St Catherine (Mattei) of Racconigi 1547


Born 1487

Died 1547



Born in Piemond, Italy to a poor post-war family, Catherine was visited from an early age by the Blessed Virgin Mary who told her that she would be made a spouse of Christ. In subsequent visions of the Blessed Mother, St Catherine of Siena and St Peter Martyr she was espoused to Christ Jesus by Mary who exclaimed “I marry you with my Son in faith, hope and charity.” She went on to prophesy the construction of a convent in Racconigi, had visions of the Lord’s crucifixion, and bore His invisible stigmata.  The attention she received from the devil eventually forced her out of the Dominican community to Raconnigi where people from all over sought her counsel and intercession.


“After three centuries, a descendant of Frances I of France will rule Europe like Charlemagne.” [three centuries after the French revolution]1



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