Dina Basher, Mozul, Baghdad, 1991


Status:  Currently Being Investigated


Episcopal Remarks:  Nothing forthcoming from the Catholic hierarchy. Schismatic Orthodox bishops (Patriarch and bishop of Baghdad) have judged the events to be supernatural in origin referring to them as “astounding miracles and wonders” and described the phenomena as “a manifestation of God’s living power” 1


Corroboration by Other Seers:


Biographical Information: The reported apparitions began on the Feast of the Assumption in 1991 to a 14-year-old Syrian Orthodox girl named Dina Basher who claimed that on one occasion Our Lord came to her in a bright light, blinding her for several days. The apparitions have allegedly taken place at Mozul [close to the ruins of the Old Testament city of Nineveh evangelised by the Prophet Jonas].  The seer reportedly enters into ecstasies lasting anywhere from ten minutes to six hours in the manner of the visionaries of Kibeho, Rwanda. “A few seconds before the ecstasy I feel like a dizziness and then find myself either with the Blessed Virgin Mary or with Our Lord Jesus Christ” says the visionary. She says that the Lord walks on a cloud about a meter high and takes her to a place in heaven, which Dina -- who is now 25 -- describes as an "immense place with no limits or end." Allegedly Dina has seen many angels, describing one as appearing eight years old with short blond hair. She also has seen St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Thomas, and St. Andrew. Sometimes, during her ecstasies, she appears in a crucified position. She says she has been taken to Calvary by the Lord, Who told her: "You are to share in the Passion." She has also been "transported" to churches to "visit" and pray in them. Her hands and sometimes her face exude a mysterious, fragrant oil; the first time was September 29, 1991. Dina also presents with stigmata which have been made publicly visible in the Church of the Virgin Mary in Baghdad and Mansur among other places. At first oil had exuded from Dina's skin, but at one point a voice told her that "a day will come when blood will come out of your hands," as it then did. Whilst doctors and psychiatrists who have studied the wounds do not subscribe to supernatural causes however, they have been unable to find natural causes for them. Brain scans and x-rays have also been normal say the authorities. The Patriarch has issued a decree referring to the happenings as "astounding miracles and wonders" and the Bishop of Baghdad has described the phenomena as a manifestation of God's living power. 2



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The Messages



Our Lord, the first ecstasy, undated: "At the beginning of the ecstasy I was at my uncle's house. Then the Lord Jesus took me to a magnificent white palace with water coming down from it. When I entered the palace I was met by many saints. The first saint was St. Mina [of Egypt]. How do I know? Because he was wearing a cross around his neck and his name under it."


First emission of oil, undated: "The first time the oil came out, I was in our house with several deaconesses. Before falling asleep, I saw the Blessed Virgin Mary standing on my bed and oil came out of her hands. We prayed and also oil came from my hands. There were the deaconesses and my mother."


Second Ecstasy, undated: “In the second ecstasy more oil came from my hands. I walked into a church and more oil came out of my hands.”


First emission of blood, undated: “After the Mass on Sunday at 11:30, I felt pain in my hands, side, and feet. This experience was foreign to me. I was at my uncle's house and I began to pray in front of the image of Christ. When I was praying, blood started to come out of my hands, feet, head, and side”


Second emission of blood, undated: “After that I went to Mozul to my uncle's again, to visit some of the homes, and more blood came from my hands than before, and the wound in my side became eight centimeters [three inches] in size. After ten minutes it closed by itself and the blood dried up. There were two priests there who were watching. I felt a pain, a spiritual pain. There was also blood on my forehead in the shape of a cross."


Our Lord, St. Thomas’s Church, November 25, 1991: “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand…the Second Coming is Near…all people must fast three days…visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Masinta”


Our Lord, December 6, 1991: “Begin prayers in the church, begin prayers in the home. Repent, for My Second Coming is near at hand. Each of the faithful is to light a candle in his own home, sing hymns in your homes, and sing hymns of praise and glory because the Kingdom of Heaven has drawn near. Repeat Kyrie Eleison -- Lord have mercy -- three times in your prayers. Fasting from the tongue -- not talking -- is preferable to fasting from food though both are required. Come to My house and begin prayer and light the candles and welcome Me with joy. Come to Me, all who have burdens, and I will give you rest.”


Our Lady, December 23, 1991: “your unity in the Church is my feast.”


Our Lord, December 27, 1991: “I want faith, love, and unity.”


Our Lord, January 14, 1992: “Stay awake because you do not know when the time will come. I will give you an example of this. A man traveling abroad leaves home and places his servants in charge, each with his work, and orders the gate keeper to be on watch. Watch, therefore, you do not know when the lord of the house is coming, whether in the morning, in the evening, or at cock crow. I tell you a second time, stay awake, my dear ones."


Our Lady, January 14, 1992: “Keep my words and keep my commandments and prayers and pray to me and my beloved Son. Pray for your souls and fast for your souls. When you pray, meditate on the angelic salutations and meditate on the Apostle's Creed. My dear ones, I give you this message that you may do what I say. Sit in a church and examine your consciences and go to the priest and confess your sins. Come to the holy Eucharist because it brings you close to my beloved Son. Open the doors of the church and do not close them. Open your eyes and do not close them. Open your hearts and be wise like your heavenly Father. Be firm in my commandments, and I will stay with you forever. Do what I tell you and you will obtain graces from me. My beloved Son sacrificed Himself on the cross for you. He shed His pure Blood for you because we love you. We come close to you and you run away from us. We come close to you and you run away. Why, my dear ones? Why my dear ones? Examine your consciences and come close to me and do not go away. Why this separation? You have covered your faces with a veil of darkness. I beg of you that you may remove this veil. With a heavenly Light on your faces, I ask from each one of you to each take this message to each church and each heart and to each person. My dear ones, I love you very much. My only question is, why do you close the doors to your hearts to me? Open them and you will see a white heavenly ray entering your home and expelling the dark clouds from your hearts. Your faces will change to the faces of people with pure hearts and innocent people; they will turn to faces of angels and doves. The smile on your face will be a pure smile and not a false one. My last word is that you love one another so that my love remains in you and that you examine your consciences and do not run away from me.”


Our Lord, undated: When Dina said to Jesus, "Lord, these words are hard. How can I say them to the people?" He allegedly answered, "No, Dina, tell them. Announce this, my message, to all the churches. Bear all. You will be exposed to many pains and dangers, but I beg of you to bear it so that you may be with Me always and I will help you in everything and I am with all of you. Tell My people I suffer like you; tell My dear ones I suffer so much. My daughter, obey your priests and obey your deaconesses and obey all who tell you something good. Pray with your priests and all the people. Unite, unite, My brothers. United and you will receive the power to fight those who oppose Me."


Our Lord, undated: “Either the Lord Jesus gives me a chalice to drink, which is the Blood of Christ, and sometimes very bitter. Or He gives me holy Communion or blesses me or gives me the Holy Gospel to read or I hold a candle in my hand. When I saw the Lord Jesus Christ wearing a beautiful robe it was the first time it was the first time I was able to look at His eyes and face, because before I would only look at His feet, and the only time I could see Him all was on the Cross. Now I saw Him dressed all in white with white rays around His head and a cross with light coming from it. He said that everyone must light a candle in his house, in the church, and pray for others and for the churches, and repent for their sins, because He says, 'My Second Coming is now drawing near.' He said to light candles in all the churches and welcome Him with joyful hands, because He said, 'My arrival is very near.' The last thing He did was give me an icon that was fastened around His neck.”


Our Lord, undated: “the sign of the blood will be a sign for the people so that they may see her and believe.”


Our Lord, Undated: On one occasion she heard Satan ask if she would be able to endure the pains of Crucifixion, and the Lord say "Yes." When Satan said he wanted to see, Dina supposedly participated in the Crucifixion, endured the pain, and afterward, standing with Christ, saw Satan "evaporate." After that, Dina says, she was taken to a large church where the Lord gave her Communion.


Our Lord, undated:’He took me to many churches,’ claims Dina -- who in 1991, at the onset, was just 14. "One was St. Thomas Monastery. He took me there three times….This happened when I looked at the Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot look at Him when He appears as He is. When I look at the garment He is wearing, which has bright shining stars, there is a bright light that causes my eyes to water. But when during the Crucifixion, when He is on the Cross, I can look at Him and describe Him.”


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