St. Ignatius of Santhia 18th Century (Capuchin Friar)


[Saint Ignatius of Santhia]Feastday 22nd September                         

Born 1686                  

Died 1770


Ordained in 1710 in the diocese of Vercelli. Parish priest for six years. He was offered a position of authority in the diocese, but declined, and on 24 May 1716 he became a novice in the Capuchins of Turin, taking the name Ignatius, and beginning 54 years of service in the Order. He was under the direction of a novice half his age, which Father Ignatius accepted with humility. In 1717 he was assigned to the convent at Saluzzo, and served as sacristan. Novice master at Chieri. Sacristan at Capuchin Hill, Turin in 1723, a convent with 87 (!) priests. Novice master at Mondovi from 1731 to 1744. An eye illness forced him to give up the position for nearly two years.  When he recovered he became head chaplain of the armies of the King of Piedmont who were fighting invading Franco-Hispanic forces. He was noted for his work in the field as minister, and with the injured. After the war he returned to life at Capuchin Hill where he served as confessor and religious instructor to lay brothers. In his later years he spent his days visiting the sick and the poor of Turin, and ministering to the thousands that came daily to Capuchin Hill for his blessing. On 20 December 2001 a second miracle attributed to Blessed Ignazio's intervention was decreed by the Congregation and approved by Pope John Paul II.


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“From the year 1780 to 1792 of our Redemption, the Emperor of Germany (Joseph II of Austria) will in an incredible manner afflict the orthodox faith, the Holy Church of Jesus Christ.” 1


“A new empire shall rise up in France (the first French Revolution and the first Napoleon); then woe to you priests, because you shall be persecuted, dispersed and exiled!” 2


“The German Emperor will form close alliance with Oriental and Northern powers (with Russia, Prussia, and England) against his enemies. In union with these powers he will wage a desolating war in France and Italy.” 3


“Through this alliance the new empire shall be broken up, and the Church of Jesus Christ will enjoy her peace, but for a short time.” 4


“Between, however, these allied powers shall arise most bitter dissensions, and the Emperor (of Austria) shall be constrained to fight against his former allies.” 5


To be Fulfilled


“All the ecclesiastics both secular and regular shall be stripped of their possessions and every kind of property and obliged to beg from lay persons their food and everything necessary for their support and worship of God…” 6


 “All religious orders will be abolished except one having the rules of the most rigid and most severe institute of the ancient monks. During the calamities the pope shall die. Through the death of the Supreme pontiff of the church will be reduced to the most painful anarchy because from 3 hostile powers (through their affluence) 3 popes will be contemporaneously elected: one Italian, another German and the third Greek. The Greek shall by force of arms be placed on the throne.  During this time human blood will be shed in Italy and many cities country towns and castles (military fortresses) shall be brought to ruin with the death of many thousands of persons. By the catholic clergy and people the true and lawful pope will be elected who shall be a man of great holiness and goodness of life selected from the surviving monastic order mentioned above…” 7


“A Scion of the Carolingian race, by all considered extinct, will come to Rome and behold and admire the piety and clemency of this Pontiff, who will crown him, and declare him to be the legitimate Emperor of the Romans and from the chair of Peter the pope will lift up the standard, the crucifix and will give it to the new Emperor…” 8


“This new Emperor with the robust Italian and French people and with those of other nations will form the most mighty host called the Church Army through which he shall destroy the Ottoman Empire and all heresies and totally defeat the Emperor of the North, who is called Mystic Antichrist….” 9


“The above mentioned new Emperor with the assistance of God and the pope he will cooperate in the reformation of abuses; he will assume the direction of temporal governments; he will assign a decent pension to the Supreme Pontiff and also to the bishops and clergy and they all being detached from every earthly covetousness, will live in peace which shall last till the end of time...” 10


“Finally the Pope will select twelve subjects of his religion whom he will send through the world to preach missions. They shall have the power of converting nations to the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ excepting the Hebrews who are reserved for the end of the world…” 11



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