Beulah Lynch and Mark Trainor, Besbrook Grotto, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, 1987-1988


Status:  Currently Being Investigated


Episcopal Remarks:  N/A


Corroboration by Other Seers: N/A


Biographical Information:  In 1987 two different people, one a teenage boy and the other a housewife in her 40’s began to receive apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary at the Lourdes Shrine at St Peter and Paul Church in Bessbrook. Mark Trainor first saw Our Lady at the Grotto on May 30, 1987. A year earlier when Mark was 16 years of age, his father died at the young age of 39. Up to this point the family had always practiced their Catholic religion, attended Mass and prayed the family rosary every night. After the death of his father Mark turned away from the Church. It was on the anniversary of his father’s death, one year later on May 30, 1987 while Mark was taking care of his father’s grave site, when Mark heard a voice calling him to go into the Church. At first he resisted, but finally he did go, only to be beckoned to go on to the Grotto. When he got to the Grotto, instead of seeing the statue of Our Lady, he saw only a bright light. Then the “most beautiful person that I have ever seen was standing by the wall. She didn’t look like a statue or a picture. She was alive. She was breathing. She walked and She smiled” So Mark reported.  Our Lady appeared to Mark several more times during 1987, but She did not speak to hi m until January 1, 1988. On that occasion Mark was in Galway in the South of Ireland. Mark says that Our Lady came to show him that God is real. She urged us to pray, especially the rosary and to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays (Because Judas betrayed Jesus on Wednesday and Jesus died on the cross on Friday). Usually Our Lady appeared to this seer dressed in a snow white gown. Sometimes She held the baby Jesus. Once She carried in her arms the broken body of Her Son Jesus. She kissed the wounds on the hands of Jesus. She usually wore a crown and on June 4, 1987 Mark was shown the Immaculate Heart of Mary. SZSometimes Our Lady was sad and appeared crying. On June 9, 1987 She cried tears of blood which stained her cheeks. On June 3, 1987 Our Lady appeared with the child Jesus in Her arms. It was on this occasions that Our Lady offered a white robe to Mark. He was too nervous to reach out for it. Mark also received frequent inner visions starting in November 1987.  These visions usually displayed scenes of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and the country filled with soldiers who seemed to be clones. He saw clocks with black faces and white hands spinning. Also he saw a map of Great Britain and Ireland, except Scotland was not joined and England and Wales were not on the map. The seer has also had apparitions of Jesus and has been shown the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He has also seen the devil. He says his spiritual life has changed since he received these apparitions; and changed dramatically! He now visits the Blessed Sacrament and attends daily Mass. He prays the daily rosary and other prayers. He travels throughout the world speaking about the apparitions and talking to youth about Jesus and Mary. Our Lady asked Mark to end each of his talks by praying the Apostle’s creed. He has complied with Our Lady’s request. He is consering becoming a priest, although he has made no decision. Beulah Lynch received her first apparition on June 2, 1987 when she visited the Shrine after Mass. During the very first message Our Lady identified herself as “The Immaculate Conception” and requested “more prayers”. She warned that the world is in great danger and that a great catastrophe will happen in the world. In order to avoid or lessen this great dangert the world must “behave” and “change” and people must pray, do penance, fast and return to God. Our Lady requested especially that people pray five decades of the rosary each time they visit the Grotto. She repeatedly urged more prayer and that more people come to the Grotto. Sometimes Our Lady appeared sad, even tormented. For 14 consecutive days Our Lady showed Herself to Beulah with bloody wounds. This upset the seer. Our Lady explained the meaning of the bloody wounds; caused by the sins of the world. Beulah was also given many visions of an apocalyptic nature and like the other seer, Mark, she continues to see Our Blessed Lady. This seer’s life has also been changed due to these apparitions. She goes to confession once a month, attends Bible study, and goes before the Blessed Sacrament. She says that her prayer life has deepened and that she is trying to come closer to God. There are reports of many signs and wonders, such as the “Miracle of the Sun”, the sky changing colours, and other such phenomena. Also reported are cures and many conversions. Many people have returned to the Sacraments, even after 16-18 years. Many youth are converted, family unity has returned, and attendancfe at Mass has dramatically increased. These evidence good fruit coming from these events. It is reported that both Mark and Beulah continue to receive visions and messages, although messages after 1988 are not reported. Their spiritual advisor, Fr Gerard McGinnity, reports that both seers are obedient and cooperative. He had a positive impression of these events and accepts the genuineness of what they claim. The Church asks us to be patient and to keep an open mind. There is one report that a commission was established to investigate. No Church decision has been announced. 1


Dates and Locality of Each Apparition

Mark Trainor -`1987: May 30, June 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, ,12, 13, 14, 16, 20, 24, 27, 28; 1988: January 1 (Galway, Ireland)

Beulah Lynch –1987: June 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11; July 9, 10, 14, 20, August 6, 20 and November 11 2



1. Peter Heintz A Guide to Apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary (Gabriel Press, Sacramento, California 1995) p. 561-563


The Messages


(Taken from Peter Heintz A Guide to Apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary (Gabriel Press, Sacramento, California 1995) p. 563-565 and Ted and Maureen Flynn Thunder of Justice: The Miracle, The Warning, The Chastisement, The Era of Peace (Maxkol Communications 1993) p.31)



Virgin Mary, June 2, 1987: “I want more prayer. I want more prayer, pray harder. Tell a priest. I want more people to worship here”


Virgin Mary, June 9, 1987:  “I want prayer” Our Ladyshed tears of blood which stained her cheeks as the tears flowed down.


Virgin Mary, June 11, 1987 to Beulah Lynch:I am your Mother. I love you. The world must behave. The world must change. A great catastrophe will happen to the world. Tell them to hurry. This is a command from God. The messages here are the messages in Medjugorje. The children in Medjugorje are the children here.”


Virgin Mary July 10, 1987 to Beulah Lynch:My child, the messages are not to be taken foolishly. They are serious. They are from God. The world is in great danger. God is not pleased. You have been given a gift from God. Tell the people to come and to pray. Pray and fast and do penance”


Virgin Mary, July 28, 1987: “Thankyou for your sacrifices”


Virgin Mary, June 28, 1987: “I want people to pray at the Grotto”


Virgin Mary, July 28, 1987: “It’s God’s will each time you come to the Grotto. You must say five decades of the three most beautiful mysteries. Graces will be given you at the Grotto”


Virgin Mary, August 6, 1987: “Abandon yourselves to God. Open your hearts and allow Me to come in”


Virgin Mary, August 6, 1987: “Nothing matters but prayer and God”


Virgin Mary, August 20, 1987 to Beulah Lynch: “A great disaster will happen to the world. The world must improve. Satan is destroying the world.”


Virgin Mary, November 11, 1987 to Beulah Lynch: “My child, I am your mother, Mother of God. You cannot know the wrath of God. God is very, very angry because of the sins of the world. I cannot hold back any longer. I cannot save the world. The people must save the world. The people must come to the grotto, to pray, fast, and do penance before the chastisements start.”


Jesus, undated, 1987: Both Beulah and Mark claim to have seen Jesus on more than one occasion. Our Lady carried the Child Jesus in Her arms on some occasions.


The Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, undated, 1987: Both seers were shown the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Miracles, undated, 1987: Signs and wonders such as the “Miracle of the Sun” are reported.


Devils, undated, 1987: both seers saw demons appearing to them as terrifying animals


Beulah Lynch, undated, 1987: She was troubled by impressions she received of the anti-Christ. It seemed to her that the anti-Christ was being replaced by a dark skinned young man with a short black beard and golden vestments. She saw a devil come out of the ground, a devil with the sharp features of Lenin. The devil went into the body of the young man.