lady starting privately when she was 24 years old sometimes in 1980 (before Alphonsine’s first apparition) but publicly on September 15, 1982 until December 24, 1983. Our Lady told Vestine to always go out with a walking stick, for a shepherd always carries a stick. The Messages given to Vestine were always accompanied with gestures from Vestine. These messages include detachment from goods of this world and search for goods prepared for us by God. The true meaning of the sign of our life is humility, availability, to pardon each other, sincere prayers and that we accept out daily crosses. The road to heaven is narow while the road to Satan is wide. Here you can fast because there are not obstacles. 12. The Blessed Mother told Vestine that: “The road of Satan is wide and easy because there are no obstacles. Therefore, with Satan, you go fast.” Vestine experienced mystical voyages with the Blessed Mother that sometimes lasted up to forty hours. During that time, her body appeared to be in a coma. She was observed in her coma-like apparition trance from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, April 1 to April 3, 1983. She explained that she travelled with the Blessed Mother during that time to places not on the earth. She said that she was in a vast universe quite different from ours, from any that we know about or can even imagine. She visited a place of immense fire. She also visited a place where many children were praying and singing. Though they seemed happy, they were suffering. The Blessed Mother told her that purgatory is a place of reconciliation before reaching God. Vestine spoke forcefully about the need for detachment from the world's goods and a continuous searching for God...She spoke always about the imminent return of Jesus and pleaded with people to prepare for that event. She stressed the need for everyone on earth to find sacramental confession now: to obtain pardon for all the sins of humanity in the sacrament of reconciliation. 12 She has said elsewhere “We are to prepare for the coming of the One Who will come unexpectedly, and do not leave Him standing at the front door! He has a power that surpasses your intelligence” 14



4. Alphonsine Mumureke


A total of 10 Apparitions of Our Lady beginning when she was 16 years old November 28, 1981 until November 28, 1989. She comes from a poor Catholic family. According to her diary her first apparition happened in November 28th, 1981: "I helped in a school cafeteria. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me: 'My daughter!' I responded: 'I am here... Who are you, Madame?' 'I am a Mother of the Word. [I have heard your prayers.  I would like you and your companions to have more faith.  Some do not believe enough."] Madonna was indescribably beautiful. She was barefoot, wearing white robe without seams and a white veil on her head. During this ecstasy - as my classmates later told me - I had been speaking different languages: French, English, my native tongue kinyarwanda and others - unknown to them. Her teachers and classmates that evening and several days following the first apparition considered Alphonsine to be sick. They did not believe she saw the Queen of Heaven. In December her apparitions continued almost every Saturday. Her classmates wanted to satisfy their curiosity and find out if the apparitions are true. During an ecstasy they tried to burn her skin on her hand, but she did not move. Our Lady told her then: 'Do you know they burn you?' - and Alphonsine suddenly pulled her hand, but not the one being afflicted. Messages to her classmates and other events finally convinced all that Alphonsine is not mad and she really has apparitions. The news of these apparitions spread very quickly all over Rwanda and attracted lots of people to Kibeho. As of January 16th, 1982 the apparitions were held at the schoolyard. None of the girl students saw Our Lady, but they heard Her messages full of motherly love. 15 According to Father Gabriel Maindron, a priest who studied the situation, Alphonsine reported that the Blessed Mother came to Kibeho in order to prepare “for the coming of her son”16 In March 20th, 1982 Alphonsine announced to a one of the Sisters, to the Directress of the school and one of her classmates: "I'll be dead-like, but do not burry me!" Our Lady had announced to her ahead of time she will take her to journey with Her. According to eyewitnesses who watched her body, her journey lasted for full six hours. During that time Alphonsine was in a state of comma and rigidness. Those who were allowed to enter the room she was in (among them priests and medical personnel) made several different test. They put needles under the fingernails, watched her breathing and tried to lift her. It seemed to them she was like a piece of a heavy stone weighing at least one hundred kilos. 17  Mary requested of Alphonsine “…that she be recognized as the Mother of God, and that the children prepare the world for the return of her son Jesus.” 18  On November 28, 1989 (the last apparition reported) Our Lady told Alphonsine that everyone must be faithful to one’s vocation, to the Church, and be faitfhful to the Gospel. Priests must offer themselves up while offering the sacrfice of the Mass. Youth must not spoil their future by the wrong way of living “Don’t lose heaven for the world” And pray, pray and pray!”19. Finally the Blessed Virgin announced to Alphonsine that a secret is to be revealed when the proper time comes…


Our Blessed Mother taught Alphonsine the following prayer “Mother of the Word, Mary You are  also our Mother Mary. Dispenser of grace, Mary You have given us so many gifts. You have chosen us Mary, among all the children of our times.  May you give us your blessing so that we may communicate this blessing to others. We Children of Kibeho, ask you for love as you yourself have told us. Here is what it will be of me Mary…for God is calling me. Come Yourself and give me strength Mary, give patience to the trials, Mary.”



5. Marie-Claire Mukangang


A total of 5 apparitions of Our Lady starting when she was 20 years old on March 2, 1982 until September 12, 1982. She had belonged among those who openly and steadfastly proclaimed they did not believe in the apparitions. Alphonsine was a fool to her. She had problems with discipline and had to repeat one year at school. Marie-Claire's first apparition came on March 2nd, 1982. Her apparitions lasted for six months. Our Lady chose her to spread Her message: 'Meditate on the suffering of Our Lord Jesus and on a deep pain of His Mother. Pray the Rosary, especially the Painful one to receive the grace to repent.' 21 Our Lady also told her "The world has turned against God.  We must repent and ask for pardon."22 The messages given to this seer urge us to repentance, to conversion,to meditate on the suffering of Jesus, to pray the rosary daily and to pray the beads of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady. 23  On May 31, 1982 Our Lady told Marie-Clare “What I am asking is repentance. If people will recite these little beads of the Seven Sorrows, meditating on them, you will have the strength of repentance. Today many people do not know how to ask for pardon.”Our Lady showed Marie Clare many visions and scenes of the Passion of Our Lord. During her last apparition on September 15, 1982 Our Lady gave Marie-Clare the mission to make known  everywhere the devotion of the little beads of the Seven Sorrows. Our Lady said in part: “You can make it known all over the world eveb though you will remain here. My grace is omnipotent” It was on this occasion that the seer fell seven times into a burning bush full of thorns. Our Lady said: “ I am asking people to correct themselves, to abandon impurity, to convert themselves, but they are refusing…for this reason you have fallen seven times into the burning Bush so that I can touch their hearts” Then on March 27, 1982 Our Lady asked this seer for prayers for the souls in purgatory. 24 Marie-Claire later taught in the school and had had good results in teaching. She reportedly died in the summer of 1994.


Our Lady taught Marie-Clare the “Little beads of the Seven Sorrows”: Our Lady taught Marie-Clare a prayer to be recited when starting to pray the beads of the Seven Sorrows “My God I offer You these these little beads of sorrow for Your greatest glory in honour of Your Holy Mother. I will meditate and share Your suffering. I beg for the tears that You spread in those moments to grant me and all sinners, repentance for sins”  Then Our Lord asked Marie-Clare to repeat the following prayer 3 times “To me a sinner and to all sinners grant contrition of our sins” Our Blessed Mother also taught the seer to sin prayers to Her. 25


Next Marie was told to recite the “Little Beads of the Seven Sorrows” Beginning with the Act of Contrition, and then announcing the Sorrows as she went along. The Seven Sorrows are:


  1. The First Sorrow –Simeon telling Mary that a sword would pirce Her Soul
  2. Second Sorrow –The Holy Family traveling into Egypt
  3. Third Sorrow –The Loss of Jesus in the Temple
  4. Fourth Sorrow –Mary meeting Jesus on the Way of the Cross
  5. Fifth Sorrow –Mary at the foot of the Cross
  6. Sixth Sorrow –Mary receiving the corpse of Her Son at the foot of the cross
  7. Seventh Sorrow -Mary at the tomb of Our Lord


After each sorrow we are to say one “Our Father” and seven “Hail Mary’s”. Then instead of the “Glory Be to the Father” the following prayer is said “Mary full of Mercy, recall to our heart the suffering of Jesus during His Passion” We are further told to meditate on the sufferings of Mary and on the suffering of Jesus and read short passages from the Gospel which refer to the sufferings of Jesus and Mary. After the seventh sorrow, three “Hail Mary’s” and three “Our Fathers” are said to conclude the “Little Beads.” 26



6. Anathalie Mukamazimpaka


A total of 7 Appartions of Our Lady and additional ones of Jesus starting at the age of 16 years on January 12, 1982 until Decemeber 3, 1983. Anathalie had three similar experiences, three mystical journeys: Sept. 4, 1982 and from April 1 until April 2, 1983. The first two journeys lasted 4 to 7 hours and were closely watched by the members of the Church Investigation Committee - Father Augustin Misago and Father Frederic Bubwejanga. Another two priests were assisting them 27 Anathalie had fasted for 14 days - from February 16 until March 2, 1983 and had lived only off the Holy Eucharist. She had not eaten absolutely anything the first eight days, not even a drop of water. During the rest of her fast she drank only a bit of water. The medical and theological commission scrutinized every minute detail. Eight medical sisters were rotating day and night during this time. Doctors conducted several examinations daily as to control her state of health. Not even on the third day was there any sign of dehydration, her mouth was wet. She was not experiencing any trembling as very hungry people usually do. On the eleventh day of the fast Our Lady had appeared to her under the hot sun for 105 minutes.28 Our Lady appeared to her for the first time in January 12, 1982. The messages to this girl recommend humbleness, surrendering oneself to God, loving self-sacrifice and the prayer of the heart. They especially underline the Christian understanding of suffering. 29  "Wake up, stand up, wash yourselves and look up attentively.  We must dedicate ourselves to prayer, we must develop in us the virtues of charity, availability, and humility."…"Return to God, the Source of Living Water."30 The overall Messages given to this seer are “We must turn to God and abandon evil” We must dedicate ourselves to prayer. We must develop in us the virtues of charity, availability and humility. We must “was ourselves” that is receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We must “get up” that is detach ourselves from the things of this world. And finally, Our Lady urges us to pass along the same road that Jesus traveled here on earth. “The true road is the one of suffering (October 3, 1983)” 31.  Our Lady gave her the following prayer ”You all come to me, I am the best way to arrive to Jesus. God accepts all religions, but He wants His Mother to be respected, loved and prayed to. The rosary is a special prayer for turning to the Mother of God” Our Lady taught the seer other prayers in son: “Every son who loves Me, every son who prays to Me will have life everlasting. He who believes  in Jesus and believes in God will have eternal life”Also “Mother who loves your sons, Mother of the Word, road leading to heaven, Mother of the Word. Mother of Mercy, Mother of the Word 32



7. Stephanie Mukamureenzi


A total of 2 apparitions of Our Lady starting when she was 14 years old on May 25, 1982 until September 15, 1982. This seer was the youngest of the seers, only 14 when she received the first apparition of Our Lady on May 25, 1982. These apparitions lasted four months, the last of which occurred on September 15, 1982. It was reported that sge had 15 apparitions altogether. The messages given to Stephanie consist of repentance, conversion, and prayer with hope, and from the heart. We must remain humble and available. Our Lady told this seer “You must be converted, you ust pray and mortify yourselves. Satan trues to ruin you. God wants your prayer from the heart” 33 “Our Lady told this seer “God loves you already. It is the devil who wants to ruin you. You must refuse all means that he is using to catch you” 34


8. Valentine Nyiramukiza


No further information


9. Messages given to all visionaries


Our Lord: “Too many people treat their neighbours dishonestly. The world is full of hatred. You will know my Second Coming is at hand when you see the outbreak of religious wars. Then, know that I am on the way” 35


Our Blessed Mother: “I have come to prepare the way for my Son for your good and you do not want to understand. The time remaining is short and you are absent-minded. You are distracted by the goods of this world which are passing. I have seen many of my children becoming lost and I have come to show them the true way” 36


In one or more visions, including one that lasted for eight hours, the seven visionaries reported seeing a terrifying picture: “A river of blood, people were killing each other, abandoned corpses with no one to bury them. A tree all in flames, bodies without their heads. There was crying and screaming. At different times, all seven of the Kibeho visionaries experienced this horrifying vision. They saw a river of blood that formed because people were killing each other indiscriminately. “Corpses, some without heads, were strewn everywhere and were so numerous they could not be buried” And the people watching the seer received an impression of fear and sadness The message is urgent. We cannot wait. Our Lady warned most of the seers to leave Rwanda. Our Lady asked for a chapel to be built at Kibeho. It was to be called: “The Gathering of the Displaced” where the people united could sing: “Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus, Come” 37


“In one vision that lasted eight hours they saw terrifying images of people killing each other, and bodies thrown into rivers. They saw bodies without their heads -- decapitated. They were weeping and crying and the witnesses who crowded around the seers were left with an unforgettable impression of fear and sadness.” If Rwanda did not come back to God, said the vision, there would be a 'river of blood.' 38


10. Miscellaneous Messages from Our Lady to the visionaries


"Although I am the Mother of God, I am simple and humble.  I always place myself where you are.  I love you as you are.  I never reproach my little ones.  When a child is without reproach in front of her mother, she will tell her everything that is in her heart.  I am grateful when a child of mine is joyful with me.  That joy is a most beautiful sign of trust and love.  Few understand the mysteries of God's love.  Let me as your Mother embrace all my children with love so that you can confide your deepest longings to me.  Know that i give all your longings to my Son Jesus, your brother."39


"You are distracted by the goods of this world.  I have seen many of my children getting lost and I have come to show them the true way." 40


"Nothing is more beautiful than a heart which offers its suffering to God.  Pray, pray, pray.  Follow the Gospel of my Son.  Do Not forget that God is more powerful than all the evil in the world.  Share.  Do not kill.  Do not persecute.  Respect the rights of man because if you act contrary to those rights, you will not succeed and it will come back against you." 41


10. Songs Given by Our Lady to all the visionaries


FIRST SONG: “Every son who loves me, every son who prays to me, will have life everlasting. Who believes in Jesus and who believes in God will have eternal life”


SECOND SONG: “Mother who loves your sons. Mother of the Word. Road leading to Heaven. Mother of the Word. Mother of Mercy. Mother of the Word”


THIRD SONG: “Mother of the Word, Mary, you are also our Mother: Dispenser of Grace, Mary, you have given us so many gifts. You have chosen us, Mary, among all the children of our time. May you give us Your Blessing so that we may communicate this Blessing to the others


FOURTH SONG: “We, children of Kibeho, Mary: We ask you the Fraternity. We ask you for love, as you yourself told us, Mary. Here is what it will be of me Mary, for God is calling me. Come yourself and give me strength, Mary. Be patient in the trials, Mary”


 Our Lady suggested that they may like to sing: `Hail Mother' at times instead of `Hail Mary'. She desires us to relate to her as a child to a mother. Anathalie said to Our Lady : “You told me I must always remember you are with me both in joy and suffering' 42



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